LS2 Metro Rapid Motorcycle Helmet Reviews

When compared to the other motorcycle helmets of LS2, a class stands apart. Jam-packed with lots of features, it is unlike any other style helmet that LS2 has available in the marketplace. It weighs 3.86 pounds and is composed of a neutral intermediate oval form.

LS2 Metro Rapid Motorcycle Helmet

LS2 Helmets Metro Rapid Modular Motorcycle Helmet with Sunshield

With lots of locking mechanisms integral into it, the LS2 Metro Rapid Helmet provides premium safety for its users. It also will come with an extraordinary lens that offers perfect visibility in most weather and lights. Relaxation padding and the efficient venting further ensures that the users of this helmet appreciate every ride.


Solid Shell

The Metro Rapid Helmet is available in 3 different shell sizes with an overall total of seven fits-XS, SM, MD, LG, XL, 2XL, and 3XL. Additionally, it gives the shell possible for a metallic helmet of its own kind.

The shell is sturdy yet light in weight and can be intended for optimal operation. The rugged toughness of the style comes from the Kinetic Polymer Alloy (KPA) shell constructed from the combination of polycarbonate and distance era thermoplastics, among other substances. This blend is specially invented by LS2 and cannot be found with other brands.

An extra bonus aspect of the design is that it includes dual homologation. In other words, it might serve as both a open face helmet and the full face.

Face Shield Features

LS2 has put in an FFS (Fog Fighter System) 3 d optically fixed face protector for this particular helmet. So it also cancels any potential of distortions in an individual’s view.

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This model also includes a Fog Fighter System insert lens. It is scratch resistant in addition to protected and allows for easy, tool-less quick shift.

Along with these features, LS2 additionally provides an inner drop down sun shield. A quick release system for the face protector contributes to convenience and the Metro Rapid Helmet’s user-friendliness.


The LS2 Metro Rapid Helmet gives ultimate relaxation, particularly in hot weather and during long rides, by providing upper and chin vents (with summer vents) and likewise an exhaust vent at the trunk.

The intake vents at the chin bar are hidden under four removable dishes. These plates can be removed to increase venting when airflow will become necessary. This may be very helpful in summer and also the plates could be kept on to keep cold air out.

Concentrate on Safety

A multi-density EPS is housed by the Metro Rapid Helmet. These have superior protective capacities in contrast to regular EPS.

LS2 has put in a emergency release system because of its own cheek pads which are made of foam. In conjunction with this specific feature is really a rapid release, security plate reinforced strap.

A complete metal latch provided for the chin bar makes certain it’ll stay locked when closed. LS2 proves that it is going to spare no expense with the addition of a detent to make sure it won’t drop unexpectedly to ensure safety.

Last but most certainly not the least is DOT approved, so its quality is left up to this mark.

Focus On Comfort

LS2 has seemingly put a lot of thought into making its users’ riding experience as comfortable as you possibly can.

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The ventilation system keeps one cool in all weather conditions. The breath deflector contributes to a user’s comfort level.

The comfort cushioning, that will be washable and removable, is made from a breathable fabric. The foam cheek pads are made that hotspots are not allowed by them. These are cut with LS2’s own 3 d laser technology that allows for the perfect fit and optimum relaxation. The Metro Rapid Helmet includes a neck roll that is comfy.

The quick release chin strap make the helmet easy to wear and take off.


  • Solid shell with perfect fit.
  • Double homologation.
  • 3D optically corrected face shield.
  • Fog resistant, scratch resistant, UV protected lens.
  • Vents for superior ventilation.
  • Quick release mechanism for chinstrap.
  • Comfort workmanship of watertight substances.
  • Bluetooth ready.
  • DOT accepted.


  • High Sound amount
  • Front vents let in cold air in winter
  • Removable plates for vents are not durable
  • Chin port can allow in water through clogs

User Reviews

Nearly all the users of the LS2 Metro Rapid Helmet are happy with its own fit and comfort level. They agree that the cheek pads are a enormous help on rides that are long and they usually do not take long to adapt to the user’s face.

The field shield of the helmet’s view range is also received which, as stated by the users, provides exceptional peripheral vision. Yet another plus point the simple fact that the helmet has been bluetooth ready.

The vents may also be a user-favorite, but just in hot weather. Many users have complained against them and during rain. Several of those users also have promised that without them, water enters the helmet and that the discs which may be utilized to close the leading vents are tough to install.

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There have been complaints regarding the noise level. The noise level is more than that which users had expected. Even a tiny portion of users also have stated that the dropdown sun shield is dark.


With the features which the LS2 Metro Rapid Helmet offers, it is a budget item. When its advantages and disadvantages are compared the helmet is more suited for some one who places comfort over features. The sort of comfort that the foam cushioning provides is perfect for tiring and long rides.

The adjustable ventilation system is also a advantage of this particular model . Though there have been complaints concerning the front vents of the helmet (in cold weather, especially rains), it could be avoided to a extent using the helmet’s removable plates. Considering the cost tag on this Metro Rapid Helmet, buying another model that doesn’t need this problem would cost far more dollars.

The LS2 Metro Rapid Helmet is not for you if noise is still a problem that is big. However, if you want relaxation over noise it is a fantastic investment.

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