Raymarine Dragonfly 5 Pro Reviews


    Let's kick off this review by taking a peek. This compact, handy and ferocious little FishFinder has a lot of great benefits that any angler will discover while outside on the drinking water. This kind of version is made of highly durable substances. The screen is fully teaser evidence and the casing and the screen on this fish finder are built to deal with the most extreme weather conditions.


    Raymarine Dragonfly 5 Pro Sonar/GPS

    The market offers five inches of screen that displays information and brilliant colours it is easy to browse the machine, optically and totally bug-free. It uses dual sonar technology to offer a picture like a snapshot of the water around you while using sonar to locate your next catch. This version is really simple to mount and use because of its ball and socket mounting system.

    Durable Materials

    What use can be that a fish finder if it can not handle the water and the outside? This model is designed with high-impact materials that protect your finder from drops and impact. The casing is thick, to get this to FishFinder appropriate to any and all weather conditions. This one even has a fog-proof screen, so that you don't ever have to be concerned with moisture destroying your fish finder.

    High-Quality Screen

    In the event that you can not read your FishFinder also it is dim, you are not going to get a lot of use to it. Thankfully, this version includes a high quality optically bonded, the back lit screen which teaches you each the information that you want in vibrant shade.

    Application Integration

    Another feature that this computer provides may be. This fish finder incorporates with the Raymarine Wi-fish app so it is possible to Livestream all your sonar information directly to your mobile device. In addition, it gives you the capability to play back your sonar information all. You are given the ability to share your sonar information by the application form.

    Double Sonar Technology

    The reason particular finder is really accurate is the dual sonar technology that it uses to read the terrain around you to help uncover fish. It uses Downvision sonar and CHIRP sonar to offer you a perspective of your own surroundings, and also more importantly to assist you identify bass.

    Effortless to Mount and Utilize

    This finder is extremely easy to mount and installation. The ball and socket mount that it uses to give a base to put on your finder to you. In addition, it gives you the versatility to utilize this model along with socket mounts and other ball.

    Pros & Cons


    • This specific fish socket comprises a five-inch totally backlit, vibrant light emitting diode display. It is optically ensured to offer you brighter colors.
    • The monitor has builtin security against internal fogging and is likewise made with seri ous components that offer it protection in all sorts of weather conditions.
    • This version features dual-channel sonar and uses both CHIRP DownVision in addition to CHIRP traditional sonar.
    • The CHIRP down vision sonar gives you photographic-like images of the terrain and creatures that remain and beneath the vessel.
    • The traditional CHIRP sonar is the channel that will to help you accurately aim and spot fish
    • with this particular fish finder, you can utilize the Raymarine Wi-fish application to link up to your Raymarine fish finder. This application gives you the capability for your application. The application gives you the capability to reposition and save your sonar information for later usage, like finding you're rediscovering your favourite fishing areas. It also provides you the power to talk about your own sonar data on your treasured media platforms.
    • It is accompanied by an amazing pivot-ball mounting platform. Mounting chunk attachment and the bracket provide you with the capacity to use this specific fish finder with many different various socket mounting systems and models.
    • We really respect it includes lots of internal memory. Within this unit, you also can save up to 3,000 waypoints at one time along with 15 monitors. You may enlarge your working-memory with the SD card slot that is made to this fish finder.


    • The device can hold Lots of advice, so it can take a while to load charts


    Question: Why Is your memory expandable?

    Answer: Yup, this finder comes with an SD card slot to expand the memory.

    Question: Can this version are the transducer?

    Answer: Yes, even the transducer is included.

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