Shoei Neotec LE Helmet Review: A Great Helmet for Motorcyclists

Shoei Safety Helmet Corporation features a powerful competitor for modular (or flip-up) helmets in its own Neotec LE (police) Helmet. Shoei has generated zero compromises in security and protection while at the identical time creating a helmet that can give the smoothest and most comfortable of long-distance rides.

​Shoei Neotec ​Motorcycle Helmet

Shoei Neotec ​Motorcycle Helmet

Designed for long-duration experience vacationing, the Shoei Neotec Motorcycle Helmet can be an intermediate oval-shaped head-gear weighing 3.88 lbs. It has been cleverly designed in such a way that the number of moving parts has been significantly reduced to provide easier treatment.

The Shoei Neotec LE Helmet is an advanced combination of a set of smooth, comfort capabilities that are noise-free and safety centers.


Solid Shell

The Neotec ​Helmet is available in 3 different shell sizes having an overall total of 6 fits–XS, SM, MD, LG, XL, and 2XL. Finding the fit will be free with the aid of a guide.

Reduces weight in addition to lifting. Furthermore, it generates a smooth and noise-free ride.

The casing of this Neotec​ Helmet also hosts an interior sun visor when maintaining the depth of its EPS liner.

Face Shield Features

The face protector comes with an easy-to-operate lever mechanism that helps to immediately wear it and take off it. The face protector itself is a that will be taller and wider than the CX-1V that this model stinks.

Face Shield Qualities

The face protector that Shoei offers is 99% UV. It has properties that ensure perfect durability, and the properties that are d injection molding process used in its manufacturing guarantees a distortion-free view of your environment.

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Shoei provides vortex generator vents to ensure air circulation through the helmet is also has placed in outlets and inlets. Besides this effective airflow, its aerodynamics are additionally maintained by the Neotec​ Helmet with vents that are installed against its usage.

Focus On Safety

Safety is Shoei’s main concern. The Neotec ​Helmet is made of shock-absorbing fiber shell that was 5-ply. It houses a double EPS lining made for protection and enhanced shock-absorption.

There’s also an EPS lining in the helmet chin bar. This chin pub as it is in the closed position is secured by A metal 360° pivot. The protection with this helmet increases to some excellent scope and almost brings it on a level with helmets.

The Neotec ​Helmet and all the essential standards additionally meet for DOT certification, which makes it a reliable item.

Concentrate on Comfort

The Shoei Neotec​ Helmet includes a cheek pad design that provides a superior fit.

There are just two vents that take air into dual and helmet lining stations that path airflow during its inside. Also, the chin curtain could be placed to reduce noise and turbulence.

A face shield and chin pub pivot point bring how many moving parts and also allows riders to close the facial guard as well as the chin bar in a single motion.

By including a fully removable 3 d interior liner Shoei adds a second tier of convenience. The center mat of this Neotec​ Helmet can also be washable and removable.


  • Lightweight and powerful.
  • Superior ventilation.
  • Anti-fog, scratch resistant, distortion-free face shield.
  • Double D-ring closure.
  • Multi-layer EPS to get Additional protection.
  • Can close chin bar and face shield at exactly the exact same motion.
  • 360° pivot locking system.
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  • Shoei ships merchandise only within the United States.
  • Modular designs might well not be as safe as a full-faced helmet.
  • The helmet can be a bit expensive.

User Reviews

The buying price of this Shoei Neotec​ Helmet is still from buying the product, something that has discouraged users. However, the purchase price is reasonable.

Some users have liked that the face shield asserts it is better than many helmets they have used and offers. Efficient venting is a point for all users.

Users who prefer modular designs over full-face helmets also have contributed feedback about the ease with. This seems to be a feature when users are currently looking in a traffic signal or quitting utilize their mobile phone or to look at a map.

The helmet’s greatest feature is, of course, the protection that it includes. Users who have indeed met up with injuries have promised that the helmet’s solid shell along with its various layers of multi-density EPS, has spared their lives.


The Neotec​ Helmet lives up which Shoei puts on of its products. With the convenience that matches its design and style that is ultra-safe and relaxation degrees, and also the advanced system that accommodates eyeglasses, this is.

As the model is created particularly for distance ADV vacationing, it may perhaps not be considered an excellent investment when it’s used only to work or to conduct minor errands. The price could be considered a little high for such applications. But for the Shoei Neotec Helmet is a. Not only does it supply the type of security users might desire, but it also offers many comforts (especially as it pertains to the ventilation system) that would create long rides more enjoyable.

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A Bluetooth communication unit can be installed into the version if needed, but with no, the Neotec offers all sorts of relaxation and safety necessities, a vacationing functionality, as well as a face shield. In short, this helmet is a fantastic investment and features.

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