Penn Battle 2 Spinning Fishing Reel Review

The Penn Battle 2 Spinning Fishing Reel could be considered as the next step up when it has to do with the Penn series. The Fight two chooses the best performance features of their Pursuit 2, also expands them to make sure they are better. You are going to get exactly what it is you’re spending money on, although this reel will cost you slightly more than the Pursuit 2.

​Penn Battle ​2 Spinning Fishing Reel

Penn Battle II Spinning Fishing Reel

This reel includes added washers to increase the drag together with all of the benefits that you love about Penn fishing reels, an upgraded ball bearing design drag pressure control and corrosion resistance.

Corrosion Resistance

They don’t utilize anything to protect it, although one of the biggest setbacks you visit with a lot of reels is materials are used by them. What’s the point of getting a top quality Reel if it is not going to last for at least a year or two? This investment that you made might deteriorate from usage and exposure to saltwater and also the elements.

What we love about this reel is that it uses a coating so you can get the most quantity of protection for the reel. The coat procedure takes the metal which makes your body with this reel also strengthens it weather, damage and water resistant coat that will keep your reel possible.


Ball bearings are among the most important factors in determining the functioning of your reel. To give you a guideline, the more ball bearings you’ve got the higher quality of the ballbearings your reel uses, more easy and the smoother it will be to utilize that reel. If you are employing a reel with bearings that are lower quality, then using your reel can feel unnatural and stiff.

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Penn designed the Battle with five ball bearings for its performance and enjoyment of your reel with two. What’s interesting is that the Penn Battle 2 Spinning Fishing Reel really uses a ball bearing that is less compared to last version. Most fishing experts concur that if you start adding any longer than five claws to a reel, so that it doesn’t create that much of difference. All these are all premium ball bearings that are weather for salt water fishing.

Drag Pressure

As you might know, drag and haul pressure are equally extremely significant that you are currently using. With the War two, Penn managed to reach better haul pressure in this version utilizing exactly the exact same system as the Penn Conflict Reel of last season.

What they inserted to the battle 2 is higher quality washers. The reel is given that the ability to achieve drag pressure by this.

The H100 haul washers that were inserted to this particular reel considerably increased the quantity of drag that this reel could produce. They can achieve that using this specific model employing the H100 washers on both sides of the spool. That accessory for this Reel leads to a 20 percent growth of this drag with this reel. That you don’t always want the amount of drag when you are fishing , that your reel may produce for every situation. Though, the h100 dishwashers really are a nice addition because they supply you with the option for longer haul, that you simply didn’t have use of using models of the reel.

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Anti Reverse System

The handle that is anti-reverse is similar to the handle that people simply seen on the Pursuit 2, with a few small additions for a higher grade grip. That which we really love about that handle is it isn’t merely set for left or right handed fisherman. It is simple to fix this reel for use for right or left-handed use.

The anti-reverse reel process is great for keeping your lineup sturdy and undamaged, as you reeling and are wrestling in your latest catch. The anti-reverse system that particular reel uses prevents your fish out of working out with your lure and also the line and is excellent for saltwater fishing.

Line Capacity Rings

We are thrilled that Penn decided to keep this particular feature for the the Pursuit 2 and the battle 2. In case you missed this at our review of this Pursuit 2, exactly the line ring capacity indicator is used by the Battle 2.

This reel includes lines traced into the spool so you always know how many lines that you have left. Together with many other reels, you have the ability to understand your lineup until you workout however it can often be difficult to tell that you have remaining on your own reel. This can lead to some slight disasters in fishing and losing your fish.

With this version, you can always have a precise idea of the number of lines you have gone in your spool so you can adjust your technique.

Things We Liked

  • Among the initial aspects of the reel which people valued was the anti-reverse reel system. It’s excellent for fishing in general, notably in saltwater fishing scenarios.
  • The updates they designed for the model’s haul system shows a significant advancement in operation with the reel. In regards to casting and reeling even the H-100 washers make a difference.
  • The lineup capacity rings are always a wonderful touch to Penn reels. With signs that consistently show you the amount of line that you have remaining, you won’t ever need to guess what your point furnish that is staying will be. That is handy when glancing in a catch.
  • The five coated ball bearings make for a smoother feel for this particular reel. Even the bearings that are additional allow it to be a lot easier to make use of without having to get familiar with the texture of it.
  • With any salt water, you need to own rust resistance. The Battle 2 features a rust resistant coating that will stand up to the elements and maintain your reel.
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Things We Didn’t Like

  • This reel is pretty heavy, which can be Challenging to get used to
  • The drag on this particular reel is not too striking or different as you may believe

FAQ’s: Some Questions and Answers

Q: What could be the difference in the range of bearings between this model and also the previous model?

A: This model actually uses one less bearing, but has better performance.

Q: Is this Reel righthanded?

A: This reel is also ambidextrous and can be adjusted to right or left-handed users.

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