Skwal Shark Flynn Helmet Review: A Great Choice for Adventurers

Driving without a helmet is never an alternative, and forcing a very long duration without a helmet that is appropriate is never an alternative.

​​Shark SKWAL Flynn Helmet 2 Draghal LED Technology Helmet

SHARK Helmets SKWAL 2 Draghal LED Technology Helmet

A lot of experiences are created for the trail, and also this helmet is made for that. It’s designed keeping in mind the ventilation, and it is designed to give stability in high rate and acoustics. The helmet base color is black, white and the design will come in two colors​ yellow and white.

Shark SKWAL Flynn Helmet makes sure that the world additionally targets you personally and helps you stay focused on the street, because they describe it. Let’s take a look at how. Some of its attributes comprise the following:


  • The contour is intermediate oblong; this may be the most usual shape that suits most people.
  • LED lighting beams – This really is what produces the helmet really stick out. It has these LED lights. You keep it in on position or on blinker. It is possible to charge the battery by simply connecting its USB port. This vent is concealed in the neck area. The light can stay on for 5 hours continuous mode and also for 10 hours at pulsating mode. It aptly designed for long road trips.
  • Visor protects – There’s an auto-seal protector that helps to ensure that the visor is pushed contrary to the helmet body, thus preventing noise. This will assist the riders become focused on the way. The visor includes a sun protector, which makes sure that the sun rays do not reach your eyes .
  • PinlockMaxVision – The visor gets the PinlockMaxVision lens. This is an anti-fog lens provided by pin-lock. Therefore, while driving, you get maximum vision. What this lens is it acclimatizes the guard. Difference is that the major reason behind fogging on the glass.
  • Hygienic insides – The interior is made of bamboo fibers. Bamboo has a land. It’s hypo allergenic, meaning there is less chance of developing an allergy. In addition, it wicks the moisture away, making you feel comfortable indoors. The inside is washable.
  • It’s an Easy Fit Glass System. The inner liner of this helmet was created such that riders wearing glasses can ride using their glasses on. Comfort is given by the padding across the temple area.
  • Quick release face shield system – The protector is readily removed without a lot of hassle. This is beneficial if there is an urgent situation or if a driver would like to take it off.
  • New features are included as products get upgraded. Nonetheless, it’s just not essential that every feature makes. Below are.
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  • it’s created for long journeys and can be very comfortable. Even the LED lights, liner that is anti-bacterialfit glass system.
  • Safety is one of the most critical functions, and that helmet manages it. The LED lights ensure that you’re noticed when you are riding in the dark. The visor does not fog, thanks to the PinlockMaxVision lens. This is particularly helpful on days that are cold or at cold places.
  • It seems to be great, and that’s really the criteria for most. If you are currently looking to upgrade your helmet and do not mind ponying up much more than what you allocated to your own one, then that is a great choice.
  • It will come in 5-6 sizes, that will be great because a lot of people struggle to get the helmet that suits their mind right. The intermediate shape makes it more acceptable with people.


  • One of the main draws of the helmet would be your acoustics. The exterior sound is blocked by it. While doing so, the venting is compromised to a point. Many experience vexation though some might look at this being a benefit. Airflow is one thing where the helmet loses out a score.
  • The LED can be really a excellent feature, but only as long as you employ it. In continuous mode, it could stick to for 5 hours. You want to join its port to even a mobile phone or a computer. It is not easy or possible to stop and control whether it’s a long journey and you also don’t possess a computer around. And then in the event you don’t use it, you end up wasting the investment into a feature you do not utilize.
  • While it cuts out the surface sound, it’s perhaps not always a fantastic thing. Driving isn’t limited to the sense of sight just. It involves another sensations as well, such as hearing. Therefore, as the soundless system may be OK for very long trips, but it is not really perfect for riding.
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The features are great and take care of all of the requirements of a helmet – antibacterial, anti-fogging, safety, comfort, acoustics, etc. The LED lights are an remarkable feature, however it makes sense to get it only when you’re a night. You need to consider this particular feature, as it comes at a cost. The helmet price is in comparison with others on the current market, however it offers longer, too.

It is a fantastic investment for your safety whilst riding in conclusion.

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