Nolan N87 Motorcycle Helmet Full Face Review

Nolan-USA has upped their game yet again and updated their famous N86 (which was an upgrade for their N85). This is the full face road helmet in Nolan with an attractive layout and a lot of features. It is offered in a variety of colors, some new and popular and a few old, to draw an audience.

Nolan N87 Helmet Motorcycle Full Face

Nolan N87 Helmet Motorcycle

The upgrades come in the shape of a design for visor and hydration. There is also a ’tilting’ mechanism for launching the visor which we’ll discuss soon. Value added features and redesigns comprise chances of water and air ‘infiltration’ through openings between visor and the casing.

What Would You Love?

The Nolan N87 Helmet Motorcycle Full Face is packed to the brim with technologies and novelties. The primary improvements arrive in the form of usability. Nolan is hoping to make everyone as happy as you can. That the visor opens up without touching any such thing in the rim area, in doing so, they have provided a tilting mechanism. The mechanism is a short where the visor fulcrum is adjusted to the casing, give into the plastic attachment. They have. The visor breeze fits in the end to prevent opening.

Nolan realized that the distress of those men and women who find spectacles trendy, and also have arranged the cheek pads and also also to be ‘adaptive’. The chin-strap here is in the kind of a double lever retentions system, called ‘Microlock’ Ds. The helmet is also installed due to his or her N-COM communicating system, which is going to be the normal fit for many of their prospective helmets (probably).

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The Features to Look Out For

It does look fantastic from the outside, therefore let’s take a peek at exactly what Nolan has instore for all of us.


The casing has gotten attractive in the appearance department, within the iterations. Nolan has supplied three choices to you the ‘Harp’, ‘Rapid’ and ‘Solid Colors’.

These versions are same in construction, design and features, but you get a vast array of selection in colors and graphics, with the ‘Harp’ variant with a black/yellow mix. The shape that is intermediate should be a fit for around 80% of this target audience, although Nolan has given a choice of two kinds of shell sizes to the picky ones and proceeds from your previous iterations.

The material used in the building of its shell is poly carbonate so it is light weight and very impact-proof. Any doubts should be place by the DOT certificate on your mind.

There are just two roof scoops at the very top that provide an extremely ‘tuner car’ look once you glance at it.


The size of the face-shield was increased considerably. Currently there’s a wider viewing angle, but the frosting on the cake is allalso, that you can fit pin-lock anti-fog insert lenses. You don’t need to get one afterwards (well, you are able to) as you Pinlock lens is contained in this package!

The drop-down sunscreen (VPS) is sold with a UV400 protection and has 7 adjustable positions. The adjuster-lever is directly behind rotates at precisely the exact same direction as the visor and right the visor attachment platform onto the left. Fancy that!

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The Nolan N87 Helmet posseses a much improved ventilation system on the preceding designs. It’s maybe not a complete redesign, but more. The same as all helmets do air is sucked in by the chin port, but the similarity ends there. There is a conduit supporting the visor which bifurcates on either side of the nose along with 5 grooves each. This is supposed to blow the incoming air on the inner side of this visor (extra defogging!) And over your mind, however it may lose its way and get on mind. The roof dissipates in the channel the air over your scalp to keep the very best hip.

The rear exhaust is linked to works and the channels on the grounds of vacuum cleaner to suck out the hotand moist atmosphere in the lid to give an optimal ventilation experience.

Padding and Lining

The Clima Comfort inner padding is removable and washable. The helmet feels comfortable after you wear it, thanks to its fabric. It’s strategically so your skin just comes directly in contact with the smooth section, maybe not the one that is perforated .

An satisfactorily chin guard can be provided if you desire, which can be removed. And the cheek pads fit over an EPS liner that may have grooves.

Customer Reviews

That you’ve got some mixed reviews, however this really is hardly at all something. The main concerns had been a ventilation in a noisereduction that is lackluster and certain instances. Some of them took a while getting used to Microlock.

However, these cons are overshadowed by the pros once you believe exactly what you obtain in the package. Customers are happy in their purchases, but not without some wholesome comparison .

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Bottom line

In 3.1 to 3.2 pounds and packed with state-of-the-art features and a DOT certification, this helmet needs to really be significantly more than a bargain for you personally. It’s worth the price even in the event you don’t fancy any traits in particular. Why? Free Pinlock!

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