Hummingbird Helix 10 Reviews

What we enjoyed about its socket model is that it supplies a lot and it has limitations. It’s a screen with an inch, step by step, LED display provides you access to all the finder info in your existing fishing trip. It uses powerful imaging technology to give you the clearest opinion of this fish around your ship.

​Humminbird HELIX 10 G3N Fish Finder with CHIRP, MEGA SI+, GPS

Humminbird HELIX 10 G3N Fish Finder with CHIRP, MEGA SI+, GPS

What is exceptional about this particular model is that it uses higher level SwitchFire Sonar and DualBeam and sonar to supply you with the largest possible amount of reliability and information. The SwitchFire sonar enables you to adjust the degree of detail onto your screen and the DualBeam uses high and low frequencies to improve your perspective around your vessel.

It comes stocked with 3,000 unique lake maps in the US and can integrate with a variety of mapping suites that are various that you can expand your map archive file.

Beautiful Screen

This unit includes a gorgeous screen that is massive to display your socket information. It has a 10 inch, vibrant, backlit, LED display.

Powerful Imaging Technology

What is awesome about that version is that it employs a handful of unique kinds of imaging technologies to provide you with a better view of your vessel. It includes HD Down Imaging and HD Side Imaging to provide you that kind of ability to acquire real space and depth in the view on the side of your boat, as well as below it.

Precision Sonar Technology

This machine also uses two unique forms of sonar technology. Advanced SwitchFire Sonar that gives you the ability is used by it. The market also uses DualBeam Sonar to ship a wide variety of different high and low frequencies to give you better detail and the rest of this fish as well as your environment.

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GPS and the Immune System

The built-in GPS and mapping machine gives you the capability to browse 3,000 bodies of water in the US, right from the box. This is perfect for broadcasting and marking bodies and fishing territories of water.

Optional Additional Mapping Suites

This Hummingbird Helix​ 10 is also open for updating from mapping suites therefore that the stock maps limit you that it comes with. Don’t hesitate to research other mapping packs and suites to download them.


  • This unit includes a big 10-inch full colour, LED, the backlit display which gives you a beautiful screen to view most of your pertinent fishing information on.
  • It has an expansive pushbutton interface which permits you to quickly and easily navigate all of the details you need on your FishFinder.
  • This unit utilizes a potent combination of HD Down Town Imaging along with HD Side Imaging to give you the clearest view possible of the fish and water around and below your vessel
  • This version also uses advanced level Switchfire Sonar which provides you the capability to control the amount of detail that is exhibited on screen. It grants you the water thickness, temperature and signals turbulence.
  • It also features DualBeam Plus SONAR that uses high and low frequencies to offer you high accuracy visibility and returns.
  • This unit features a high speed GPS and a CountourXD mapping system that offers you access to over 3,000 US bodies of water
  • What is nice about that specific unit is it is compatible with various diverse mapping suites, so that you aren’t as confined from exactly what maps you can download.
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  • The display is pretty complex to read. It will take time.


Q: Does this come with a transducer?

A: Yup, it comes with a transducer.

Q: what’s the distance that side imaging expands into on each side?

A: Negative imaging can display upto 240 feet to each side of one’s vessel.

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