HJC Cruiser Blush Women’s Helmet Review

When you’re riding a scooter or motorcycle, doesn’t matter if you are a woman or a boy safety is necessary. Everyone else must use a helmet while driving to get their own safety. And you will find many brands in industry who turn out helmets for women and girls. The helmets are designed to match the mind and requirements of women, plus a number are relaxed.

HJC IS-Cruiser Blush Women Helmet

Additionally, there are more women riding motorcycles ever before. More are adopting motorcycles and scooters as a means, although a vehicle is still the vehicle of choice for women. And thus, for these I am going to review the IS-Cruiser Blush Women Helmet by HJC. Let’s see if it is the helmet to you or maybe not.

HJC Helmets – A Brand to Trust

HJC Helmets was at the heart of the motorcycling community for over 40 years now. HJC provides a combination of groundbreaking thoughts wide-ranging manufacturing capability and pricing that includes augmented its success at the world marketplace to you. HJC covers an extensive range of helmets straight from the centre to high budget. HJC has raised choices and consumer’s alternatives to quality helmets.


  • You have a Lightweight advanced level Polycarbonate Composite (LAPC) Shell that makes this kind of tough option.
  • Integral, pull-down HJ-V4 light-smoked sun shield that’s readily deployable.
  • In addition you have smart and moisture-wicking Nylex internal featuring removable and washable anti bacterial lining.
  • Nylon strap D-Ring holding system to create riding an improved experience for you personally.
  • Above all, the item is DOT-approved which means that you do not have to be concerned about your safety.
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Purpose built to fulfill the requirements of a rider, the HJC IS-Cruiser Blush Women Helmet joins rocky looks and total simplicity’s benefits. It really is really as simple and basic as it could get; without any frills or fuss or some other buttons to do jobs like setting the sun screen. The IS-Cruiser comes in two unique colors, black and pink. There is just one for you whether you’re even a hardcore chick or a sweet girl.

Frankly speaking, I have never seen a helmet as good as that 1; not to mention a women’s helmet as good as this one in my own life. It contains a ventilation system, is comfy, yet slick looking, does not feel as your head or another burden, also helps to keep focus. Big thumbs up to HJC for coming up with such a commodity for women cyclists.

Security and Visibility

It’s still great for a version of this range when it can do on visibility. The sun-screen will not interfere whatsoever with your vision and actually helps you concentrate on the road. The shell of the helmet is composedof LAPC (light weight higher level Polycarbonate Composite) and could continue to keep your face protected in case of any unfortunate accidents.

Thus, you could ride your scooter and motorcycle or worry if you have this in your own mind. HJC asserts its level in the HJC IS-Cruiser Blush Women Helmet version. Its washable and anti-bacterial lining that is removable with moisture-wicking and bright Nylex interior is another fantastic feature with this particular dome for women. Therefore it is possible to continue to keep that one for a long time it ensures its durability.

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Air Circulation and Ventilation

The venting levels in that one are just magnificent. You will ride effortlessly and easily and won’t be feeling any suffocation putting it upon your face. IS-Cruise Blush has a venting opening towards the very best comforting you all the while.

This helmet is still a marvel out of HJC as I have said previously and its department and features hold true for this. So, choose thus home ladies, without any worries! The atmosphere flow and ventilation of this helmet contribute to its relaxation degrees.

Noise, Weight, and Convenience

It ‘s really not, although the absence of any noise cancellation could be called in the helmet! That is only because it can’t be expected by you in a helmet with this category and budget. Still, whilst covering your ears it manages to reduce noise somewhat. This ought to be sufficient for ordinary usage.

The helmet is light weight, and as I said previously, you will not feel some burden on your face. You can use and eliminate it.

The comfort amount in IS-Cruise Blush is so wonderful. The nylon strap with holding system keeps it stable in your head and ties in well even in the event you’ve got long hair. The helmet is DOT-compliant, and that means you can keep of your worries and buy this one.

Other Factors

The looks and design of this IS-Cruise is top class and will come to satisfy the requirements of almost any girl. The helmet also features an eye protection shade to keep your eyes protected from direct sunrays, that lets you maintain your attention to the road.

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Ladies, if you are interested in finding a good quality helmet, go buy the HJC IS-Cruiser Blush Women Helmet right now and stop your search here. This is actually the best product you might buy within this class and pricing right now for your head. This really can surely bring consumership for HJC and is a true market. I adored it, and ladies, you will surely love it. Hats off for Discovering such a commodity to HJC helmet.

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