Old Town Predator 13 Kayak Review: A Great Investment for Any Kayaker

Even the previous Old Town Predator 13 is just another kayak which offers a ton of unique features that produce kayak fishing easier and simpler. The thin body of this kayak is ideal for using on calm waters and would be best used on lakes and calm sections of rivers.

​​Old Town Predator Fishing Kayak

Old Town Topwater 106 PDL Angler Fishing Kayak

This kayak delivers a ton of various storage options and distance, with manners that you can customize storage on your boat. This offers you a variety of ways you may choose to utilize space in your own kayak.

Long, Durable Body

The first thing that you will notice about that certain kayak is that it includes a long body. The reason it is made in this way in contrast to other kayaks is always to create it more stable and balanced on bodies of water. The body with this kayak is constructed of lightweight and durable polyethylene to continue to keep you afloat for years of fishing trips and trips. The body can make it comfortable for anglers all sizes.

Anchoring and Non-Slip Surface

Another feature that people really enjoy about it kayak is that it provides a lot of stability and safety. 1 thing you will discover about kayaks would be their surfaces dangerous and will get slick once they’re wet. They keep you, and also may or may not consist of additional straps of safety features that keep you erect.

Old Town Topwater PDL Angler Fishing Kayak

This kayak both. The surface with this kayak has a surface that you’ll have no difficulty moving around your kayak and supplies. It also has foot it is possible to lock down your feet when you are reeling in a large catch straps.

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One Way Drains

Yet another problem you’re able to face with kayaks is shooting water into your ship, and putting it. The Old Town Predator 13 Kayak comes with one of the ways drains which allow water to drain without needing water back to a kayak.

Space for GPS or Fishfinder

Another feature that people really enjoy about this particular kayak is that you’ve got plenty of room and the appropriate mounts and set to set a fish finder or even a GPS. Fishfinders have become wildly popular because of the ability they provide you with to find fish on your area. Having a room to place and mount a fish finder or GPS in your kayak is great for maintaining your tech in your own kayak preventing your technology from falling to the water.

Tons of Storage Options

Similar to one other kayaks that we have viewed today, the Predator 13 also comes with a lot of fantastic storage options. Among of the most essential things that you require for fishing trips that are long is loads of storage for each your supplies and gear. The secure, locking centre console with this kayak comes with tons of space to holding your gear all within reach. You even have retainers for storage options, which give the power to you.

Things We Liked

  • The whole body with this boat is constructed of incredibly durable, strong and lightweight. It cuts through the water like a knife through butter and is easy to paddle with.
  • The Tri Hull design with this ship produces the best in stability whilst about the water, and is excellent for tracking as you are angling
  • This model consists of standup FISH-ing connectors you may certainly hook right into when you are doing work on reeling in a huge fish. Whenever you’re bringing in a major one, they are excellent for giving you additional leverage and power.
  • Whenever you will need to maneuver on your own kayak while it is to stand up while angling or to get into supplies and gear while you’re on the water, your kayak is covered having a weatherproof Exo-Ridge slabs deck. That way, you never fall off or hint your kayak while you are on the water.
  • Only in case you get any water from your boat, this kayak utilizes custom designed one way scupper valves to empty the water out from the kayak.
  • The more and narrower design of this kayak is ideal for larger, still bodies of water, for example calm rivers and lakes.
  • It even has a Hummingbird transducer scupper which is made to support the hottest transducer and fishfinder technology.
  • The kayak has a lot of space at the center console which you should use to save any extra or supplemental gear that you want when you are angling.
  • This kayak is sold with not just two, but six high strength mounts which offers you more space and more space to personalize the organization of your own kayak.
  • It has retainer bungees also which makes it really to keep Extra gear
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Things We Didn’t Enjoy

  • This kayak is not supposed for All Types of water, also will not do well in waves


Q: Is that this kayak durable?

A: This kayak is made from durable polyethylene which will last for years of fishing.

Q: Is it effortless to paddle and maneuver?

A: This kayak is easy to restrain and ideal for paddling in large, even bodies of water.

Final Verdict

In general that is another rugged and broad solution to get a fishing kayak. Even the Old Town Predator 13 Kayak provides you with lots of storage space for each one of your sticks, your paddle, a GPS or fishfinder and some additional or supplemental gear which you would like to bring with you as you are fishing. Keep in mind this particular kayak might not be the ideal solution for wavy or choppy water requirements. It’s thin kayak that is ideal for using on bodies of water.

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