Nexx Xd1 Motorcycle Helmet Review: A Great Choice For Your Next Motorcycle Ride

Nexx XD1 Motorcycle Helmet brings angular design and comfortable robustness of the XT1 Lotus, which places this helmet up there and with an added peak for the off-road needs. The feature set of this helmet is jampacked enough it could be worn in just about any situation, but the trail. It has a peak, a face shield, a drop-down sun visor, style that is great, edge-fairing, and also a venting system that shout ‘multi-sport!’ Most of the time.

Nexx XD1 Motorcycle Helmet

Nexx XD1 Motorcycle Helmet

And the features build and DOT and ECE evaluation quality push this helmet at the superior category.

What Would You Like?

There exists a peak of a removable summit for a peak on/peak off configuration. And there is also for obstructing the sun a peak. Double allocation!

Three GoPro points have been included for the camera obsessed. A few of them are enclosed within a recessed pod at the helmet near the ears on either side, plus one towards the cover of the summit.

The helmet is pre-wired for the X-Com platform that ought to adapt communicating unit or your entertainment on a few of your more runs.

The last photo on the removal system for the faceguard as well as the peak. No more fiddle. No more diddle. Twist the knobs and out they come.

A seam in the back of the structure can help that you want to put on an extra pair.

The Top Qualities to Look Out For

Looking from Nexx which strives to be on the watch for many kinds of customers at a superior offering, it sure does have a remarkable variety of features in it.

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The shell has an intermediate oval shape, so it will fit a good deal of people just nice, rather than the long oblong required for people who have higher eyebrow space needs. 3 lbs. 8 ounces. Weight to get a premium helmet and this feature is an instant purchase for many people.

The casing consists of X-MATRIX, made with a composite of carbon fiber, fiberglass, Aramid inserts reinforced with Dyneema. making your face that much safer. Offered in colors in addition to graphics that are attractive.


A pin-lock face protector includes compatible posts for a fit that is willing. Therefore once you purchase that pin-lock insert lens that is optically correct, fog-resistant, you can be sure to forget. The face protector comes down on a extrude simply close to the top of the chin port that can be very simple to work with.

It is expected that you’re going to be riding in all sorts of weather, which means you need protection and it has an inclination to escape indoors. The face sits.

The drop-down sun visor remains clear and is easily managed with a slider on your left Venturi exhaust.


A chin port using a toggle manages your air input. Additionally, there is a mesh-foam included from the box that allows you to turn this lid in a dirt configuration that is complete and to change modes. Chimney vents with sliders are your inlets. 2 Venturi exhausts make certain the air in the casing will be extracted.

Once you remove the comfortable lining, you will observe that the EPS has channeling as well as numerous strategically placed 10 mm vent holes that make an airflow over the surface of your face.

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Padding and LiNing

CoolMax 3D lining and substances keep the lid comfortable, protecting from germs for a dry experience and while wicking away your sweat. The fabric has a microfiber feel to it which is easy on the scalp and skin.

A removable breath guard is included with the lid to prevent your breath from fogging the lens up overly quickly (in case you are hesitant to dictate the pin-lock separately).

Emergency cheek pad removal system connectors allow the ENTs to pull the cheek pads off.

The Ergo system contained within the box has 2mm and 4mm pads for adjusting the fit as snugly as 30, where the padding is, that it is possible to insert.

Comfort lining comes and has fixtures near the brow and at the trunk to prevent creating any tension points.

Customer Reviews

A good deal of customers is fulfilled with the way that this helmet has been constructed and the majority of these loved the x com and GoPro readiness of their lid. The evaluations vary in the 4to 4.7 group out of 5, which indicates several issues, but none of them serious enough to discourage them from buying. The major grasp for all of them was that the simple fact that there is a pin-lock lens not contained as a default option inside the box at this price point.

Bottom Line

​You can simply go ahead and order this because of the Christmas gift if you discount a few of the goodies that are absent in this particular box of wonders. The helmet includes several features included, is a terrific fit, also is quite robust and durable, making your ride smooth or too exciting as you please. Verdict? Worth buying.

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