LS2 helmets element unisex reviews – the best of both worlds

LS2 Helmets are one of the few choices while in the security helmet industry which gives one of the best of both worlds. The helmets have been born refined and exude confidence and comfort. It’s really a mix of personality and budget. LS2 Helmets Element Unisex that is often worn by the genders with equal relaxation are offered by the business. Even the LS2 helmets have a great deal of choices to offer for you their full face policy range in seven pioneering colors, namely grey, black and orange, etc. define elegance.

LS2 Helmets Element Unisex

LS2 Helmets Element Unisex-Adult Full-Face-Helmet-Style Pioneer Helmet

The complete face coverage range of LS2 Helmets Element Unisex provide safety when a person is seeking experience driving rally racing or slopes. The helmets could be purchased on a budget. Their cloth is made super flexible to catch plenty of energy, also light, absorbable.

The shell of the helmet comes secure as you can and make the experience as comfortable. Additionally, it comes to shield your eyes from harmful sun rays. The LS2 company envisions to earn the brakes being secure given a security liner which helps in energy absorption that is effective by bike rides.

Structure and Fashion

The helmet is structured in a way that it is really a snug fit on most heads plus it even provides you a wide eye port, and that means you can put on a variety of goggles plus they are accommodated by it. The broad eye port is extended with way of a rapid release shield system.

The helmets are manufactured at the organization’s owned factories where their caliber regulated and is controlled to produce the helmets out there. The helmets also have DOT using snug chin-straps approved quick release platform so it can be taken off and placed on.

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The helmet weighs as light since 3.3 pounds.The helmet farther comes with a inner cushioning which is constructed of soft, breathable, hypoallergenic and technical fabric. The lining washed as often therefore it will give you the feel as if it is new, as you wish and can be removed.

High Level Features

Cheek Pads

The helmet includes comfortable cheek pads which provide ventilation that is quick once you’re perspiration and rushing in speeds that are great. Also, the cheek pads are cut off the contours of the face area with impending 3 d laser technology.

Twin Shield

Pioneer utilizes the double shield technologies, with a built-in sun shield system that gives colour and makes driving effortless, because it gives protection against the ultra violet rays of the direct sun or sunlight.

Fog and Scratch-Resistant Shield

Isn’t it astonishing that your helmet protector is scratch-resistant? Pioneer gives you an protector with properties to supply you with the riding experience. Technology that is UV-resistant is merely provided by most other helmets.

Emergency Quick Release System

LS2 comes with an advanced Quick System Technology making it easier to escape squeeze or one’s helmet into it once the riding gets tough. Additionally, the emergency discharge system includes cheek pads.

Designed at LS2 HQ Center at Barcelona, Spain

The helmets will be definitely the most creative goods in the range of safety and exceed DOT and ECE standards. These helmets are made in LS2 headquarters in Barcelona and Spain to provide them with complete control of performance and the product’s quality. The long fit helmets create UTV helmets or even a ADV.

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Pros & Cons


  • The helmet is very comfortable and light to create your experiences memorable.
  • It includes a quick release system that triggers the cheek pads to pull off in times of threat.
  • Includes an integrated shield that protects the rider from UV rays.
  • The helmet shield is optically correct and has fog resistance too.
  • The helmet has good venting with chin straps for a snug fit throughout racing or riding.


  • The wide eye port of the helmet does not arrive with goggles; you have to buy them separately.
  • The cheek pads create it longer on counter side. It comes in a couple of sizes so that you will need to go for a bigger size but perhaps not so large it disturbs you as you’re racing and bobbles on your face.

To Buy or Not to Get

The LS2 helmets are all great with comfortable cheek pads that’ll safeguard that person. You may eliminate it and wash it, so it is rather economical. The helmets come with good ventilation with a quick release emergency technology which maybe not helmets in industry can boast of. It face guard is optically correct, and protection.

The helmet has a wide eye interface, which means you can wear goggles and readily see through all of the sand, soil, and contamination going on when you are riding. The colors of the helmets are brilliant and also they set you apart from the remainder of the audience. On top of it all, those helmets are unisex.

With so many built in features and qualities, the LS2 helmets provide both of you comfort and experience at the exact same time. We’re confident that the helmet will be loved by you after you purchase it! The purchase price is acceptable, and this will give you value for your money. In case you face any problems, you will have people able to assist you to!

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