Simrad GO7 XSE Fishfinder Reviews – Our In-depth Thoughts


    When it comes to a supreme quality FishFinder, the Simrad GO7 XSE Fishfinder is something special. It has a gorgeous touch screen with one of the most intuitive user interfaces you've seen on a FishFinder. This model takes exactly the identical touchscreen tech that people use on our smartphones and tablet computers and has integrated it into this model to make it even simpler to use and browse. It comes loaded with a quality 10 hertz GPS and also a robust sonar system to provide you with a crystal view of the fish and the water round you.


    Simrad GO7 XSE Fishfinder

    The integrated memory on this particular model is fantastic for indicating all one's favorite fishing spots. It comes with numerous channels of US bodies of water, including the coastline. This unit also includes a great deal of options which produce your fishing experience even more enjoyable like wifi connectivity for both updates and connection for playing music while you fish.

    Cool Display

    The display on this particular model is really something. The engineers at Simrad wanted to create this model's navigation and user friendly interface as instinctive as you can. They generated a touchscreen dispenser which gets design that was similar and got the texture to smart phones and the pills that you are therefore familiar with using. It makes it drop, zoom, drag, easy to select and navigate across your screen with no steep learning curve that numerous additional fishfinders have. You can try that on a multitouch display that provides you vibrant and back-lighting colors that are great. The interface is completely customizable from the menus to the alternative of wallpaper that you want on your own screen.

    GPS and Sonar

    A fish finder is simply like the hardware and software that's built on. This version has sonar and a GPS which will make your entire fishing experience easier and even more enjoyable. The mapping system and the sonar with this fish finder work as an extension of the angler, and supply you with a clear view of the region around and beneath. The GPS receiver and the mapping system that is built-in give you hundreds of maps to ensure that you always have the option to track once you're fishing where you're. The chirp sonar, DownScan, and StructureScan offer one of the clearest view and best definition when it comes to identifying fish in the area of your ship.

    Mounting System

    This unit has a Transom transducer mount so that you can mount your transducer anywhere in your own vessel. This provides you with the versatility to mount your transducer at the most suitable and most optimal area for sonar usage.

    Wi Fi Connection and Upgrades

    Some fishfinders might need to become plugged to a computer to be able to update the maps and the software. This fish finder has total. This can make it even simpler to get most of GPS upgrades, the most recent maps , new maps and software upgrades.

    Other Fun Built in Features

    Another added bonus to the fish finder is that it includes a lot of entertaining features that are additional. What took us offguard when we started analyzing this model is that it comes with Bluetooth connectivity for the music device. It is possible to simply join the apparatus and computer, tablet or your smartphone so it is possible to listen to music. As you are fishing it has a port for a zip disc so that you may listen onto this.

    Things We Liked

    · This fish finder features a gorgeous seven-inch multi touch display that is really user friendly and much easier for your user to navigate through

    · This fishfinder includes a bracket that provides you with lots of versatility. You can either mount it flush, either flat or mount it virtually anywhere in your fishing vessel

    · Should you understand how to make use of a touchscreen on the smartphone or tablet, you may have no trouble using this fish finder. The graphical user interface and also the camera endure similarity to this of your smartphone or tablet, so you should have ease-of-use and nearly immediate familiarity for this specific model.

    · This unit features a builtin 10 hertz GPS that provides you with access and visibility to hundreds of US lakes and bodies of water, as well as the coastline on either side of the nation.

    · This model additionally has integral wi fi, which gives you a huge advantage with regards to updating your maps and graphs. Anytime which it is possible to join with wi fi, your unit will upgrade itself with most of the maps and graphs.

    · This fish finder has a total scan transducer and chirp sonar so that you have a clear perspective and precise location of these fish that are around your vessel. This unit provides you the capability to mount the transducer in a variety of places on your own boat so that you can find the best possible use.

    · With all the chirp sonar, you're likely to receive vivid and clear images of the fish around you, the floor beneath you and anywhere that the fish might be concealing.

    · The sensors on this particular unit have the ability to give you the depth of this water that you are in, and additionally the water temperature. This offers you an added advantage once you're hunting for the perfect fishing hole.

    · This high-tech version also gives you the capability to view your previous fishing history so you'll be able to revisit any one your favourite fishing areas. It also offers detailed information about the history and performance of one's ship

    · This unit also has Bluetooth connectivity so you can stream music from any other Bluetooth device. You can join a fish finder and a zip drive together and play with music files from that. Or you can listen to FM radio or AM.

    Things We Didn't Like

    1 thing we discovered about this FishFinder that as a bit odd is that it takes a couple of minutes to upgrade around your place when you speed up quickly stop suddenly


    Q: Is the transducer included with this particular model?

    A: Yes, even the transducer is included with this product.

    Q: Could this unit calculate rate on your water?

    A: Yes, this fish finder features a built from the speedometer.

    Final Verdict

    It is an incredible fish finder that's quite simple to use. We enjoy the intuitive controls with this version and most of the extra features it's as. The connectivity for updates makes it easy to maintain, and the integral Bluetooth is a nice added feature for entertainment.