Nolan N91 Motorcycle Helmet Review: A Great Choice!

Then the Nolan N91 Motorcycle Helmet is really worth looking in to, if you are an urban rider looking for an modular helmet. ​New update version Nolan N100-5 Motorcycle Helmet Consistency Flat Grey Large.

​Nolan N100-5 Motorcycle Helmet Consistency Flat Grey Large

Nolan N100-5 Motorcycle Helmet Consistency Flat Grey Large

Designed for traveling and sports rides, the helmet comes. The shell at exactly the same period is durable and strong and has a trendy look. The ventilation configuration continues to be modified to further increase oxygen flow and relaxation.

The N​100 comes in several of colors that are solid plus it’s just a oblong match. Thus, it must not be difficult to find a size that fits you perfectly. The removable liner and cheek pads can also do their part in giving you a fit.

Packed with the functionality of a modular style as well as quite a few features that are helpful, the Nolan N​100 is actually a product that targets making your life ontheroad enjoyable and exciting.

That said, let’s have a look at all the features and benefits that Nolan has to offer you.


As with helmets, a design’s benefit could be for opening it up, specially during long dreary waits on traffic the user’s preference. The flip-up design does, however, increase the burden of the N​100 to 3.98 pounds (1.8 kg). Though this is a bit heavy in the long term, the N​100 does have a lot of redeeming qualities.

The flip-up front of this helmet includes a system which firmly locks it in place and makes it not too difficult to use.

The venting system which consists of a high vent and a front port (below the chin) provides optimal airflow as you drive. This helps keep you relaxed and comfortable, especially.

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Sun-visor and the drop down the obvious face shield are both easy to remove and easy to operate. These provide clear vision in many different lighting and weather conditions. Using these set up, there is no requirement to transport any shields. A person’s eye port is structured in such ways you’re going to find yourself a unobtrusive that was huge field of opinion. This increases the clarity of vision you receive using this item.

Yet another benefit of this version is the favorite micrometric lock program. Nolan could be the pioneer of this particular technology. This method is made up of an opening lever and also a toothed holding lever. The strip that makes certain that the chin strap could be opened using a wide spinning of the opening lever is released by the lever. With this technique in place, the chinstrap remains stable no matter how demanding your ride is. It can be the difference between life and death in the event of a crash.

Another extra bonus of the ​Nolan N100-5 Motorcycle Helmet is that it comes ready for installation of an Communication System.

Now that we’ve experienced the benefits of using a Nolan N​100, let’s look in detail in its unique features.


The ​Nolan N100-5 Motorcycle Helmet includes all of the qualities you’d expect from a helmet along with functions and some additional advantages. With the up grades applied to an already successful N90 model, the N​100 creates an exceptional choice for traveling and long-duration trips. And here will be some characteristics that provide these qualities to it .

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The Polycarbonate shell of this Nolan N​100 comes in 6 distinct fits-XS, SM, MD, LG, XL, 2XL. Locating the right fit needs to really be hassle-free with the oval form of the majority of sports helmets.

Face Shield

Nolan supplies a VPS (Vision Protection System) over the Inside the ​Nolan N100-5 Motorcycle Helmet shell. It is made up of a brief dark shield installed on the inner side of the shell and provides eye protection when used independently (from the very clear shield).

The dropdown sunvisor offers vision in harsh lights. It permits you to take it down while on the move and is easy to use.

This N​100 obvious visor includes a Pinlock lens. This avoids the hassle of needing to buy it. It includes a quick-release mechanism and it is composedofa anti-scratch protector (which accepts pin-lock anti-fog insert). The discharge process is a single-push mechanism which makes it easy to remove and add the shield.

Ventilation System

This N​100 flexible port lets air right through the EPS and allows for its comfortable circulation. Top ports combined increases and the chin oxygen flow back extraction. This allows you to stay relaxed throughout rides that are specially extended and cool.

The magnificent front port ventilation in comparison with this Nolan N90 and enables optimal airflow.

Liner and Cheek Pads

The ​Nolan N100-5 Motorcycle Helmet comes with cheek pads and washable and removable Clima Comfort interior lining. These have also experienced treatment that is antibacterial and permit a fit.

The lining and cheek pads could be removed and washed, if you have a tendency to sweat alot or when the current weather is warm.

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Extra Features Worth Noting

Besides the characteristics mentioned above, the Nolan N​100 additionally features numerous little attributes that increase user-friendliness and its regular functionality.

For instance, the N​100 comes. The helmet comprises a chin curtain. The Graphite colorway has a satin finish. The Microlock2 (patent pending) dual lever retention system is definitely an additional safety advantage. And above all, the N​100 is DOT approved, therefore its quality is certified.

These aspects united, the Nolan N​100 is an all inclusive product that provides everything you can want from a modular helmet. There is scarcely any need to buy services. The N​100 is an superb selection for anybody who is passionate about touring or only has to sail in an urban setting.

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