Pelican Catch 120 Kayak Review: The Perfect Option for Anglers

The Pelican Catch 120 Kayak is one of a kind kayak with alot to offer you. and it update new version, ​120T 12 Foot Tandem Angler and Recreational. This long and kayak offers tons of space to your own comfortability of any angler. This kayak’s weight limit goes as much as 400 pounds, so you have loads of weight to save you and some other gear and supplies which you have to take with you personally for a short or long evening of angling. The chair of this kayak is also wide to provide you lots of room to become comfortable.

​​Pelican Catch 120 Kayak

Vibe Kayaks Skipjack 120T 12 Foot Tandem Angler and Recreational Two Person Sit On Top Fishing Kayak with 2 Paddles and 2 Seats + Flush Rod Holders

The chair may adapt into two separate chairs places that you can fix the level of relaxation that you have as you are fishing. You have an adjustable footrest you could use to present your feet and legs comfortability while you are fishing. It has plenty of features and accessories that any angler can appreciate which will make your fishing experience more enjoyable, more efficient and much convenient.

Broad and Long Seat and Adjustable Footrests

Even as we mentioned at the introduction of this particular kayak, this version spares no expense in terms of giving the most amount of relaxation to you as you’re fishing. The chair is wide to provide a lot of room and comfort to you while you’re fishing. You may alter the chair between two places for much more comfort, and you’ll be able to fix the footrests to make it even more comfortable for hips and your thighs.

Rod Holders

Another excellent feature about the kayak is that it has plenty of space for your rod and most your gear when you are fishing. It even offers rod holders in as you’re fishing, that you are able to set your rod, or you may break them when you are not fishing. If you happen to get hold of a big fish, then that catches you off guard in order to need not worry about losing your rod the rod holders have tiedowns for your rods. It’s handy and useful having rod holders that provide you somewhere to break your rods, and give you more space for storage.

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Premium Constructed Human Anatomy

The human body of the kayak is made of RAM-X technology that gives this particular kayak a great deal of durability and strength for virtually any type of water conditions. This kayak is both light weight and durable, which makes it simple to transport, placed in the water and also take from water. This kayak’s human body would make it a lot easier to paddle for the puppy in and it cuts once you spend long days of fishing to the water smoothly in order to don’t get exhausted. The premium human body of this kayak makes it comfortable for your puppy and provides you with plenty of room to fish and also save your gear all.

Lots of Storage

The top body with this kayak brings us to our point, which is that kayak gives you a lot of room to store most your fishing gear and supplies. This kayak uses a massive storage compartment that gives you space for all of your fishing gear and a bungee storage systemyou have room for water and food for all those days on the water. You even have onboard storage for your paddle and rods so you don’t need to hold them onto balance them onto your kayak when you are fishing.

Additional Accessories

1 factor with this kayak which people like is that it includes loads of storage for some some other equipment and also your onboard kayak essentials that you may need while fishing.

Things We Liked

· That is just a sit-on-top kayak which makes it very comfortable for that angler to sit down for a lengthy or short day of fishing out on the water

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· This single person kayak has 2 flush-mounted pole holders, which provide your rods a sturdy base to sit in while you’re waiting on your own catch of the day

· This kayak even comes with tie-downs therefore that you can make sure that you keep your sticks securely in place, the entire period that you might be fishing. They’ll hold up for a fish that is strong once your line is being pulled on by them.

· The RAM-X technology that is used to make this kayak is one of a kind and patented. This kayak is made for durability and years of fishing. It’s fairly lightweight for the quantity of fortitude and strength that the kayak provides. This kayak is created for fishing for anglers of all degrees.

· The tunnel hull on this particular kayak offers loads of equilibrium. You never feel like you are losing control of your own kayak, no matter just how dimmed the water could access it windy days or how strong the fish is.

· This kayak is created with a wide, stable platform that gives you lots of equilibrium while you’re fishing

· Another wonderful aspect with the kayak is the fact that it’s an adjustable seat that you may change into two different places for optimum relaxation

· This kayak comes with a molded paddle holder and a paddle, and in order to never have to think about obtaining a paddle separately once you buy this kayak

· This kayak also includes loads of storage to allow for all your gear. The storage facility has a hatch that you can use to closely and safely store gear or any extra supplies you need to create with you.

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· It even comes with a bungee storage system, to securely tighten any extra gear down with retractable wires

· This model has a built in convenient Cupholder for convenience and hydration while You’re fishing

· It has a drain plug that makes it quite easy to get any excess water out of your kayak

Things We Did Not Like

  • Maybe Not as high of a burden limitation as the other kayaks in its own category
  • No space or mount to get a Fish Finder


Question: Does this kayak come with a paddle?

Answer: Unfortunately this model has a paddle holder, however, no paddle.

Question: Can Be their a mount to get a Fish Finder?

Answer: No there will not appear to become an onboard mount for you personally.

Final Verdict

Overall, this can be a kayak having tons of room to store most one’s crucial equipment including your sticks, paddles and whatever else that you’d want while you are fishing. The human body that is RAM-X is durable and cuts no matter what the current weather or water requirements are all.

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