Humminbird Helix 5 Fish Finder Reviews & Depth Finder


    Back in the past, in case you wished to find the very best fishing spots you've had to get it done based on experience and expertise. You might or might not come home. You don't want to devote your time waiting for something that might not happen all even though fishing is not almost reeling in another bite.


    Humminbird Helix 5 Fish Finder 409590-1

    Thus, if you're ready to upgrade your fishing adventure, then you wish to invest in a fish finder like the Humminbird Helix 5. So you are able to leave out the guesswork of 25, this handy device will let you know at which the fish will be at any given time.

    Let us see how this model can help you on your next fishing excursion.

    Five-Inch HD Screen

    When comparing distinct Sizes, you will observe that a number of the highend versions have thinner touch screens. In this case, however, you find yourself a HD display, and it is for anglers. It does exactly what it's supposed to do: find fish although you never get all the same bells and whistles as you could with a model.

    Thankfully this one is coloration, although older models worked in black and white. It is backlit so that you're able to observe from direct sunlight into night time, in any lighting condition. The screen is large enough to determine what's going on under your ship, and it will ensure that you don't come home empty-handed.

    Double Beam PLUS Sonar

    The section of almost any fish finder is its ability to locate everything. In this case, you receive the conventional Sonar. It supplies you with a double beam you may sweep in time, and it shows you blank arches for all of the fish.

    Another aspect with the finder is you're able to switch back and forth between two separate modes. This allows one to find your catch also it offers some degree of customization for your own advantage.

    User-Friendly Menu

    This Humminbird Helix 5 Fish Finder is good for anyone who want something simple and effective because you can tell. It still leaves locating your seafood a lot more easy, although it will not have a ton of extra features. Part of the reason we enjoy this version is that it uses the intuitive controls of Humminbird.

    From adjusting the sonar beam to customizing your sonar readout, you'll be able to browse the menu without any difficulty. That said, the buttons are small, therefore you might have to practice your dexterity a little.

    Transducer Provided

    Oddly enough, some of those bass finders you can find out there don't come using a transducer. Considering that this is the part that allows you see such a thing under the water, it's kind of bizarre that you can spend much to be missing such a component that is critical.

    You do not need to think about this issue with the Helix 5. It has. Its standard power rating is 500 watts (RMS), but it can go all the way upto 4000 watts peak to peak.

    Mounting both socket and the transducer is uncomplicated, and that means you ought to be prepared to hit on the water shortly.

    Pros & Cons


    • Permanent structure
    • onscreen display
    • Full-color display with backlight
    • Dual ray PLUS Sonar built-in
    • effortless to use controls
    • Ready to set up out of the box
    • Transom-mount transducer included
    • 500-watt RMS power
    • 4000-watt peak to peak
    • 1500-foot thickness capacity
    • water proof design
    • Upgradeable applications
    • Shows water temperature


    • Screen might be too small for some users
    • No GPS or boat speed


    Q: How does this socket show the fish?

    A: There are three sizes which it exhibits: small, medium, or large. You may select the way you wish to view them onto the monitor.

    Q: Does this version have a GPS builtin?

    A: No, it generally does not. If you want to have a GPS, you will have to upgrade to a more recent model.

    Q: Does this unit come with a transducer?

    A: Yes, there's only included with this specific model.

    Final Verdict

    Even though this finder is not as flamboyant or as comprehensive as any other models available, we still want it since it is straightforward and efficient. Consequently, if you're an experienced angler who just wants to have the ability to find bass easier, then this will be a perfect addition to your vessel. We like it comes you may count on it for a long 29, and it is built tough.