Nexx XG100 Carbon Helmet Review: A Great Budget-Friendly Option

Nothing less than the best would do if it comes to sport motorcycle helmets. Afterall, thinking about the speed that you will enjoy on the roads, your chances of meeting acute injury is elevated in case of any incidents. Motorbikes are all fun, however they are also risky, and ensuring the most effective protection potential may be the only method.

Nexx XG100 Carbon Helmet

Nexx X.G100 XG100 Racer Carbon Fiber Full Face Retro Motorcycle Helmet

A helmet is not just the one that provides protection to you, but it should also have a soft and cozy fit which you’re able to select long journeys without worrying about headaches. The manufacturers should consider factors such as weight and suitable ventilation to guarantee a standard feel that takes your own journey into a completely different level. A helmet is not just an item, but it’s a must that could offer a feel that is luxurious to you too, as long as you select the best one.

Why Nexx Helmets?

You will need to have learned of Nexx if you consider your self to be considered a motorbike aficionado. And once we say, we mean hear opinions that are incredible. Because in the wonderful world of motorbike helmets there are couple who have a reputation just like Nexx, if not better.

It’s hard to come across yet another company as enthused since Nexx about helmets and motorbikes. The engineers and designers have been known to think of some of the coolest helmets on the planet with features for the reason your experience enriches in a sense that you never envisioned thrown. It’s minimalist, yet trendy and extremely hard and durable. These adjectives are interchangeable with Nexx Helmets. So they may give you helmets that makers have looked at yet, 24 7 is being innovated by them. Examine their particular capabilities and they’ve no limits or boundaries in regards to helmets and are well known to push boundaries. It is no wonder that when people talk about a number of the helmets, Nexx is a frequent name on everyone’s tongues.

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First Appearance of the Nexx XG100 Carbon Helmet

If you’d like the traditional motorbike riding adventure from the 21st century, subsequently a Nexx XG100 Carbon Motorcycle Helmet has got the blend of suave style and ultimate comfort and protection. It is a full-face helmet having a removable PC slender protector with the shell being durable and tough and it is an helmet. There’s a vent that is in a position , dry fabric lining along with just a summit visor, and all these are just some of the characteristics which have won our hearts. If you would like to learn more, keep reading.


  • The outer shell is made up of carbon fiber that makes it unbelievably lightweight and robust.
  • It is a very safe helmet, with received the DOT and ECE 22-05 certificates. The inner lining comprises of X.Mart Dry Fabric, making it comfortable and soft. It’s also anti-sweat and anti-allergic, ensuring a fresh experience each time that you put it on.
  • You are also able to receive a chin wind stopper for this particular helmet. One bummer is that it will need to be bought separately.
  • The PC lean shield is easily removed and in addition, it comes with a 60% smoked visor.
  • The chin venting system will allow the helmet to be well-aerated constantly.
  • The helmet has an thus cushioning platform for additional comfort and improved fit.
  • As it works on the more compact size, we urge pruning over inch cm.
  • A well-designed helmet joining vintage design and the newest technology.

Entire Layout and Build

Overall, the helmet is black in color with stripes and also that thrown, gives the look that never runs out of style to it. Other designs might come and go, but the moment you lay your eyes on this one, you are aware that it has absorbed your mind and heart. It’s lightweight, which means that it is the perfect helmet for all those journeys where you want to have the ride as far as the view. Factors such as venting and relaxation will exceed your expectations. Nexx has managed everything well.

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Customer Verdict

The clients have been super impressed with the Nexx XG100 Carbon Helmet. And why shouldn’t they?! It is Nexx behind it. The pin-stripe appearance has made a place within their hearts together with higher quality the light fiber, and robust protection. The classic blend of black with silver accents and also also the NEXX logo at the back and on the side make this an helmet on the market. It’s an helmet, undoubtedly, but you are getting a lot more than your money’s worth when you are getting an helmet with amazing features, trust .

Bottom Line

There are numerous helmets on the marketplace, but very few just like the ones which match up to the standards. This helmet has ticked off of the boxes onto our checklist – appearance, strength, durability, comfort, value for money – you name it! Nexx knows what the people today expect from its products and it knows that coming out with a helmet that is sub-standard are a ridiculous move, after construction such a leading reputation. This really really is among the helmets in Nexx. Try it out today!

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