Native Watercraft Kayaks Brand Reviews & Buyers Guide

Native Watercraft Brand is about making kayaks using rich feature sets and hybrid layouts, for example as peddle systems in their fishing kayak models. This organization is dedicated to building top quality adventure gear for all those that like to learn more about the world in techniques that are new and exciting. Native Watercraft Kayaks Brand as a provider is full of adventurers like you and I, who know the importance of quality outdoor gear.

The Native Experience

The characteristics and functions found on Native watercraft kayaks are designed with input from experience manuals and professional fisherman to make sure their quality meets the highest of demands. All these fishing kayaks are among the better available on the marketplace, used by professionals worldwide, and contain an wide array of advanced features built up on extremely durable and lightweight materials.

Durable & Lightweight Materials

Native Watercraft utilising the most current in material technologies to help give their kayaks which extra advantage being both light weight and lasting. When these kayaks are made with the highest consideration potential, and almost every detail given accommodation for extreme state durability, there are a few features which distinguish Watercraft from their competitors. If fishing kayak reviews are seen about Native Watercraft, they’re almost consistently rave reviews talking a few of the next features:

Rotational Molded Polyethylene Hulls

Kayaks that utilize rotational techniques of molding are among those most resistant against abrasion and impact damages. Polyethylene substances are well known among kayak enthusiasts for providing long exposures to the UV frequencies (sunlight) and temperature variations. This accommodation allows to be kept out doors.

Elite Composite Technology

Native Watercraft can lessen the amount with the use of several of the materials technologies. They use a Sort of vacuum technique which create stiff kayaks That Are noted for being some of their top acting craft on the Marketplace

Tegris Technology

The other among indigenous Watercraft technologies, Tegris kayaks are built with a type of technical material famous for durability, aesthetics, and resiliency. Tegris is created through a course of action that contrasts together layers of fabric without using resin, which creates exactly the identical durability as similar substances, but in lower overall body weight reduction. This material enables weight heaps to be carried by boats, be light weight, and maintain strength!

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Innovative Features

Native American Watercraft utilizes substances that are patented in their own kayaks, which adventurers and have lead fisherman. Along with these materials that are amazing, indigenous Watercraft also utilizes innovative design features to set themselves apart from the contest. Below, you’ll see a brief outline of a number of the popular layout concepts used by Watercraft:

Tunnel Hull Design

On exactly the same plane as the hips, if in a position, the feet are in kayak designs. Indigenous water craft decided it was time to up the ante a bit and also have left a tremendous progress, although this was a conventional design theory for years. By lowering the level Tunnel Hull designs permit a accommodation for shifting loads round, standing for extended intervals, and adds a little bit of extra rigidity. Coupled with the suspended seats present in most Native watercraft kayaks, this design features is just a major also for these kayaks.

Firstclass Seating System

This revolutionary seating process is shaped into the curvature of this hull layout, enabling was designed to be suspended and easy shifting​ rather than resting from the hull itself. Suspension technologies’ use allows for a much smoother ride when collisions creates a advantage permitting much longer adventures, also are a portion of the excursion. These chairs are made of an aluminum framing, along using a Textilene Solar Screen Fabric that has been made without sacrificing integrity to withstand harsh exposure to water and sunlight.

Propulsion & Rudder Systems

Native Watercraft is just one of the kayak businesses making use of foot-powered and rudder propulsion systems that provide you an extra edge in maneuverability and freedom. Even the rudder systems are managed through an cable system which enables the lowering and lowering of the rudder predicated on requirements and planned usage. Even the propeller approaches are employed for providing thrust forward minus the use of paddles. That is best for fishermen which need to maneuver around while still preserving a secure grip. Both these systems are produced with elastic and durable materials that are resistant towards abrasions and impacts.

Top Product for Native Watercraft Kayaks Brand – Extensive Product Line

Native Watercraft focused upon the requirements of fishing, has produced a wide array of kayaks, and also are available in many shapes and colours. Below you’ll find a brief description of a few of the very popular fishing kayak models from

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1. ​​Native Watercraft Slayer Propel 13 Kayak

The Slayer Fishing Kayak series offers solid lineup of easy and customizable kayaks using extreme stability for maneuvering. Chairs positions adapt to accommodate operator preference, as well as to accommodate different ergonomic styles. The Slayer Kayak has an open-top layout, detachable square dash, two flush-mount pole holders, and a back dry-storage hatch, padded carry handles plus a tunneled hull design, and accommodations to guarantee installation of fish finders is an easy process. There are three distinct types of the Slayer Kayak; Slayer 10 Propel, Slayer 13, Slayer 14, and both the Slayer 12. Besides the Slayer 10 propelin which comes with the foot-powered propulsion systemthat the principal difference between those models are weights and the sizes.

Native Watercraft Slayer Propel 13 Kayak

2. ​Native Watercraft Ultimate FX Propel 13 Kayak

Ultimate FX, the watercraft Ultimate, along with Ultimate Propel series kayaks really are the things fisherman’s fantasies are made from. These adventure craft cater to specific needs of anglers, and are among a number of the lightest and most kayaks on the marketplace. The supreme FX for instance, could be the lightest peddle driveway kayak available on the current market, designed with fisherman’s enter, and has been designed from the bottom up for serious fishing. The Ultimate Propel fishing kayak includes an open-deck design, a built-in battery box to produce power to onboard electronic equipment, hatch cover onto the bow, builtin traducers bracket for Fish Finder accommodation, ample under seat space for storage, and a ton of other exciting functions. This kayak also comprises the Propel Pedal Drive platform that’s capable of forwards and inverse motions. Largely considered to be the industry leader for fishing kayaks, their whole potential is demonstrated by Native water craft throughout the supreme Kayak series, specially the Ultimate Propel. If you’re seeking the top fishing kayak, this may very well be the only for you personally!

Native Watercraft Ultimate FX Propel 13 KayakPurchase It Now!

Ultimate FX Propel Kayak

3. ​​Native Watercraft Manta Ray Propel 12 Angler Kayak

The Manta Ray kayaks, arriving from two sizes, have been the best selling fishing kayaks out of water craft for a while. While newer more advanced designs just like the supreme FX Propel are popular among enthusiasts and sailors alike, the Manta Ray series has existed the longest. These layouts have an design seen on many other water craft solutions, and offer a wonderful accommodation for storage and speed. Even the manta-ray features a transport wheel on the rear of the craft, and which makes for easy from water moving effort and while decreasing abrasion damages. This fishing kayak has been offered in 12′ along with 14′ forms and possess a capacity of 325 to 375 lbs.

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Where You Can Buy

Watercraft services and products are available from dealerships that are regional, but are hard to get in chain stores like Gander Mountain or Bass Pro Shops. To track down a specialization dealer near you, have a visit to Native Watercraft Dealer Locator page on the site. Native water craft do not provide direct sales by their website, but do so through using almost all of these services and products listed as available.

When shopping for a best fishing kayaks brands, notably one as you can from Native Watercraft, you are probably able to find the best price if ready to buy online than in a local shop. Another benefit in purchasing the products on the web, could be your accessibility. High quality fishing kayaks such as these are quite items, & shops will only have a couple in stock probably due to high price. You may get a sense of overall brand quality waiting for you, however likely could be tough to get all various models to compare first handif you don’t desire to drive tens of thousands of miles from dealer to dealer!


Native WaterCraft specialize in fishing kayaks and also the demands of anglers. Influenced by the input from fishermen, these kayaks deliver quality and characteristics rarely seen by competitors. Models such as Manta Ray, Ultimate FX Propel, along with Slayer demonstrate this brands dedication to quality and effectiveness.


  • Patented Materials
  • Patented Designs
  • Foot-Peddle Propulsion
  • Lightweight Materials
  • Rolled Hull Design
  • Employed by Professional Anglers


  • Difficult to Get

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