Best Raymarine A78 Marine GPS Reviews

The Raymarine A78 Marine GPS is another reliable FishFinder which has lots of benefits that will make for a rewarding and enjoyable fishing experience. This model is sold with Fish Targeting technology which makes it easier to get and detect fish from your own locale and Chirp DownVision. It gives you clarity and detail together with the sonar power that your fishfinder models possess.

Raymarine A78 Marine GPS

Raymarine a78 Wi-Fi 7 MFD w/CHIRP Downvison, ClearPulse & CPT-100 - Navionics North America Gold Marine

It can be plus has a touchscreen display that is beautiful. It has an SD card slot machine that you can use to store your favorite way points and connects to the net via ethernet so it is possible to find the latest updates for your fish-finder.

Quality Chirp Sonar

With almost any FishFinder, you have to make sure you have good sonar. Thankfully, that one from Raymarine comes with Chirp DownVision and Fish Targeting technology that gives you a clearer perspective of the water, the surface under your boat and greater detail in the fish around your ship. It bracket so that you can conveniently put your transducer and even includes a transducer.

BlueTooth Technology

Bluetooth technology is a wonderful feature to get with regard to entertainment. The Bluetooth connectivity fish finder provides you gives you to playback various kinds of media entirely on your FishFinder. It’s terrific for playing music and videos on while you’re fishing.

Intuitive Touchscreen Display with LED Lighting

What’s the point in using a FishFinder if it’s difficult to use and browse? This version comes. It’s a gorgeous, vibrant touch display that is easy to use and customize. It is backlit.

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SD Card Slot

An additional bonus this fish finder has is an sd-card slot that makes it even simpler to save information in your fish finder. The SD card slot provides you the capability to store most your way points and maps from the fishing trips. You may not have to incorporate the spots that you love since theyeasily obtained via your fish finder along with’ll all be stored on your SD card.

Upgrades Via Ethernet

This FishFinder is very simple to update. All you need is a ethernet cable and a computer that is connected to the internet as a way to upgrade the applications.

Things We Liked

  • The Chirp DownVision and Fish Targeting technology that is armed with this fish finder gives you clarity and vision just like you have never seen previously. You will have the ability to see more structure and defined advantages providing you with a better perspective of bass and also the water/floor beneath your ship.
  • It comes with a CPT-100 bracket for the transom Chirp transducer so that you can easily mount your transducer at the very best and most convenient place on your boat.
  • With this particular version, you get Navionics cartography which provides you countless maps of salt and fresh water in the united states and Canada also.
  • This unit comes with a sizable, seven-inch multi-touch screen with vibrant and LED backlighting therefore you will always have an accurate, crystalclear view of one’s screen, regardless of what time of day it is.
  • This model has a built in 50 station GPS receiver provides the simplest possible navigation capabilities while you are out fishing.
  • This model also features Bluetooth capabilities which allow one to easily hook up with other apparatus so that the fish finder may double as a source of entertainment. It gives you the capability to play back various media including video and music.
  • Anytime that you need to update the software on your own fish finder, this version is ethernet competent so you can easily plug it into your computer to upgrade.
  • It has a microSD card slot so you can update the maps onto your device and even save your favorite way points.
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Things We Didn’t Like

  • Apparently, this fish finder has trouble connecting to a Android phone with the latest updates of their Android pc software. The programs will crash and also have trouble connecting to a finder.
  • This model doesn’t appear to have Wifi, which might make for simpler upgrading


Q: Does this unit incorporate each of the cables that you need?

A: Yes, it includes all the wires that you will need to charge and upgrade your socket.

Q: Does this come with hardware to mount it?

A: Yes, it includes all the hardware that you need to bracket it.

Final Verdict

All around, this really is an awesome fish-finder that gives you every thing that you want when it comes to hardware, a interface, and applications. The only downside to this model is that it cannot update via wi fi. It uses sonar technology and highquality GPS to provide you the best fish and navigation tracking.

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