The MSR Xpedition LX Helmet: A Review

MSR is a little company. Such as brake cables, and the apparatus, throttle, the company was responsible for the production of spare parts during the days. A offers a comprehensive assortment of riding gear, which range to additional components and has now seen tremendous advancement.

MSR Xpedition LX Helmet

The outstanding effectiveness of their services and products and also the innovative designs are evident within the latest variant of available, that is MSR Xpedition LX Helmet. The company went on to add features to the conventional helmet that was Xpedition of your MSR.


Well suited for riding on and off the street, a streetfighter helmet design and style is sported by the product. The shell is given an aerodynamic look and also the covering is composed of alloy plastic. The helmet is available in a enormous variety of designs and shades. The look and the paint finish is smooth also guarantees durability. Thus you do not need to be worried about the paint chipping off any time soon. The helmet will remain smart and stylish so which you may look your best when riding your bike.

The Structure

The MSR Xpedition LX Helmet comes with an round human body with a comfort material. The liner is removable and may be washed. The material used is efficient in wicking the moisture and offers anti inflammatory properties.

The absorbing liner also includes a double density that’s uniquely sculptured to withstand impact and is tremendously effective. When riding on rough terrains this lining will make certain you are not in complete distress.

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The users are provided from the helmet which range from XS to XXL. The extra small size is intended for roughly 54 cm impartial mind size and the additional Large is suitable for a size of 65 cm. A size chart is available that helps you select the helmet that provides the specific fit and comfort.

The design involves a jaw wind display that blocks prevents and winds watering of eyes once long distances are travelling. The body weight of this helmet is slowly towards the heavier side in a 3,85 pounds.

The streamlined and streamlined body gives a comfortable experience to the wearer.

The Shield and the Visor

To facilitate both the on / off road requirements, the helmet includes a shield. The plan helps to use the goggles. The guard is compound-curved and can be scratch resistant. The shield is elastic enough to tint as the relaxation conditions. The MSR Xpedition LX Helmet comes with an round human body with a comfort material. The liner is removable and may be washed. The material used is efficient in wicking the moisture and offers anti inflammatory properties. is an upgrade from the Xpedition owing to its capacity for withstanding extreme problems. In guarding against foggy weather the glass which is included with the defense works.

The visor is every bit as powerful in shielding against brutal weather conditions. The best part may be that the visor and the protector may be utilized separately. This is the ideal sports helmet, since they may be readily dispersed.

The Ventilation System

The venting system is another feature available with this helmet that was absent in its own ancestor. The system is composed of two intake vents that allow the free flow of the air through the helmet keeping the rider cool and at ease.

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Additionally, there are eight large vents which add to the entire venting system’s efficacy. The chin bar vent contains metal net and dirt synthetic and withstands the air speed.

The helmet can be a wonderful alternative under situations that are hot. The noise cancellation feature remains basically identical to the normal version. The performance is decent and the bikers are advised to elect for ear plugs that fit comfortably.

Additional Capabilities

The helmet includes a large selection of replacement protects. The consumer is therefore to opt for the shield that’s best suited to requirements and her or his wants. By passing two of the toughest tests the helmet inserted a feather to its cap.

The helmet is so compliant with both D.O.T. FMVSS 218 safety conventional and the ECE 22-05 safety standard.


  • This DOT approved helmet has really gone a long way in making advancement from its ancestor that’s MSR’s standard Xpedition helmet.
  • The upgrade in design is both robust and empowers the helmet to resist the climatic circumstances.
  • The Anti-Fog Shield, antimicrobial liner, end screen below the chin bar area combined with the aerodynamic condition, paid off lift visor along with optically-correct clear shield leaves the helmet a should have for adventures on and off road.

Should you go for it?

The lining in this helmet is characterized with EPS liner that shields the cyclists. The bargain is also stolen using a venting system that produces it ideal even for your own hot conditions. It self therefore has hastened at the race to get a helmet that was ideal a rider could possess.

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Are you wondering why you should purchase this? To sum this up this helmet packs a range of cool features at an affordable price. The product fits your bill if you are currently seeking a companion for your journeys. In its cost, you cannot expect features that are more high level. Well-constructed, it is going to serve your basic needs.

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