hjc is-5 helmet review: A great choice for a budget-conscious rider

HJC new helmets also popularly called the best helmets for the racers. Each one the helmets are absolutely cheap considering the features they supply. They do not compromise on the helmet’s strength and trustworthiness. Many racers wear them on the trail, including Jorge Navarro and Julian Simon, to mention a few.

HJC IS​ 5 Helmet Retro

HJC Adult IS-5 3/4 Retro HelmetPurchase It Now!

You could invest your money with no issue with this particular helmet. HJC helmets produce helmets full of ideas at a price that is affordable.

Within this HJC IS 5 review, you will learn if you need this particular helmet for yourself.


In this helmet, there is advances in the technologies of mind protection and a fashionable and wise combination of those old threefourth helmet.

The quantity of material and fabric used is less, therefore that makes this helmet a lot more beautiful since HJC IS​ 5 can be really a threefourth helmet.

It is the best threefourth helmet in a price. The purchase price is affordable but that does not mean that it looks and even lags anywhere in its safety.

Paying $100 for a helmet which gives you killer looks as well as protection does not sound like a terrible idea in any way.


The shell is made of advanced level material that was polycarbonate.

It comes with an incorporated sunshield of all HJ-V8. Along with this particular visor, it also includes a tinted HJ-V8 sunshield, that may give you security and better vision in the scorching light of the sun.

The fabric of the liner is going to continue to keep you cool. The comfortable liner inside the helmets is removable as well as washable. Same goes for your cheek pads.

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Shell Design and Quality

HJC IS 5 shell consists of polycarbonate composite. Polycarbonate is because it is light in weight and a material which is being widely utilized in fabricating helmets nowadays, and therefore, the helmet will probably be more lighter. There certainly are a couple of star wars Designs on this shell design too.

The shell includes EPS foam coating so it could absorb shocks of consequences.

The foaming inside the casing and the use of this material called poly-carbonate make this helmet comfortable to wear and also also to carry around with you personally and more lighter. The shell fits on your head and employs CAD technology.

The wrist straps are user friendly. It uses a D-ring system at the chin strap fastener which is going to keep the helmet in its place, and it will not get uncontrollable through a ride.


The HJC IS 5 helmet inner has a moisture wicking fabric. An advanced super-cool fabric tech whose threads are woven using fine silver gives the strength to fight germs to the fabric is used by the fabric.

You can take the liner from inside the shell of the helmet, wash it then set the liner inside the casing. There you go! You obtain yourself a new helmet that is .

The fabric will continue to keep your head cool and sweat-free even through the duration rides that are extended.

The material found in the lining has anti bacterial properties which can continue to keep your helmet bacteria and odor. Your helmet will smell fresh always, and you’ll stay healthier.

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The cheek pads are removable and also every cheek pad is synonymous within of the helmet sizes. So, in case the cheek pads are ruined, you may get yourself a pair of cheek pads for the older HJC helmet.


The HJ v8 sun shield. The first position can be in front of your own eyes, next wouldbe mid-way, and next are the way up to can be found before the face.

The HJC IS 5 helmet comes with a drop. It can be retracted by you upon your own eyes quite quick and simple. You can take the visor from the helmet once you don’t require it. You may snap back the visor on the helmet with one click and then sew!

The visor will act as a sun shield from getting to your eyes while steering clear of the sun rays. It also safeguards your eyes from the damaging UV rays.

It filters out nearly 95 percent of those UV rays. This means while you are riding during the day or noon time, you don’t have to carry any goggles or sunglasses with you.

You don’t have to fret about the prominence from in the visor. You will not even realize the simple fact you’re wearing a helmet, since the lens is correct. It has a hard and scratch resistant coated glass.

Along with this smoke tinted visor that is dark, you will also get a 3 snap visor. Sunlight shield system is patented. (US Patent No. 7,540,033)


The HJC IS 5 helmet meets this US Department of Transportation’s hopes. Without compromising on safety, you may wear it.

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Since it is a helmet that is threefourth, there is actually no dependence on any vents for the air to pass the atmosphere can stream on your face anyways. And, in case you turn the visor up, you will even have air flowing.

Factors for Consideration

As it won’t protect your chin area it is unsafe for some other sports or racing. You can put it on during a roadtrip within the countryside or at which there are fewer vehicles on the street.

HJC IS 5 X Wing Fighter Pilot Motorcycle Helmet

Take a Look at the specs around the HJC IS 5 Fighter Pilot Motorcycle Helmet​.


Overall, in an astonishingly low cost of 114.99, this helmet superbly serves its purpose of guarding your head.

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