Best Raleigh Kodiak 1 Mountain Bike Reviews

Are you an rider Searching for a full suspension bike without draining your pockets? Try the Raleigh Kodiak 1 Mountain bike. It is a complete suspension, strong, entry mountain bicycle that comes with the hottest 27.5 also tires. This provides more traction on the trail, better handling and the ability to roll over anything in stimulating comfort.

Raleigh Kodiak Mountain Bike

The bike isn’t selective. It’s a Terrific selection for hobbyists and experts. Raleigh Kodiak has capabilities which allow it to be a great performer. It is easy, very reliable, looks good and undoubtedly a great ride. The bike has a tried and true metal and framework having a retractable head tube. This allows great durability and lightweight.

The back shock comes with 4 inches Of travel, thru axles on both front and rear which are super responsive on paths. Other notable features include Shimano shifters using 2-4 gear rates, double suspension and unforgiving 27.5″ along with rims. If you wish to understand more about the incredible bike then assess Raleigh Kodiak 1 review below.

Who’s the Bike Created for?

  • The Raleigh Bikes Kodiak 1 Mountain Bike has all the qualities of an entry level bike should possess. But it can perform a lot better compared to this
  • The bike is intended for individuals looking to explore rough and tough terrains without feeling the hard-riding effect or abusing the bicycle
  • The bike comes in several size clusters. This enables you to find the great fitting bike. The little (15″) and moderate (17″) are great for riders of elevation 5.3″ — 5.6″ and 5.6″ — 5.9″ respectively
  • The large (19″) and buttery (2 1″) models are a great selection for riders of height 5.9″ — 6″ and 6″ — 6.4″
  • It comes with double suspension mechanism which causes it to be cushier and more forgiving than hardtails. The fitted wheels plus extra add greater volume achieving a fantastic overall suspension texture. For this, you are able to cruise across the Challenging terrains easily
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Feature Details Of Raleigh Kodiak Full Suspension Bike

Great Geometry Frame and Fork

The frame and fork are maybe the Components of any bicycle. A bike with bad quality frame and fork won’t surely work. This is why Raleigh attempts to attain a sturdy framework and great fork. The AL-6061 frame brings along this with 120mm of travel. The framework is light weight and durable centered on the simple fact that it is aluminum made.

But, riding amateurs may find This heavy. On the other hand, the fork suspension is your SR Suntour XCR 3 2 Coil 27.5+, too using 120mm travel fork. The suspension fork enables you to cruise easily over obstacles and other lumps in your ride together with utmost relaxation.

Great Suspension

Suspension systems are an invaluable Componentry to any bike. You can’t imagine riding a bicycle without suspensions. You have to feel all the downs and ups of the course. Without suspensions, even concentrating on the ride will be affected. This is the reason today most bicycles include suspension methods.

The Raleigh Kodiak 1 includes double Suspension mechanism. This is actually the SR Suntour Raidon R air shock that offers 4 inches of traveling. This absorbs even the most ignorant of bumps. You’ll comfortably sit and take on with the ride because the consequences do their role.

The Wheelset

Being an amateur driver, you Will Need a Bicycle with wonderful ground traction and stability. The Kodiak 1 offers this. Be aware that fantastic grip is impeccable for improved stability especially if the terrain isn’t friendly. The wheel set of this bicycle consists of the wheels, rims, and spokes.

Nevertheless, the bicycle includes Weinmann U28 rims, the latest 27.5 and wheels, and 14g stainless steel spokes. The broad surface areas not just offer more traction in comparison to the trail but also promotes better control and also the power to roll over an obstacle with cushy comfort.

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Build and Ship Information

As Stated earlier, the new Raleigh Bikes Kodiak 1 mountain bike is going to likely be delivered 85% assembled. Just to say, many clients frequent visit manufacturers website asking about the expected assembly process. It’s a challenging process which necessitates quite a few time plus basic knowledge.

However, with all the assembly, The remaining final procedures are quite straightforward. From the guidelines given in the operator’s manual and user guide, you’ll discover that it’s easy completing the approach. Nevertheless, if you find this hard as a amateur, employ the services of an expert. The ultimate steps must not take a lot of energy.


It’s often refreshing and Mind-settling to understand that everything you’re buying is covered against some other mechanical issues. For many companies, Raleigh included, attaining utmost customer satisfaction is vital. This is why they service among other after purchase services of their bicycles. Once you need to fix any problems associated with your bike then only call them or visit their own website or trace Youtube videos. You may get Support from all of the supported media

Riding Comfort-ability

There’s no greater way to present Riding enthusiasts to the field than by providing an bicycle to them. Entrylevel bikes are a kind of introduction into the exploration of riding aspirations. The comfort of A bicycle could be performed through various mechanics. Raleigh Kodiak 1 specs work hand in hand to achieve this.

To Start, You Have to sit Readily to ride. This is offered by the Raleigh mountain bike. The saddle includes an Alloy double spool seat post. Other leading components incorporate the wonderful suspension forks, sturdy frame and also a perfectly built Raleigh 200 series 31.8 handle bar.

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Pros & Cons of Raleigh Kodiak Mountain Bike


  • Shimano high-quality drive train to climb up hill
  • Made of aluminum alloy frame for an excess cushy ride
  • Comes with 85% constructed. Easy to construct the remainder
  • Designed to conquer rugged trails with double suspension platform
  • Hydraulic brakes for supreme stopping power in most states
  • 30.9Millimeter flexible seat pole to correct Based on your height
  • Features an SR Suntour XCR 3 2 coil fork with 120mm of travel
  • Comes with Shimano shifters together with 24 gear speeds to choose from
  • 27.5″ and tires and rims which provide excellent traction and stability


  • No water jar mount available
  • The framework is comparably hefty for newcomer riding

Raleigh Kodiak Specs at a Glance

Final Verdict

As a driving amateur, your own prospective Aspirations could be ruined by buying a poor-quality bike. Therefore, it is very important that you will find a quality bike for the first ride. To do this, then you can try out the Raleigh Kodiak 1 Mountain Bike. It comes with unbeatable features that may definitely create your very first ride worthwhile to it.

One of the outstanding features Comprise a smooth 24-speed gear shifter, wide 27.5-inch brakes, aluminum metal frame, 120mm fork, and powerful hydraulic disk brakes along with Raleigh saddle. Complementary parts such as brake levers and chair post support all. With all these features, you will have the ability to delight in your introductory sessions.

The suspension system ascertains a ride. The size variations provide an extensive area of choice for the best fit. Additionally, it Comes partially constructed; thus, you’re incur less time gathering and much more Time riding.

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