Nexx X Modular Helmet Reviews: A Modular Helmet That’s Sleek and New

The Nexx X30 V is a helmet using a brand new form of hybrid construction intended to bridge the difference between the flip-up and full-face style and design. Nexx can be a new motorcycle helmet manufacturer located out of Portugal, a spot which has set it self as a pioneer in manufacturing and European helmet creation. The business has been designing and building helmets for seven years but has established a distribution system.

​NEXX X Matte Black Carbon FIber Modular Motorcycle Helmet

NEXX X Matte Black Carbon FIber Modular Motorcycle Helmet

Inside this Nexx x 30 Helmet review, you will probably be informed of the advantages of working with the features this particular helmet and insight that will assist you make the right buying decision.


The Nexx X30 offers multiple benefits. To begin with, the helmet is readily available in various colors as well as the Viper pattern in a swath of shades. This allows for creativity and customization. The helmet boasts a rotating visor for example a chin vent to improve ventilation. Third, the liner and cheek pads are removable for washing to permit. Fourth, the well-placed vents can be opened manually by slipping or clicking a button. The helmet includes a rotating sun-visor that flips down or up and can stop at any position in between. At length, the x30 is on the side for such a helmet without affecting performance.

Features for Nexx X30 V Modular Helmet

1- Paint and Graphics

The Nexx X30 can be found in a variety of vivid metal watch colours in Europe. Nevertheless, in the United States the helmet is just obtainable in matte gray and matte black in addition to the “Viper” design. These pictures were developed to following the angularity of this helmet mode to improve aesthetics. The paint and graphics have been implemented resulting in a helmet with no imperfections.

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2- Shape and Fit

The X30 helmet includes a internal shape that is neutral thus fitting mind shapes. The casing design is slightly briefer from the top-to-base than the helmet. It still requires some getting used to although fortunately it is not short enough to own your chin sticking out. The X30 offers a briefer front to back internal distance than the helmet. Remember that the sizes are authentic to the dimensions.

3- Padding

In a normal washing machine once cluttered, these can easily be washed with cheek pads and removable liner. The liner and cheek pads connect into the casing with vinyl snaps. When from the shell they believe in place and business. The snaps holding them don’t feel as though they will break and are of higher-quality.

4- venting

The front part of the helmet features a chin wall shaped with the area. It’s simple to use, just push it and also the cover will flip back to allow for ventilation. The top port can be a slider located at very best. To use, simply push it back again to uncover the port holes.

5- Visor

The characteristic of the x30 is your visor that’s unlike some helmet on the industry. The visor rotates up but also the face protector does not open. It feels somewhat strange but once employed a few times, it’s comfortable. Such a design allows for the X30 to be contemplated a full-face helmet based on ECE protection criteria.

The X30 also has an internally rotating sunvisor which empowers optical properties. A switch is on the side of the helmet to proceed the sun visor down and up and it has got the ability to be ceased at any location. Throughout riding days that are sunny, this allows for flexibility. But, when riding, it’s never recommended to move the visor.

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6- Noise Level

Throughout movement, there is no actual noise level gap between your X30 and also a standard fullface helmet with respect to air flow, comfort, texture or noise stage. Therefore, the look of the helmet doesn’t affect overall performance. It is crucial to note that noise levels may vary based on windscreens, the riding location, clothing and sort of motorcycle.

7- Weight

Made out of high level Thermo Resin, the XL size weighs 3-lbs., 10.13-oz. That is known as relatively light weight. During usage, the X30 feels well-balance and it has exceptional venting and controller without even excess head toss or buffeting. This is on-part with full face helmets but has to lighter weight for flip-fronts due to the internal mechanisms to help alter the front of the helmet. Since it’s a helmet that is hybrid, this has an fantastic burden into the rider while still remaining lasting.

Additional Info

As stated by the video in Nexx Helmets, the X30 has underwent extensive drop testing to make it of the highest safety standards. Other testing includes, a leak down test to make sure no water leaks throughout the stitches, collision testing, light testing, in-use testing and aerodynamic testing. These tests are all part of the DOT, ECE 22.05 and Snell Motorcycle Helmet Standards which are different safety certificates in the USA and Europe.

The helmet features would be the comfortable and ease and endurance. The multiple venting holes, gentle padding within the helmet significantly and light weight improve the comfort and ease. Because you do not desire to be stopping every five minutes to correct your helmet, that is very important during rides. The advanced level Thermo Resin is lasting and gives protection in the event of an crash.

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The Nexx x30 is an helmet in function and design. With well-placed ventilation, removable pieces for washing, light weight texture that still secures your head during riding, an advanced design, an original rotating visor and a hybrid full-face design, which is only one of the better modular helmets in the marketplace. For the ultimate in security and style, the Nexx x30 is one of the top choices among bicycle riders and enthusiasts from Europe and also the United States.

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