Nexx XT1 Lotus Graphics Helmet Reviews


    A sports-tourer helmet at heart, the XT1 Lotus is one of one's top category helmets. The design of the helmet can be a little different from different helmets at precisely the same category. Nexx has opted to get an approach in an erect posture.


    Nexx XT1 Lotus Graphics Helmet

    The helmet now comes with fairing round the helmet, that is comparable to a clutch, fenders, side-skirts as well as a bumper that you will find on a tuner car. This was done to be sure that the oncoming end is distracted round the helmet. The design prevents any drag which could otherwise put a strain on your neck when you are attempting to sit up right on a tourer whilst getting closer to speed limits. The advantage you obtain with this extra fairing is that it can not buffet at higher rates.

    The Nexx XT1 Lotus Graphics Helmet is fully compliant with all DOT and ECE 22.05 evaluations, so you obtain your peace of mind when it comes to safety.

    What Could You like?

    Nexx has contained a chinstrap that was Micrometric for one handed operation. The Double-Ds are preferred by a few folks, although that is in fact a helpful part of touring.

    As a bonus, you get mm and 4 millimeter pads to match the plantar ridge if you discover your helmet loose, to customize your fitting.

    The Nexx XT1 is ready for the xcom communicating system that is shining in the helmet as opposed. Extra cut aways for speakers allow you fit them readily and to pick yourafter market speakers.

    The Very Best Qualities to Look Out For

    Helmets arrive packaged with lots of functionality and features, and the XT1 isn't any exception. Here is what you can anticipate to.


    The shape is long oval which is mostly found in helmets, made from carbon fiber, 3D fibers that are organic, Aramid electrons and fiber glass. But since this is a sport tourer, Nexx functioned on reducing lift and the drag and has erred on both sides of aero dynamics.

    In 3.04 lbs, this is one of those milder helmets that you can get your hands on. There exists a carbon fiber version of the helmet available too which weighs only a mere 3 lbs in the event you need to go lighter. 3 ounces.

    Nexx includes 3 shell sizes available to you for choosing a perfect fit.


    Helmet comes with pinlock Maxvision comprised as a stock option. So you have a wide field of perspective highways and lanes.

    It's a snap fit lock system at the chin and a button releases position closed. That is just how Nexx intended it, although it will put in a little time to start out that face shield. The visor is encompassed.

    The release mechanism is different from the press release ones. The face protector is a bit tricky to remove with a push-forward movement. Still it is far better than the press release mechanism in which the visor pit is extruded from by the button and needs to be pressed quite tough to discharge it.

    Fog-free black smoke that is 80%, shed sun-visor is operated with a lever close to the venturi exhaust that is abandoned from the back of the helmet.


    A chin vent at front end lets the air in along with 2 vents placed near each other. All three vents could be opened or shut with a toggle to each. The toggle levers pointed which make them more easy to utilize with your gloves and are small .

    From getting that hot, moist air out the 27, two vents at the back following the winglet exhausts and also design get the job done.

    The 10 mm port holes at the top and the EPS stations join to get an airflow which keeps functioning without any problems.

    Padding and Li‚Äčning

    Coolmax inner it has antimicrobial properties and wicks your perspiration up . This material is usually found in high value helmets, and includes a superior feel such as smooth velvet to it. It has precisely placed.

    Emergency cheek pad removal system and also removable chin curtain are capabilities that are nice. The neck roll isn't a piece. It is segmented based on the cheek pads and the neck fix, and therefore you do not have to fiddle before taking care of the cheek pads with removing a one-piece.

    Customer Reviews

    For a premium helmet like XT1, you would expect a lot of praise and also fewer complaints. Most clients are concerned with the whistling and humming air noise from the helmet. This is because of the lever utilized to operate the sunvisor.

    The criticism is that that the opening mechanism to the face shield. People found it quite unintuitive to utilize it.

    Important Thing

    The helmet works to safeguard your face brilliantly, which is what it should and was crash tested. But the face shield mechanism and the annoying wind noise mars the overall experience. In the event the designers bud these flaws in the iteration, it may be worth every penny to sink your profit.