Sniper Tuning Helmet Review

Sniper Tuning brings a world class assortment of helmets which encourage higher selfesteem, confidence and style to you. These helmets designed in sizes from XS to XXL and are intended for full client satisfaction. The helmets have a classical decorative finish which gives it a kind of feel that is classic nonetheless it’s attractive and fashionable and sets the rider apart from the racing or overall crowd that is non-racing.

Sniper Tuning Helmet

Sniper Tuning Helmet

The helmets have an outer shell comprised of a resistant thermoplastic technology which gives it strength and durability and helps in avoiding wind resistance and cutting on the wind through. The helmets are lightweight which makes it simple to be transported round by the consumer and could possibly be utilised as an attachment as opposed to a commodity. The helmets have been customized so much in fact to offer customer satisfaction that it has shipped.

The helmets are DOT certified and approved as it exceeds and meets US standards. It adds value to this item and adds credibility. It ensures that the safety.

Structure and Fashion

Outer Shell using Open Face Helmet

The helmet’s outer shell is made with a higher impact resistance thermoplastic technology also it further contributes to the durability and endurance of the product. As it’s an open face helmet which provides you the bonus of being in the fresh air all the while you’re 32, the helmets also contain a wide eye port.

Adaptive and Secure

The helmets are very light weight and simple to handle as they are able to be transferred from 1 spot or might possibly be transported at your fingertips by the rider if he isn’t driving.

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The helmets are safe whilst the shell adds security to the goods and gives the neck support once the rider is pushing at high rates.

Drop-down Shields

With the rising and high requirement for dropdown shields in helmets, as clients’ preferences are evolving with all changes and the trends, Sniper Tuning chose to create a helmet that was the very best of the worlds out. Even the bobbler helmets come down protects, and it is very much today’s trend.

UV Protection

The face guard provides protection to the rider’s eyes from sunlight rays and ultra violet rays. It aids the riders make much better decisions when coming in contact with the sun’s blinding.

The Copter Look

One of the best features of this Sniper Tuning series ar15 is the simple fact that it has a low key copter-style appearance, which contributes to this helmet’s style.

DOT Certified

The simple fact that those helmets and the usa standards of safety of these products meet and exceed simply adds significance.

Precise New Molds

You also will need to make sure the fit, because it’s of extreme value to the rider. So Sniper Tuning ensures a snug fit since it had a high-tech precision impact absorbing EPS foam coating.

Better Ventilation System and a Moisture-wicking Liner

The helmet will come equipped with a moisture wicking lining that divides the helmet and in the helmet, which makes sense for a ventilation strategy. The inner comfort liners are made up of breathable and hypoallergenic fabric that is removable removable and washable, and it ensures the product’s longevity. The cheek padding could be corrected in accordance with the user’s wishes.

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Pros & Cons


  • light weight, comfortable and a safe variety of helmets.
  • Has a retro classical appearance and it has a retro paint finish that just adds to the type of the product.
  • The inner relaxation liners are comfortable and will be removed and washed as per the rider’s wishes for hygiene.
  • The inner cushioning is a plush, moisture wicking lining which easily dries off the moisture and the perspiration within the helmet.
  • DOT approved and accredited that ensures that the protection of the goods.
  • Comes with an integrated drop-down shield with a copter appearance.
  • Is composed of a hard outer shell containing high influence resistance thermoplastic technology.
  • The helmet includes incorporated hinges vents for after market guards and visors.
  • A place to get a smoke shield is also given.
  • Gives you a broad eye port to put in your goggles and save your eyes away from all of the dust, dirt and pollution.


  • you’ve got to separately get the smoke protector as it doesn’t have the helmet.
  • The clients were confused since they didn’t locate the size chart applicable.
  • No space for wireless or bluetooth communication.

To Buy or Not to Get

Sniper Tuning ar15 helmet series is a selection of products, because it offers finesse, relaxation and style all incorporated in a single helmet. It’s a wonderful affordable product also it doesn’t hinder together with your savings or even give you a major discount.

The helmets are DOT which farther vouches because of its security and durability. The helmets come with a decoration finish which might be regarded as an homage to the pop culture of the 70. The helmets include a shield, fog immunity and end resistance that elevates the rider’s motor-biking experience and gives the action of their lives to them. This range can possibly be viewed as the stylish and safe option with drop. That says that a lot, because the competitors in the niche had tried to have it did not have a lot of success.

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