Scorpion EXO 410 Helmet Reviews


    Upgrade from Exo 400. The design of the helmet has been changed significantly. It's a more outline today, together with sailed back seam lines.


    Scorpion EXO 410 Helmet

    Scorpion Helmet

    The venting system has shifted as well and the helmet today utilizes a lightweight, pliable material.

    The helmet is not just about upgrades, but features. SNELL and DOT has certified it to be safe in the event of crashes, so there's more to enjoy than progress.

    What Would You like?

    The EXO 410 comes with a shock absorbing liner on the side of the eyebrow pub in the EPS. This also assists the chin bars to consume the shock.

    Scorpion cheek pads are becoming standardized inside their own helmets. These assist in a snug fit and prevent any kind of twist in the helmet if there is a collision.

    The Ellip-Tec ratchet system consists of a micrometric strap for one handed operation, that is considered to be more easy to use than D bands.

    The Most Notable Qualities to Consider

    There are a number of things within this lid which offer a user friendly wearing experience in addition to changing the primary material from the casting process. Take a look.


    Shell or LG plastics signifies that your weight is significantly more lighter.

    Two shell sizes. XS to M utilize the casing size and also the L to XXL use the larger shell measurement.

    Intermediate neutral rounded shape, wide or maybe not oval. The intermediate oval is not present which create pressure points and might irk many people.

    The standard size weighs approximately 3.67 lbs, which isn't too light but not too heavy.


    An face protector helps you find the periphery absolutely free of distortion therefore that you may concentrate on the riding aspect.

    The face guard comes with a spring loaded mechanism that can be decent at keeping plenty of objects that are unwelcome out of this helmet and pulls in the facial shield against the gasket. It's even simpler to produce the face guard with the very own Ellip Tech system of Scorpion. You flip a switch and out includes the visor.

    No dropdown sunvisor, by increasing its safety benchmark however it is made up for by the EXO 410 Helmet.


    The Scorpion EXO Helmet includes. The vents have been connected to the air channels inside the EPS which let out it and re route the air over the scalp vents exhaust.

    The chin keeps moisture levels low with constant flow of fresh air over the inside of the face guard and port blows air directly. That is encouraged by 'brow' vents from the EPS itself, which leads this flow for superior ventilation in to the EPS air channels.

    The spoiler and exhausts are designed keeping aerodynamics and aesthetics in mind.

    Padding and LiNing

    The Kwikwick 2 fabric is removable, antimicrobial and washable which wicks up sweat.

    The contoured cheek pads tend to be less dense near the temples. It has been designed in a way you slide the stalks in without getting it stuck along the manner and can wear glasses or your spectacles easily.

    There is an urgent situation cheek pad discharge system at the sub-premium category helmet to get an urgent situation trained medic to find outside the helmet there. But the cheek pads desire a little more attempt to take out, when you are out cold, that may possibly be counterproductive.

    The comfort liner is attached using plastic snap fit strings at the back and at the brow form of the helmet (thank god, no Velcro). This may make it easy to remove and put in it back. It will not create any pressure points onto your own own hairline. Aways have cut at locations that are proper to match the EPS air path it and station ventilation scheme to blast that incoming air out. The atmosphere stations within the EPS are supported by 10 mm that was large vent holes too for optimum working at rate.

    Customer Reviews

    Some users are amazed with the leap in comfort, tech and the functional although simplistic mojo of this Scorpion EXO 410. The complaints are primarily in the shape of wind noise. But that's certain on account of the airflow that this helmet supplies. others did not mind the end noise that far, indicating a sign of subjectivity at the hearing sense for every individual that places on this lid.

    It's really a case of becoming one.

    The key issue faced with this particular helmet was that it leaked a great deal of water.

    Bottom line

    A serious upgrade from the EXO 400, in terms of style, function, features and relaxation the EXO 410 is an excellent choice at this price point. This one is certainly worth your consideration and holds its own respectably in face of their contest, if you're feeling overly thrifty to get a superior lid.