Scorpion Exo CT220 Street Motorcycle Helmet Review

A helmet is not just a safety accessory to wear while riding a bike but also. Have you ever been searching for the perfect blend of comfort and style but no level of research is helped you? Can you crave that the helmet that leaves a style statement and affirms your face?

Scorpion EXO CT220 Street Motorcycle Helmet

Scorpion EXO-CT220 Street Motorcycle Helmet

Subsequently a Scorpion EXO CT220 Street Motorcycle Helmet could be the perfect solution for you if the response to these questions is an unequivocal yes!

What Could You Love?

This helmet is not any less than what it elevates. It has a classic design with a matte finish that is meant to ensnare the bike fanatics. You would love the vibe helmet brings additionally to ensuring flawless comfort and safety. The matte-black color contributes to its allure and the buyers also get to select between neon, neon and black yellow for color decisions.

The helmet includes an aerodynamic shell which makes sure it cuts through the end and also sits on the head. The material makes the helmet exceptionally lightweight while wearing it and you wont feel some tension. The material can be durable in temperament which can make the helmet.

The EXO CT220 is greater than simply any oldschool helmet. The face protector is extendable, designed to decrease shield and turbulence against sunlight. Another attractive feature is the flip visor that offers security and comfort – a killer combination!

The Very Best Features To Be Aware of

Speed View Sun visor

Even the EXO CT220 features a internal SpeedView sun-visor that change and can move its own rankings using a searchable flip of a switch. It’s aimed with the sole purpose of comfort and protection. Now it’s effortless and efficient to safeguard yourself from the harmful rays of the sun in addition to the smoke and dust. You are efficiently safeguarded by this SpeedViewsunvisor and makes a style statement with its own new flip.

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In addition, the sunvisor (shield) comes down lower in relation to the other helmets, which is an extra plus as it doesn’t irritate you and ensures an exhaustive air ventilation all through, efficiently providing you a wind-in-the-face feeling.

EverClear No-Fog Face Shield

The EverClear No-Fog Face Shield is a condition of the art addition to this CT220. It’s definitely an optically clear protector with the latest fog shield technology using UV protection and a hard, robust and solid covering to ensure protection against injuries and injuries. In addition, it boasts of a coating that increases the shine and life span of your helmet, which makes sure it stays new and glistening forever.

This shield is extendable in length and is configured in a sense that you can switch for some wind and also the sun visor to protect your self.

KwikWick II Liner Fabric

KwikWick II Liner Fabric is an fabric that is washable and supplies you with a dry and cool expertise in hot weathers or summers. It lends a warmth in temperaturesmodifying in line with the conditions to give you comfort when.

Also, you can easily get rid of the Liner and scrub it to make certain it’s nice and clean!


Kwik Fit is the fantastic cheek pads that enable an easy on and off of the helmet with no awkwardness or painful thoughts bumps. You may wear eyeglasses or sunglasses, and also the Kwik Fit accommodates them without difficulty.

The cheek pads provide protection to a own face regarding an accident as well as comfort and convenience.

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Advanced Dual-Density EPS

EPS could be the perfect foam that’s employed in the manufacture with this helmet that’s lighter and stiffer in impacts that are lighter and hard . Plus, the dual-density allows for a hassle-free air ventilation.

DOT Approved

DOT sets the security standard which each helmet needs to meet to be able to guarantee the passenger’s security. This helmet intended for the youngsters is DOT approved. The helmet ensures safety standard given its material, added airflow, and padding. Hence, you do not ever need to be concerned about the kids’ safety.

Customer Reviews

According to a number of the customers who bought this helmet, it is worth “bragging” about as a result of its incredible idea, superior features, and meaningful upgrades. More of the consumers report so they’ve had it for months with no sign of wear and which it stands. It isn’t too tight seems great and is composed of superior quality.

A couple of clients complained of a small wobble, but on the whole, were pleased with the item and termed it adequate and as lightweight.

Enhance this fair price and durable character, and we’ve got a winner!

Important Thing

Every Thing about the Scorpion EXO CT220 Street Motorcycle Helmet yells elegance and style. Add relaxation to this helmet and the combinationbecomes a fantastic investment for those bikers. Moreover, it’s never and excellent reviews without reason.

Choosing a helmet yourself was not that easy! Even the CT220 can be equipped to handle all types of vehicles all kinds of terrains and is definitely an allrounder. A definite must-buy in an affordable price.

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