Nolan N86 Motorcycle Helmet Review: A Great Choice for Riders

Even the Nolan N86 is redesigned version of the N85, Nolan’s upgraded. Weighing in at 3.98 lbs, this poly-carbonate headgear comes in numerous attractive, muted solid colors. With a fashionable exterior, venting strategy that is better, and a design, it’s a terrific choice for commutes in addition to sports and tours.

Nolan N86 Motorcycle Helmet

Nolan N86 Solid Colors Helmet

The improvements made to the N86 include vents that are better with micro fiber with easier controls and a greater lining. The moisture wicking liner stands out from the colour exterior and is also vibrant. The general fit of this helmet has also undergone a shift in comparison with the previous N85. While the latter was the more N86 has a more to intermediate oblong match.

What Can You like?

The Nolan N86 Motorcycle Helmet comes nearby the ear for simple installation of a speakers with a unit and cut-aways. This allows passengers to install a speaker. Along with such, Nolan has included a number of qualities which make the N86 both user friendly and suitable.

The Qualities to Look Out For

So, without further ado, let’s take a better look and features that the Nolan N86 needs to offer you.


Starting at the outside, the N86 is glossy, streamlined, and compact. Its polycarbonate shell makes it strong and durable. As stated earlier, the match this helmet is an one that is intermediate, and this should allow customers to be suited by it as sports helmets come within this shape.

The aerodynamic design of this helmet coupled with the airflow will allow for smooth, drag-free rides. This would be particularly useful at elevated speeds and turbulent weather.

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1 drawback that the N86 has is it just comes in one shell size. This short coming is made up for with an improved EPS, but it’s still a drawback. Clients who are utilised to the older round fit of the N35 might find it hard to find a fantastic fit.

Only at 3.98 lbs that the helmet is somewhat on the thick side but it offers excellent protection and is suitable for all riding places. The sporty appearance of the shell that is complemented by the vents and the dropdown sun visor add to the N86’s values.


The Nolan N86 Motorcycle Helmet comes designed with a Pinlock lens. The visor has also an match along with a silicone-sealed profile. The visor can be easily popped off with a media, it may also be effortlessly put straight back. This makes lens cleaning and changes easy and quick.

The drop down sun-visor is easy to operate and will be manipulated using a slider at the face of the helmet. This allows it to operate from the clear shield. It is UV protected and offers transparent visibility in all lighting conditions.


The N86 venting scheme is that it keeps the wearer comfortable and cool and provides optimum air circulation.

The controllers on the vents are more straightforward to access and utilize than over the prior model. The fashion of the chin vents are changed too. Towards this helmet you can find style that is venturi exhaust ports. These maximize air-flow and give the helmet with a look.

Padding and Lining

The cushioning of the Nolan N86 Motorcycle Helmet is comfy, snug, and easy to remove. It’s constructed from anti inflammatory material. It consists of fabrics that are elastic. Because of this, the helmet will be more comfortable to wear for prolonged durations. It’s perfect to take out it when you are going on the insides, and also road trips or those long journeys ensure you don’t have any difficulties.

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Furthermore, the relaxation padding is trimmed in a fashion that it allows consumers to wear eyeglasses. The shape of the padding will accommodate them. Also, the reflective insert at the middle of this roll neck that is removable helps improve visibility time.

Cutaways close to the ear enable installment of speaker systems and also also the moisture wicking liner will keep riders dry on hot days.

Customer Reviews

Most customers are quite happy with their purchase of their Nolan N86. There have been complaints regarding things like difficulty. In terms of the size, since there’s just 1 shell size for the model, smaller sizes have padding in them to reduce the size in the interior. For this reason, some customers have discovered sizes to be awkward and bulky.

Overall, the majority of its clients agree that the N86 is actually a good product that is rather comfortable to use. Some users have pointed it out really is more quiet than other helmets they’re utilized to.

Bottom line

This is a fantastic bet if you’re interested in the full helmet for the journeys outside. With substances that are durable, it’s sure to last. While options in some instances limit you, it’s really a fantastic deal yet, especially as you’re becoming a lot more from the helmet.

Nolan N86 includes all of the requirements to get a sports helmet. From protection to relaxation the features that Nolan offers make this a amazing long-term investment.

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