Perception Sport Patriot 12 Kayak Reviews

Perception Sport kayak has done it again, giving us recreational kayak and a fishing for all our fishing needs. The Patriot 12 is the best kayak for kayakers of all experience and skill levels, with provisions and features that permit one to paddle, surf play, and land a monster bass.

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Perception Sport Patriot 12 kayak

Perception Pescador Pilot 12 | Sit on Top Fishing Kayak | Pedal Drive | Multi-Water Angler Kayak

Features of the Perception Sport Patriot 12

The Patriot 12 is assembled using polyethylene, it has been equipped molded-in pole, with back support, padded seat rear, padded underside with a cockpit Cupholders, rod holder, an anchor, an anchor cleat, paddle storage, adjustable foot braces, bow and stern carry handles, and also a storage hatch and bulkhead.

Each one those features and components work perfectly together to give easy transport, comfort, and greatest advantage. It is now time to look at all aspects of this Perception Sport Patriot 12 kayak reviews, once we decide to try to determine if it is the kayak to you.

Ultimate Comfort

At first time, Once I went outdoors with this kayak, it was feeling amazing, I came back after 3-hour excursion, my butt was aching and my own body was is Comfort is a significant issue for all kayakers, specially those who prefer extended and daylong trips on water. That’s in order to ensure that the comfort is optimized, precisely why Perception Sport has spent some time and effort in the layout of this particular kayak.

The kayak boasts of a molded-in seat with top adjustable rear support, a cushioned seat back, and a cushioned bottom. Additionally, we have a more Keepers foot brace system, that will be flexible to ensure kayakers of all sizes and heights can be adjusted. Could you ask for more?

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A Lot of Storage

The roomy Perception Sport Patriot 12 kayak in addition has been assembled with plenty of space for storage, so which you could take all the gear and accessories you want whenever you’re outside on the sport.

The maximum weight capacity of the kayak is 400 pounds, ensuring that you have adequate capacity to store all those items that you require. This kayak can be designed with a stern and stern hatch bulkhead such as storage, where you can keep all of your possessions; gear and personal items to mention a couple.

This usually means till you are prepared to do so you don’t need to come back to the coast. You can even take enough gear to camp on the water (I don’t advise that, btw!)

Beautiful Convenience

For an avid kayaker, I love to head out to the water to have peace and comfort. Hence is a kayak which takes a lot of attempt to deal with. That the Perception Sport Patriot 12 is designed with various convenient functions, which make your time to the water.

These features add a Scotty rod holder (fly rod holder), Paddle Park, bow and stern carry handles, a anchor, and anchor cleats. The features guarantee that anglers have an easy time, and work at improving the abilities of their kayak.

Have you heard about a 1-person sit in-kayak with so many features that were convenient?


  • Good maneuverability
  • Easy to use
  • Comfortable
  • Stable
  • Simple to get in and outside
  • Tracks well


  • Hard to Wash
  • Heavy
  • Flimsy rather than lasting
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  • Kayak design is Sitin
  • Weight is 52 lbs
  • Length is 1 1′ 10″
  • Twist is 29.5″
  • Maximum weight capacity is 400 lbs
  • Seating capacity is 1 adult
  • Hull substance is high-density linear polyethylene
  • Colors comprise sand, camo, orange, and yellow, reddish, red/ yellow, blue/ white

Final Verdict

The Perception Sport Patriot 12 is on my wishlist. This fishing kayak is simple yet versatile, and manages to provide various features without completely overwhelming you.

With the inviting and comfortable seating arrangement, the more closet the flexible foot brace system, the cockpit and the convenient pole holders, the Patriot 12 manages to produce it self an ideal solution for fishing enthusiasts. The kayak has given on its promises, it deserves its title as one of the angler kayaks out there and though it is slightly heavy and difficult to clean.

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