Raymarine A98 review: The best marine GPS on the market

Back at the past, in the event you wished to find fish utilizing a apparatus you had to squint your eyes and find out whether you could spot such a thing contrary to the surface’s backdrop. Old fish-finders were in black and white and had displays smaller than most phones.

Raymarine A98

Raymarine A98

Luckily, technology has progressed a lot since that time, we’ve got the A98 Model out of Raymarine. In comparison to other manufacturers of fishfinders, Raymarine provides ultra high-tech gadgets that are well-known for their practicality and user-friendliness.

The Raymarine A98 is one of the most advanced with many the others, meaning that you may get a whole lot more functionality using this particular device than you would in the Raymarine line. It’s like using tablet or a smartphone which could aid you in finding bass, almost. Let’s see what’s happening under the surface.

Extra Large 9 Inch Screen

Most fish-finders are about four to five inches, that will be fine for most users. But in the event that you’re trying to see your characters even though you’re doing some thing else (i.e., flying or fishing the boat), it may be nuisance. In addition, a screen means that you will have to keep jumping back and forth between pages.

The Raymarine A98 is amongst the greatest apparatus out there. On top of that, it has capability so that you are able to browse through the menus effortlessly. The display comes with a sun cover that is technical you can view in either sunlight and at nighttime and is backlit time. It offers nightvision that will assist you more.

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Light House II Operating-system

Raymarine A98 knows that anglers do not care about a lot of whistles and bells, so they developed an application application that puts your data all at your fingertips. Switching between applications is a breeze, because you’d expect it to become and everything is set out.

In general, you will find this program is much simpler and more suitable than other fishfinders. With several models, you have to utilize the manual to figure out the best way to do anything. You can probably set it up your self.

Swivel Mounting System

Although the type of mounting bracket that you have for your fish finder is not necessarily a dealbreaker, the one which includes the Raymarine A98 is loved by us. It swivels 360 degrees in the vertical and horizontal positions you see fit, no matter where you’re on the boat.

Best of all, you may very quickly remove the socket itself that it is protected against the weather or theft. It’s simply another addition that makes the A98 such a bit of fishing equipment.

Wi-Fi Capability

We know that you will most likely not need wifi out on the water, but you may want to download more maps or store your valuable data once you return to coast. Thankfully, with the A98 that you never have to keep transferring information via micro sd cards, making all that much simpler.

Whenever there are some developments to this light house applications, meaning you will always have the most current tech aboard your 30, the apparatus will update itself.

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CHIRP Downvision Sonar

We’ve already been gushing about each one of the perks you could expect from the A98, but none of this is well worth it if the item can not locate any fish. It comes with the very sophisticated sonar system.

CHIRP technology is rather common on fish-finders nowadays, and that’s because it’s so dependable and accurate. So you are able to observe in cases like this, you obtain yourself a down view scanner.

The CHIRP sonar may generate superior arcs for all the fish and enable you to get high definition readings of the bottom surface. Therefore you keep these things on hand for the next 20, best of all , you can save your read-outs.

What we like about it sonar is that it is useful for lakes, rivers, and water. So you are able to bring the A98.

Fast and Responsive GPS with Charts

If you want to get the most you need to own GPS with your own sonar these days. In order to never need to locate hard next time to find the catch of the afternoon, like that you may plot a class and mark hotspots.

With the Raymarine A98, you also get comprehensive charts and maps installed already ( available for downloading) and the ability to plot them as you can go. In addition, it is highly responsive, meaning that you don’t have to be more daunted in a snail’s pace.

That which we liked

  • Durable construction
  • Extra-wide 9-inch screen
  • Touch responsive controls
  • highdefinition imaging
  • user friendly interface
  • Swivel bracket
  • Wifi competent
  • CHIRP down imaging sonar
  • Quick GPS with chart plotting
  • Multi-view capability
  • handy remote control with blue tooth
  • Analog and digital readouts
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That which we did not like

  • you need to be sure that you get the ideal transducer with this finder. They are not all harmonious.


Q: Does this finder come with any kind of memory storage?

A: Yes, there’s just a MicroSD slot, and it comes with a memory card to get started.

Q: Can I operate this finder in another language?

A: Yes, the unit includes some other vocabulary alternatives, including Spanish and French.

Q: Can there be a manufacturer’s warranty on the item?

A: Raymarine will give you couple of years coverage on the A98 version. They may add a second year for free if you register on the web.

Q: Does it feature a transducer?

A: Yes, it is contained with the finder.

Final Verdict

We suggest the A98 from Raymarine if you are looking for the best FishFinder that is hightech out there. It includes all you might want on the sport, and it’s a user interface which is more comprehensive than anything else on the market and easier.

We love the large touchscreen and also the detail that Raymarine put in making this fish finder, and we’re positive you will love the care and attention.

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