LS2 SC3 Crazy Helmet Reviews

If you’re thinking of purchasing a helmet, you would be having a review of things that are various, for example comfort, protection, ventilation, as well as visibility.

LS2 SC3 Crazy Helmet

How about finding it as these features would be found by you in a fantastic helmets? Are you currently on the lookout for great convertible helmets at the market to provide you with comfort and fantastic protection? Ofcourse!

Here, we are likely to provide a review of one such helmet that is cost friendly, the LS2 SC3 Crazy.

LS2 Helmets

LS2 SC3 Crazy Helmet designed helmets could comprise anything or not, but consistently have one feature inside them. LS2 is a brand covers a group of their community from track and street helmets and built by motorcycling engineers. It, LS2 comes with a helmet to get it. LS2 uses a brilliant blend of technologies and materials.

This company produces first-class and affordable helmets built utilizing the state-of-the-art production methods and also a comprehensive assembly. LS2 SC3 Crazy Helmet has received excellent reviews and compliments for exceeding the expectations and maximizing relaxation; be it that the degree of an average traveler or a MotoGP event. The protection and styling of lS2 is really a cherry on top of these caliber solutions.


Here’s a look at everything you would adore:

  • Powerful Fiber Glass Composite (HPFC) casing that is available in two different sizes
  • Security plate strengthened strap with quick release function
  • Removable and replaceable Full Eclipse Sun Shield which is built-in and can be dropped down
  • Removable 3-snap peak accommodates accessories while also providing your eyes together with protection from the sun
  • Comes with a zip-off neck skirt, and keeping you warm during chilly days
  • Multi-density EPS
  • Lengthy oval Head Room shape
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The DOT approved helmet offers some excellent features, which doesn’t come in a price. And there is room for lot of improvements, too. It includes a very low profile fiberglass casing and can be added with a peak that helps to obstruct the sunrays if you are out into the sun with a dropdown sun-visor.

A removable neck curtain is provided for keeping you warm throughout wintertime or at are as when you’re able to easily remove when summer time months returns. SC3 is really a helmet you can take anywhere with you. Design and the looks may do better of course, but is not bad at such a price tag.

Security and Visibility

The casing of this LS2 SC3 Crazy Helmet is composed of both HPFC (High Performance Fiberglass Composite) and contains a security plate reinforced strap with quick release function. It needs some progress to continue to keep your own lips and chin safe from direct or heavy impactsit supplies you with protection that is adequate that a low-profile helmet could provide.

You may have visibility since it is not just a helmet that is covered and includes a drop-down visor. SC3 has a peak at the front end that helps you concentrate on the highway, to continue to keep your eyes protected from sunlight. The visor is not scrape or so you will necessitate washing it regularly to own vision over the street.

Air Circulation and Ventilation

Since SC3 is open at the front and includes a drop-down visor, you do not need to worry about ventilation. Air flow is efficient while putting it on your 18, and you also wont be feeling some suffocation.

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Noise, Weight, and Comfort

As it is an helmet, LS2 SC3 Crazy Helmet can’t help you with noise cancellation or reduction. So, you could be a fool if you are currently expecting this by the helmet. The helmet is not designed for that.

It won’t feel as an encumbrance on your head, at the least and is light weight. It’s not hard to carry around with you personally or hang anywhere once you’re looking for it.

Comfort is actually a department where any improvement is needed by this version. Though it features a degree of weather-comfort inside it, also it could seem somewhat hard in your face. It’s maybe not the most comfy aerodynamic helmet in its own class and its makers will need to have figured it out right today. I am going to expect some progress in this in SC3’s style.

Other Factors

LS2 SC3 Crazy Helmet is available in a assortment of sizes. It is decent-looking because of its category and its design is good too, though perhaps not the most useful. The manufacturers of SC3 could have spent some idea but I’ll give a thumbs up as a result of the price range it is coming from to it. It is readily removable and the winter protection may be its best feature, along with sunlight security.


You can purchase it if you are not one who gives much thought to the type of helmet and lS2 SC3 is still a buy in its price range you’re wearing. LS2 of course could do way better than this, and I am certain that they are going to in the future.

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For now, I will classify LS2 SC3 with Crazy Graphic as an product that’s fantastic for motorcycle users along with everyday office riders.

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