HJC RPHA 70 ST Iron Man Motorcycle Helmet Reviews

Another quality helmet has been included by HJC at its league, and the design has been delineated as this Iron man armor. In case you have a great imagination 14, it can provide the texture and shrills.

HJC RPHA 70 ST Iron Man Motorcycle Helmet

HJC Unisex-Adult Full-face-Helmet-Style RPHA 70 ST Iron Man

It actually proves to be worth every penny of its price with just incredible features which can be hard to get in just about any fair helmet. How great it has been if we might simply jump out of it with the bike following us and then invisibly with mechanical changes along the best way to transform in to an actual lawsuit!

The Very Best Things to Love About the HJC RPHA

The arrangement of the helmet is a result of carbon glass fabric that is hybrid and long synthesis carbon fiber. This procedure creates the helmet even more immune to impacts in cases of accident.

The air flow is acceptable as well as controllable. Vent openings and the multiple enable atmosphere flow.

Shield matching structures are supported by the helmet. It has a defense that’s anti-fog and smoke tinted shield deploys quickly. You might replace this protector with an increase of eye-friendly one if the intensity of sun-rays is high. However, it would set you back a few bucks as it doesn’t come together side the helmet.

Salient Features

Now we’ll analyze the performance of specifications required for a helmet and also this model over various statistics.


The shell is really a product results of carbon dioxide fabric and carbon fiber to enhance the capacity to resist impacts​ degree and shock.

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HJC​ Premium Integral Matrix (P.I.M) structure is a Blend of the high-quality Carbon Fiber along with other substances to enhance the durability including as Fiber Glass Epoxy, Aramid Epoxy, along with Organic Fibers. These substances are very aligned to build the helmet that was super.

The procedure was developed to be accurate that it radically reduces resin and fiber build up.

Due to the matrix used in combination with components, you’ve got a really lightweight and comfortable fit–ideal for elevated rates.

Lining and Padding

The liner of the helmet is taken care of to offer a soothing experience. Its fabric was crafted with material which facilitates quick absorption of sweat. It’s skin-friendly makes the ride.

The cheek pads twist the helmet around the jaw to ensure it is less wobbly and give a cushioning effect. Both cheek and crown pads are all removable.

For cleaning, the crown and toenails pads could be removed and washed. Its nature makes it lasting and its own own quality doesn’t wither down because of its effect that is washing.


The fog sunshield deploys to the helmet. It’s as the EPS foam inner lining makes it a perfect fit for the helmet and of the helmet is more supportive.

Along with the protector, you can have shields your self. These safeguards could be replaced very fast and comfortably to produce it quite easy to use. It’s called. It eases quick as well as tool-less shield removal and installation strategy.

The shields protect eyes away from getting harmed and are ultra violet rays repellent. It might protect upto the score of 400 SPF.

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There are a lot of vents strategically placed at the upper, back and front region of the helmet in a variety of places to enable level of venting to maintain things going within the helmet. The front vents (intake vents) and the trunk head vents (exhaust) work in a sync to regulate airflow economically.

The intake vents have manually slides. These slips can be adjusted in line with the requirement of the problem to control the air flow in the helmet. The helmet has a Rebar vent switch which facilitates control of venting.

Emergency Release

The helmet supports a few. It is sold with E.Q.R.S (Emergency Quick Release System) “red tab”. This tab is situated under the helmet’s ear section.

In case of emergency, these tabs that were reddish have been found and slowly pulled right down to eliminate the cheek pads of the helmet. This way, the helmet can be removed without affecting the caused injury.


  • The switch belongs. It eases better control on amount and the direction of air ventilation.
  • In the event of emergency and heavy trauma situations, the helmet is easily taken out of their victim’s mind with the assistance of Emergency Quick Release System (EQRS). It empowers the removal of pliers to loosen the helmet.
  • The fabric hinders germ enhancement, maintaining the inner environment fresh and not as irritating within a time period.


  • Somewhat pricier than some knockoff cartoon themed helmet that is novelty. You get for. And if you want a high quality helmet, you are likely to sacrifice your cheepskateness.
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Customer Reviews

Nearly all customers are pleased with this version by HJC​ operation with no complaints or very little.

Their disappointment was stated by A few for the extra cost they have to share with avail that extra gold shield.


HJC RPHA 70 ST Iron Man Motorcycle Helmet is the blend of style, design, and performance fulfilling every tiny component of their expert motor biking apparel. It’s really a good deal for the purchase price.

RPHA 70 ST Iron Man

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