The Scorpion Exo GT3000 Motorcycle Helmet: A Review

If you are planning to upgrade your helmet with a model and like long ridesthe Scorpion EXO GT3000 ​Full Face Modular Helmet may be the product you are looking for. This modern helmet comes stuffed.

​Scorpion EXO GT3000 Full Face Modular Helmet

Scorpion EXO-GT3000 Full Face Modular Helmet

Designed for experience flying and rides, the EXO​ GT3000 modular helmet is composed. It can be light weight compared to other services and products, blocks outside to a great extent, also provides ventilation. It comes with an air-fit mechanism that may offer you a comfy fit.

Weighing in at just 3.54 pounds (1.6 kg), this modular helmet consists made of a rather simplistic structure. But do not let this get you down. Its oblong fit together with its aerodynamic structure manages to give a sporty appearance to it. Thus, what you need is a booked yet edgy-looking headgear.

All in all is one among the lightest and most compact modular helmets. So, let’s take a look at the features the product has to offer you.


One of the benefits is its lightness. The fact that this can be really a modular design has helped bring its own weight from previous full face designs provided by Scorpion down. But, what really makes this an product is TCT Ultra Pre-Preg shell’s use. The TCT Ultra shell employs fiber mats that are pre-infused with resin. This creates the shell light without compromising on strength and endurance.

So, the GT3000 shell is protective and strong in addition to light. It’s going to give you of the safety you is convenient to transport around and will need in case of a crash. Throughout while being stuck at the traffic from the torrential rain, touring , or long rides, the cost it will have in your shoulders and neck will be reduced by the light weight property of the shell.

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Another great benefit of the EXO​ GT3000 is that it is accompanied by an air-fit mechanism. Will love this facet. Using a pump system, the cushions of the helmet can also be inflated into the right fit.

The gives a tight seal around the throat area. This weatherproofs your mind as well as cuts off noise, providing rides throughout unpleasant weather and heavy traffic.

The helmet includes speaker pockets that enable one to integrate a Bluetooth system to the helmet. The speaker pockets’ existence also avoids pressure points while you install a communication platform. This gives you the freedom to get calls as you drive to work or run errands or listen to music.

Last, but not least, on the list of benefits that Scorpion offers is your cable driveway drop down sunvisor. This makes the EXO GT3000 an all-weather item and removes the need to carry any shields.

Now that we’ve experienced the advantages of using the Scorpion EXO​GT3000, let’s look into all its features in detail.


The Scorpion EXO GT3000 is quiet in addition to touring and adventure material that is light. And these are the features which make it.


Scorpion offers 3 shell sizes for this particular version with a total of 6 fits – XS, SM, MD, LG, XL, and 2XL. Like a lot of sports helmets, then it’s of an intermediate form.

As stated earlier, TCT Ultra advanced shell technology is used by Scorpion. This produces the shell durable and brings down its weight to 3.54 lbs.

Face Shields

The EXO GT3000 comes with Everclear no-fog face guard. The Everclear no-fog coating provides vision and during morning rides. It also makes the face guard scratch resistant.

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Scorpion also provides a more SpeedView retractable sun visor that is cable-drive. This visor is UV resistant and simple to work with. It provides vision, both under the harsh electric lights of nighttime and the midday sun, without being forced to make use of any extra shields.

Ventilation System

Using an Aero-tuned ventilation strategy, the EXO GT3000 provides comfortable air flow, keeping you relaxed and focused. The helmet is intended for riding in an upright position (as opposed to the leaned-forward, compact position of high rear-seat motorbikes) and the ventilation system provides optimum airflow for such rides.

The venting system is designed in such ways that it allows for sound. This really is an especially helpful feature for long trips.

Liner and Cheek Pads

EXO​ GT3000 Helmet

KwikWick 3 anti-microbial liner which is sold with auto fabric that is heating is used by the EXO GT3000 Modular Helmet. This helps to keep you comfortable throughout rides, particularly in summer. The property that is antimicrobial will probably soon be helpful in weather when microbes can be certainly bred by moisture.

KwikFit cheek pads allow you to readily put on and take types of eye glasses off. The cheek pads are also 3 dimensionally contoured to deliver the perfect fit.

Speaker Pockets

The inbuilt communication speaker pockets make the EXO GT3000 BMW communication platform favorable. The pockets have been placed to avoid pressure points near your ear and make it simpler to install a Bluetooth system.

If you are on a small budget and can’t afford a blue tooth integrated helmet right now, subsequently speaker pockets (for another communication platform) really are a wonderful asset.

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Extra Features Worth Noting

Besides all of the amazing benefits the has a few functions that make it userfriendly on an everyday basis.

It has a -Tech base-plate system that allows the guard to be sealed contrary to the eye interface. TheTech additionally enables alterations.

The flip-up chin pub is easy to operate and comes.

Your helmet is held by the titanium chin strap in all states and is, again, quite easy to operate.

And finally, the Scorpion EXO GT3000 includes a warranty.

The combination of all these features make the item ideal for vacationing and will make a excellent investment for anyone searching for a quality helmet.

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