LS2 Strobe Civic Motorcycle Helmet Review

LS2 features a range of helmets that suits every requirement of seasoned bike riders since riders themselves designed them. They provide some of the very best helmets on the market to you and keep both fashion and convenience in your mind. LS2 Strobe Civic Helmet, their product, was built to make your ride most secure and comfortable. The latch system provides the needed secure closure and can be controlled with a single button even with gloves. Security is offered by the chin pub in the open position.

LS2 Strobe Civic Helmet

Apart from the security, the helmet also includes a double edged shield system that provides catches more light in regions and you a vision. The guards operate smoothly one over another and are both scratch resistant. The LS2 helmet is specifically designed to offer a perfect mix of relaxation and security in one helmet. However, if you’re still confused about whether to buy the item or not, then this review will help you out with the same.

Structure and Fashion

The helmet is created at a oval shape that’s employed for cyclists that have a mind that was thinner. The head form creates moisture and a drier surrounding around the ears of the riders. The LS2 Strobe Civi​c Helmet weighs about 3.95 pounds which would make the helmet a bit thicker compared to most of its competitors but still light weight enough not to strain the throat. Given the relaxation and features it’s filled with, the size seems appropriate.

Owing to its shape, the helmet includes more eyebrow area than lots of more of its kind but provides thickness from ear to ear. The helmet offers 2 shell sizes that can be adjusted according to your skull’s shape. The size of the helmet varies in XXS to 5XL for the adults and from S to L for young Individuals.

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Advanced Features

HighpressureThermo Plastic Technology Shell

The HPTT material that is customized focuses on making the helmet lightweight and hence, providing maximum relaxation. The fabric of this casing is aerodynamic nature which assists the riders cut which makes the ride faster and easier.

Two Shell Sizes

The LS2 Strobe Civi​c Helmet comes in two distinct style of sizes for both adults and younger men and women. The adult sizing of this helmet varies from XXS to 5XL and the one for the youth varies from S. This makes sure that the helmet fits as though customized for each rider.

FFS Fog Fighter System 3D

Extra protection is provided by the helmet’s outside visor from the fog with its FFS fog fighter system. Not only does this maintain the helmet safe from fog, but it does not let it hurt and assists in keeping it off.

Sun Shield

The helmet boasts of guards that extend the vision of the rider and provide them extra protection from the rays of this sun with a drop. The shield protects it from the harmful ultra violet rays of the sun and offers extra lighting in the darker areas such as tunnels, etc.. The sun protector can be pushed upward also and can be smoothly dropped from the helmet.

Removable Comfort Liner

The helmet’s lining has been created out of EPS foam which produces the interior of the helmet tender and moisture-free. This keeps the warmth well for a ride and keeps the inside of the helmet dry. The lining is both removable and washable, which makes sure it stays off of any kind of dirt and bacteria.

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Chin Bar

The chin bar on the helmet is intended to not flop down on the eyes having a special detent which keeps it intact. Keeping the eyebrow pub open as the shield is up will combine them.

Top and Chin Vents

The helmet is sold with both upper and chin vents to hold the flow of the air getting into the helmet well and keeping the interiors dry. However, the absence of an exit vent doesn’t finish the flow correctly and might not provide as a lot of moisture-free area in the helmet.

Metal Security Plate

The metal security plate is a knob system which functions with the aid of a button and can be started using a click. The button works with all the hand. Along the button, the more metallic plate also offers quick release strap that produces the helmet more easy to access on and away from the mind side.

Neck Roll

The neck roll on the helmet makes it sit the neck of this rider smoothly and offers support for its longest and toughest rides.

Pros & Cons

That which we liked

  • The helmet is light weight and does not strain the trunk of the rider.
  • The additional drop-down sun shield not only hastens the eyesight but also gives an additional advantage within the dimly lit areas.
  • The cushioning inside the helmet provides the perfect comfort for a ride.
  • The two shields are eloquent and relatively easy to work around.

That which we did not like

  • The LS2 Strobe Civic Helmet provides only top chin vents without a exit vents whatsoever. This creates the airflow a bit difficult in the helmet.
  • The helmet is maybe not so proficient at handling noise and may hinder from the ride too.
  • It is suggested to not use a communicating device with a clamp mount while wearing this helmet since it has neck roster integral in to the casing.
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To Buy or Not to Buy

The airflow system and also the noise in the helmet are a few of the biggest concerns for LS2 Strobe Civi​c Helmet. The helmet may seem on the side of this domain however cheek pads, also the liners, and neck roll tone down it afterward. The extra dropdown sun shield on the helmet and also greater visor in the front give both security and also a wider vision to the helmet. Value is hence provided by the helmet for your money and can possibly be a fantastic purchase for you personally.

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