HJC RPHA 11 Pro Motorcycle Helmet Reviews


    HJC is famed for fabricating boosters of high quality, but at a price. They also lead the entire world of motorcycle helmets by selling their finest helmets for cheap.


    HJC RPHA 11 Pro Motorcycle Helmet

    In 2012, HJC introduced its range of RPHA fullface helmets which may have great aerodynamic lift technology , light weight casing, and also a centre lock mechanism. This helmet is worn by GP racers like Mika Kallio, Julian Simon, Jorge Navarro, and also others.

    You can put your $400 in this helmet that's trusted by so many racers.

    You will take note after reading our HJC RPHA 11 Pro Motorcycle Helmet review, if it is appropriate for you.


    The RPHA 11 Pro Helmet is perhaps not an update of RPHA 10 Pro. It is an all new helmet using fresh technologies.

    Even when your face is marginally down, you can still find the road due to the facial protector. This helmet's weight was paid off. The helmet combines fiber carbon fiber, and aramid for its lasting structure.


    • a person's eye interface has been transferred up some 5 MM which will alleviate vision even when your mind is low.
    • The higher level ventilation system used at the helmet causes it increasingly more environmentally friendly flexible.
    • The RPHA 11 helmet includes a new face protector.
    • The spoiler of this helmet is re designed to match the type and protection criteria. Even the spoiler in the rear modulates the air.
    • There are some safety improvements made in the helmet which can make it suitable for street usage.
    • This helmet comes with the option of choosing from a few awesome graphics such as spider man or Venom.

    Shell Design and Quality

    Since it's produced out of the blend of fiber glass, aramid, and carbon fiber, the casing is lighter than. The combination is known as Advanced P.I.M Plus (Premium Integral Matrix Plus). The shell can be very robust. A new shape is given by the aero-dynamics and the look is offered in many variations including Riberte, Spiderman, along with the Venom. Recently, starwars helmet design strategies are added too!


    The padding is sure to keep you cool. The advanced MultiCool interior will keep your helmet bacteria-free, and it will never smell disagreeable.

    The fabric is moisture wicking, which could keep your head cool and loose of sweat.

    Additionally, it has pockets assembled inside the shell which fit the communication devices by which the rider may stay with their crew. It may be employed to convey or contact the team for just about any help that's needed during an emergency on the track.


    The ventilation system in the helmet is far better than the versions of RPHA Pro helmets. In this helmet, an forehead vent is added to help keep you fresh in sexy days.

    There are two exhausts on the end of the helmet. Two mouth vents have been designed within this helmet.

    It made use of ACS, which is Advanced Channeling Ventilation System, that eases the air flow from front to the back of the helmet with no breakage. You're able to control the ventilations employing the glove-friendly dials which are positioned.


    You have two visors on this helmet. One will soon be a lens, and also one other will be the smoke lens. The HJC helmets consistently keep a Systemin their own face shields to maintain it secure and in place.

    The visor has an chip from forming the face shield, that can avoid precipitation.

    It uses Quick Fire Shield Replacement System to secure the shield also you could also remove it without any tool and install it also.

    Transforming the visor not been so easy before. Only a few clicks and ta da! You are done!

    The visor will give you almost 95% protection from this sun's ultra violet rays and is optically correct.


    The HJC RPHA 11 Pro helmet has been approved by DOT and ECE.

    There are a number of improvements.

    The neck reflectors are inserted to the helmet's end to keep you safe on the rides at the night time. Additionally, there are emergency quick release pads that come handy.

    To protect against any mishaps in a high performance race, then the shield has a dual lock system, therefore in case the 1 lock has been exposed due to significant shock or impact then your lock can protect the driver's face against any injury.

    Other Factors for Consideration

    The cheek pads and washed and the crown pads can be removed. In the case of a emergency, the direction team can get rid of these pads to occur to the driver.

    • The shell is created for powerful.
    • The fanatics can select the picture in their helmet based on their liking, because these helmets can be obtained with five graphic choices.
    • The EPS foam layer lets you wear eyeglasses or sunglasses if you want.
    • You may use the identical cheek pads for all your shell sizes of this helmet.
    • The HJC RPHA 11 helmet has a patent pending for his or her centre fastener. You may open or close the shield with a spring.

    It has a chin curtain and also a breath protector. The eyebrow curtain reduces noise within the helmet, and also the breath protector does not allow fog shape on the face guard.


    Then this helmet may be the perfect fit , for those who are wanting to receive a great quality helmet at a nice price range. You can purchase it!