Schuberth C4 Matt Black Helmet Reviews: A Comprehensive Review

The Schuberth C4 ​Helmet flip face helmet is finally here, after a lot of speculation. A enormous upgrade on the C3 Pro is evident from the contour. As the pro was a goliath in terms of size and shape, the usual mass has not talented the C4 with a sportier appearance than the designers in Schuberth. Therefore whether you are in a 3/4 position or are currently sitting upright, you get that field of opinion at the helmet’s default position.

Schuberth C4 ​Helmet

Like all the helmets, that one too had to experience its initiation trials. And the end result is a super lightweight helmet that is super quiet at approximately 82 dBA.

You obtain your DOT and ECE certifications to the security standards for a high amount of adherence .

What Would You like?

The SC1 system is easier to install within this helmet, and with its particular battery compartment and the system. This saves you the trouble of buying it separately while installing it at the recesses that are helmet and lasting pain. This is in addition to the microphones installed near the brow and dual-speakers pre-installed in the shell.

The top vent reshaped and was improved to fit in more with the design and provide more warmth while.

Top Qualities to Watch out For


The intermediate oblong (ergonomic fit as described by Schuberth) is an improvement on the last iterations since they’ve cared for the pressure points introduced by the irregular fits of the older generation helmets.

It’s light at 3.12 pounds, fits just right in the event that you have the perfect size, and it is very comfortable on your own face.

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The helmet’s construction is shown in by the constant improvement from the manufacturing system. Schuberth now uses DFP or Direct Fiber Processing. When you’ve learn about the way lights that are old were created, you would certainly be familiar with the approach. What they do is use a continuous thread of fiber glass which is blown into a mold and cut out by a robotic arm. Subsequently a special resin is added to the setup under temperature and high pressure to produce a lightweight and very strong casing. The most exceptional thing is the fact that the whole process is controlled by PLC (Programmable Logic Controllers) therefore there’s absolutely not any element of human error. This even goes as far as using detectors to detect pressure and the exact temperature in.

The wind-tunnel testing guarantees that the helmet will stay stable and also the riding experience will probably be liberated from buffeting and oscillations.


Straight from this package, you have the pin-lock MaxVision pane face guard on the surface and also a UV resistant ‘Sonnenvisier’ on the inside. Even the face guard technology removes the need of using any chemicals to prevent fogging. The face shield locks with easy fit that’s effective and simple.

The added ‘Turbulators’ in the face shield are useful in reducing buffeting by diverting the atmosphere better round the face shield compared to one without.

The amazing user friendly thing concerning this shield would be that’s it is simple fit and to remove back. You just rotate the shield out of its default position to the 12 O’Clock position and it comes away. To fit back it, position it at the 12 O’Clock position and rotate it.

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A very sporty port in the top has replaced the dual vents at the C3 that matches this helmet’s stylish design. This moment, for the C4, Schuberth has made the air holes bigger from the precious 10 12 mm to a 15 mm for a gigantic increase in the airflow onto the top of one’s head. Together with the chin vents, there is a good deal more atmosphere coming you can buy for.

Where does all this atmosphere go? There are not any exhausts at the back of the shell like Venturi. The air is steered at a way that it comes out the base of the helmet at the neck area.

Padding and LiNing

The comfort materials you find in there are featuring a Quickdry, antibacterial fabric. The neck roll comes out then your cheek pads and then your comfort lining. However, these cheek pads have been inserted in such a way using straps that the AROS (Anti-Roll-Off-System) comes into effect. It’s a little fiddly to remove the cheek pads with the AROS straps and mounts, but that is a security feature, so you won’t need to eliminate them frequently.

Customer Reviews

You would believe are a celebrity among customers, but that’s not the narrative. It is. The reception is exemplary, but a number of them opted to go a way from Schuberth because of the noise at 70 80 mph.

Bottom line

It’s maybe not a helmet bad. You have to check from the bells and whistles whenever you are worried with safety. And that is just what it is possible to get with this specific updated wonder.

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