The Lowrance Hook 5: A Review

What this device lacks in touch screen ability, it makes up for in the user interface and also the applications. This version stems pumped using the ​Lowrance Hook 5 Fishfinder power that you would anticipate including a integrated antenna like the shapes on the coastline, with access to 3,000 maps of lakes and rivers in the usa.

Lowrance Hook 5 Fishfinder

Lowrance Hook-5 Sonar/GPS Mid/High/Downscan Fishfinder

What distinguishes it from the package is that it comes with high level Signal Processing and a feature named Insight Genesis. ASP automatically upgrades your preferences so you always have a crystal clear image on your own finder as you glide through the water. In sight Genesis employs the sonar data you gather to generate custom maps for you.

Design Display

This unit isn’t just a touchscreen, but the look of this makes it really easy to use. You can literally browse anywhere you need to on this specific fish finder by simply using one thumb. You can scroll through the page selector menu before you find the screen which you want and the details which you’re searching for. It gives you the ability to customize your page layouts that you can have more easy access to your fishing details that is pertinent.

The display that is vibrant and bright will be an excellent size for navigating the fishing information all that you require. It provides plenty enough lighting so you will have no trouble reading the screen time.

Precision GPS System

This Lowrance Hook 5 Fishfinder version utilizes the same, supreme quality global positioning system unit because the last model. you don’t have to purchase your own personal 18, the GPS system comes with an integrated antenna. It comes stocked with channels of 3,000 lakes and rivers.

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This version also provides you access to tens of thousands of maps and graphs which are available through companies that are approved. This updating feature provides you unlimited access when it comes to enlarging the level of maps, charts, and information that you’ve got available in your own apparatus.

By far, among the coolest features device offers specially when you compare it into other finders in its standard is your Insight Genesis software. This program gives your finder the ability to make use of its sonar to make custom maps dependent on your sonar logs. This software can provide detail in the maps that you can explore and make using this specific device.

Sonar Technology

The sonar technology on this version is likewise striking. This kind of device uses a mix of DownScan Overlay to set its DownScan Imaging information over your CHIRP Sonar therefore you can get the most quantity of clarity when you’re viewing the water along with any fish round and underneath your boat.

High Level Signal Processing

Anything that your fish finder can do to get your life easier, you should capitalize on. This fish socket makes fishing much easier with one feature. With lots of finders, you’ve got to adjust your preferences as you move from the water. You have to try so to make sure you are becoming the clearest possible view of fish along with your own environment. This device comes as you go with ASP, that automatically adjusts your preferences. You will have the clearest possible picture of one’s surroundings without having to always update your settings.

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  • This version also has a vibrant five-inch shade screen, which shows all of the data you need from the fish finder at top res. The screen is backlit to if it is pitch black out or that you won’t have some trouble reading your fish finder even if it’s indirect sunshine.
  • This version also offers an extremely accurate GPS platform with a built-in GPS antenna. The system involves a map of over 3,000 bodies of water within the US.
  • Still another splendid facet of this fish​finder is that Lowrance gives you the option of updating and upgrading your finder with a lot of charts that are available. They’ve partnerships with tons of chart computer software businesses you add directly to a apparatus or can download.
  • What is among the most amazing & most individualized aspects of this unit is that it’s Insight Genesis software? This program provides you the ability to produce your own customized maps. That usually means you could save the sonar data you use that mapping data once you move back to visit the very same waters and way points and record from the previous fishing trips.
  • This unit uses DownScan Overlay to set your DownScan imaging along your CHIRP Sonar, which gives you the crispest and clearest possible views of the water that is around you.
  • This version uses Advanced Signal Processing (ASP) to automatically update the settings in your fish finder as you move throughout the water. In order to better see fish and the terrain around you, without ASP, you would have to tweak and update the preferences. This finder will update your settings to provide you the best perspective.
  • Much like the preceding Lowrance version we looked at, that one also includes TrackBack technology so that you can effortlessly playback throughout your sonar and GPS memory. It gives you the ability to pinpoint locations that are previous and mark your favorite waypoints.
  • You only want one rule in order to make use of this device. This design lets you immediately access any information you want and browse the page selector menu so you can scroll through screens.
  • You can even choose your own page layouts within its three-panel seeing screen
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  • the ability cord is actually short, so be sure you could obtain it close to the power source or you’ll need a extension cable.
  • That isn’t the highest quality or clearest screen.


Q: Can this come with a mount?

A: Yup, this version includes the bracket and also the materials to make it mounted.

Q: Can it include its own transducer?

A: Yes, it includes a transducer

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