HJC SyMax 3 Motorcycle Helmet Review: A Helmet That’s Worth the Investment

The HJC SyMax 3 is really a premium modular helmet that offers everything you could possibly want from a flip-up design. By improving its SyMax 2 HJC has come up. HJC has retained the versatility of a modular helmet whilst contributing into the huge benefits provided by the SyMax2, by minding its features.

HJC SyMax 3 Motorcycle Helmet

HJC SyMax 3 Motorcycle Helmet

So, that which you receive from the sy max 3 is an excellent product with an exceptional ventilations scheme (with bigger vent channels) and also a lighter casing (while retaining the polycarbonate chin pub). Add the more user friendly protects and also the bluetooth ready unit plus it will become touring gear.

Offered in solid colors in a fashionable style and design, heads on the road will turn whilst providing protection to you. If you’re life on the road and a fan of long rides the HJC Sy Max 3 is still worth looking at.

Thus, without further ado, let us look at all of the benefits and features that HJC has to offer you.


The benefit of this sy max 3 is it’s a drill that is modular. Anybody who is a lover of modular layouts will inform you that their flip-up feature (that turns it in a open face helmet) is a enormous advantage. It lets you turn up the front to learn a map makes it possible to let in more air as you idle at stop signals, or even smoke without having to take your helmet off. It has its plus sides, although it’s a matter of personal preference.

Yet another is its own eye interface. In comparison with this SyMax 2, it has been made wider and also gives better vision. The face protector is ready and saves you the trouble of installing separately.

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A big benefit of the face shield is the fact that it could be taken away easily. A straightforward mechanism makes it pop the helmet off by simply snapping it on, plus it can be readily put back.

Now, onto the venting system. HJC offers a more complex system which enables airflow. The HJC sy max 3 is designed for an upright riding position (rather than this leaned-forward, more compact posture of rushing). So, the atmosphere circulation provided is such that it makes sure that you stay healthy and balanced when riding in this specific position.

The many user loved feature a helmet offers could be the little things. The cheek pads of this Sy Max 3 is just one such feature. In contrast to different helmets of its own kind, the cheek pads of the symax 3 makes the procedure for reinstalling it quite easy and washing and are super easy to remove. These little things may go quite a way when you have invested in a product that is longterm.

Last, but not least, is still the Bluetooth centre which HJC offers. The symax 3 has a Bluetooth-ready unit, that daily commuters will surely love, specially if they enjoy playing music as they drive. The Sy Max 3 is not an entry-level item, but it’s not really a high-level elite product either. In reality, it’s in the center of the pricing range, and as the access to a blue tooth unit is something.

Now we’ve experienced most of the benefits let us take an even look at its individual features.


The HJC SyMax 3 Motorcycle Helmet offers all of the features that hardcore vacationing riders would want also some additional facilities and advantages. Let’s go through them one by one.

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The Sy Max 3 is available in casing sizes which range around 6 fits XS, SM, MD, LG, XL, and 2XL. The shell is of a round oval form.

HJC utilizes fiberglass to get its shell. This composition helps keep the overall weight of this helmet in check 3.90 pounds (1.77 pounds).

Face Shield

HJC hemet brand offers an superior Pinlock-prepared face protector for your own SyMax 3. It also will come with an anti-scratch coating. Also incorporated into the helmet is really a QuickSlide shield replacement approach. The shield pops, as stated earlier, with this particular system in place and can be snapped straight back in.

The Sy Max 3 additionally comes with a integrated smoke-tinted sun shield. It hastens quickly and its functionality is hassle-free and straightforward. The two-position system enables you to smoothly slip the sun shield back without leading to any jerking senses.

The chin bar/face shield release comes as yet another bonus.

Ventilation System

The ACS (Advanced Channeling Ventilation System) modulates front to rear airflow and preserves optimum humidity and humidity.

The chimney vents near the top and also both at the trunk (plus 2 small vents in the bottom straight back) enable optimal air circulation and flush flush out humidity and heat. The close and open double chin vents further aid this process at leading.

These facilities permit you to remain cool.

Liner and Cheek Pads

The SyMax 3 is sold with SilverCool and odor-free interior. The liner’s fabric is constructed from antibacterial substance that was silver that was high level. Furthermore, the pads are washable and removable.

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Extra Specifications Worth Noting

In addition to the features mentioned above, the HJC SyMax 3 is DOT approved. Thus the product’s high quality is certified.

The round internal shape of the sy​max 3 offers greater room in the ear and temple region. Ergo, it will suit those who have an even rounded head. If your head contour needs more space at the eyebrow area and is oval, the helmet might feel a bit tight in this area.

For that reason, going back and forth between the various features provided by this symax 3, you can readily judge whether it’s a version that may fit you. But, if you’re simply on the lookout to get a design that is perfect for touring and urban rides, then then a HJC Sy Max 3 is a excellent investment.

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