Sharks Explore-R Helmet Reviews

Easily configurable with a athletic design, the ​Shark Explore-R Helmet stands apart from the others of its sports helmet clan. Using a light carbon shell, the helmet has a peak a dropdown sun visor, face guard and a pair of goggles.

Sharks Explore-R Helmet

Shark Explore-R Helmet

The entire set allows you to ready for the dirt and the sweat as you ride across the street.

The Design

The outside, owing to the carbon black fiber, stems without a graphics. The discoloration on the helmet can, therefore, be easily observable. Nevertheless, you may impress with zero flaws and its polished surface within the plan. The paint finish is both durable and smooth.

The Structure

The rides on this particular helmet on can not be a affair that is debilitating. It is exceedingly comfortable and will be an perfect companion for all your journeys. The bamboo lining of the helmet keeps it dry and soaks the perspiration. The cloth is chosen that even the bamboo doesn’t smell musty because it dries quickly. The helmet is given two top vents a chin vent, and a rear exhaust fan. The extensive ventilation system keeps the person in ease and cool.

Noise and Weight

The Sharks Explore-R Helmet is quiet with the glass protector. It grows with the goggles. If you’re speeding away to the street an earplug in or music is advocated. The machine is lightweight and weighs just 3 pounds and 6.6 oz.

The Shield and the Visor

The Sharks Explore-R Helmet consists of a base, shield, goggles, and drop down sun visor and also a summit. The four parts could be dispersed and connected with one another as and if required. The peak and goggles supply you with a cover as your bike is speeding over the mountain paths that are. The visibility through the goggles is first class and there are absolutely no complaints. See your head is protected by the face guard whenever you’re on the street. The most useful aspect of the is that there isn’t any hassle in putting up them or shooting off them they can only be dragged off.

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The disappointment, however, lies in the inability of the biker to opt for the peak and the sun visor. The visor is adheres and auto-sealed to the gasket providing insulation. The helmet provides space to support a set of sunglasses together side the sun visor. The glasses as well as the visor provide a complete cover throughout bright trips.

The Goggles

The Carl Zeiss lense that is dual goggles supply an optically correct and much better vision. The frames are both curved and rigid to deliver a larger vision. The streamlined packaging has made a compromise . The helmet is of disquiet in hot conditions.

The anti-fog and anti-scratch picture in the outer and inner lenses go a very long way. Is an issue of concern after sunset, although the lenses are painted, which is really a relief throughout afternoons. The goggles come with a fast discharge connected to the trunk. The nose shield’s lack gives additional protection against other items that are flying as well as hard-shelled insects.

Intercom and Calling

The Sharks Explore-R Helmet is provided with a basic shark-tooth headset using 2.1 technology. The Bluetooth headset may be attached to MP3 players, cellphones, and GPS navigators. The intercom facility in the headphone can connect with 3 devices eight cans and 2 cellphones simultaneously. The connections can be set within a variety of 400-500 meters.

Echo cancellation and the DSP noise features enhance the clarity that is talking. The 700 hours of battery rack by allows 10 hours of music or talking. Reject or the VOX control technology of the headset lets to receive the calls. The headset can also be utilized throughout the VOX control technology for voice recorders and volume controller.

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Other Entertainment

The headphone can be connected with just a mp3 player that was blue tooth besides calling and does not offer wireless features. The controllers are pretty basic with only jump forwards and back options available. All one other options have to be executed from the mp3 player.

Once joined, the headset has got enough room for the cables and still another installation. While the microphone rests comfortably at leading, the speakers remain intact from the interior surface. The cheek pads hold the speaker pockets that produce the Intercom connection easy to establish. The battery pack is situated keeping the whole unit streamlined.

The Standout Feature

The feature that puts the helmet apart is really the zipper at the bottom of the lining. A windshield pops that protects the throat from harsh weather conditions, on opening it.


You are given the luxury of having a face helmet that is regular with goggles by the helmet. The design prevents congestion and creates the wearer more comfortable. The finish is smooth and the shape can make it stylish. The sturdiness of this setup is unmatched.

The technical specifications give a assortment of links to be established together with other devices and are also attractive. These come. The ​Shark Explore-R Helmet is, therefore.

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