Best LS2 Stripper Helmets: Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Have you been wearing the helmets that are ideal? Safety needs to be your first priority, and the LS2 Stripper Helmet can help.

LS2 Stripper Helmet

LS2 Helmets Stripper Unisex-Adult Half Helmet Motorcycle HelmetPurchase It Now!

The Best One Of Many

Which to select for included in this, with the market flooded with a quantity of models available today? Because not every one these are of prime quality and also may give you great comfort and protection at precisely the same moment. There is also the factor of cost to be kept in mind while choosing a helmet.

Helmets come in 2 varieties; Half Helmets and full. Where as half-helmets pay your face just besides being somewhat cheaper when Puton your head is covered by helmets thoroughly.

I am going to review one half helmet today.

LS2 Helmets

LS2 Stripper Helmet designed helmets can contain such a thing not, but always have one feature inside them – functionality. LS2 is actually a brand built by motorcycling crazy engineers and covers a gigantic group of this motorcycling community from track and street helmets made for competitions into cruiser lids. You name it LS2 comes with a helmet to get it. LS2 employs a brilliant combination of technologies and materials.

This provider based in Barcelona, Spain, the home of football, also produces first-class and affordable helmets assembled utilizing state-of-the-art production methods and also a comprehensive assembly. LS2 has received rave reviews and compliments for exceeding the expectations and optimizing comforts, ensure it is that the degree of a MotoGP event or a mean traveler. Styling and lS2 protection is a cherry on top of their quality products.

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  • KPA casing (Kinetic Polymer Alloy Shell)
  • Comes in 3 distinct shell dimensions
  • Includes a Barebones layout
  • Multi-density EPS
  • Chinstrap with quick release function
  • Complies with DOT criteria


LS2 Stripper Helmet is created keeping in mind the needs office-going family riders, of road traveling. Consequently, if you’re even a stunt daredevil preferring off-track riding or a rider, ignore this you in the marketplace.

This one features a very basic and plain design, feel, look, and functionality that the rider could need. LS2 Stripper Helmet is a low cost option for people who do not give a damn about what goes in their own head, so long as it allows them in order to avoid a fine. Thus, do not expect any kind of demanding usage.

Protection and Visibility

LS2 Stripper Helmet features a bare bones design and features. For riders that are gentle, this is enough, and if you are interested in finding a helmet at a cost you can buy that one.

As the front is totally accessible and lacking any kind of screen, the helmet will not possess anything that could interfere with your visibility. The helmet meets and sometimes surpasses all kind of all DOT standards, therefore it’s safe for mild usage.

Air Circulation and Ventilation

The helmet will not have any feature for venting or air circulation; perhaps not that it needs some anyways. There isn’t any requirement for any sort of atmosphere circulation arrangements in it because it’s a simple half-helmet.

Rest assured, you will ride your motorcycle smoothly without worrying and will not feel some suffocation wearing it.

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Noise, Weight, and Comfort

Expecting any kind of noise cancellation is foolishness on account of the simple fact it’s a very low profile half-helmet. And like kinds of profile helmets, the noise cancellation feature is absent, so as you must have guessed by now. So, if you are searching for something you’re looking at a variety.

The helmet is light weight and will not result in any burden. It is not difficult to continue with you and isn’t too big to cause any issues. It is going to fit on your bicycle’s pockets.

I’d say LS2 Stripper Helmet fits well on your own own head and is comfortable. It comes down your ears if your head is at an aligned shape with all the helmet, and also its release strap keeps the helmet in its place constantly. The helmet may not help you. So, should you live in regions that are humid and hot, you can look for a far better alternative within exactly the budget.

Other Elements

The helmet feel and is more plain in its own design. It’s cheap and low-profile, with all the most basic of features a new like LS2 can most likely provide. At such a cost, it isn’t just a choice for riders that are soft or beginners.


Purpose-built as a low cost LS2 keeps up with its reputation of providing a fantastic alternate. As I mentioned before, you should ignore that one in case you care even a bit on design or your type. However its low price will really bring in a good number of customers for use. LS2 has designed that one keeping them in mind simply.

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So my review with this particular one is it is a fantastic alternative for those riders or beginners who want riding and avoid all sorts of heavyduty custom made boat. It protects you well enough is comfortable, and is light in your pocket in addition to in your own face.

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