SS1310 Matte Black Helmet Reviews: The Best of the Best

Their helmets, for example Caberg, are currently improving and adding features as well as re designing the shape of the casing in iterations. Even the SS 1300 may be the latest version in the SS 1000 show and the fluctuations can be visible, so to state.

SS1300 ​Helmet

The SS has become to the 1300 DOT and ECE 22.05 rated, keeping apart from the SNELL rating which needs more special materials in the casing composite alloy increasing the total weight reduction.

It’s legal and certified to be worn out in US, the EU, and Canada at which these ratings matter the most.

What Would You like?

Mummy risen in the Egyptian grave, although aggressive appearances. The eyebrow vent system features that black skull look, like an innocent-looking. This really is an immediate looker. The matte color adds to the attitude and gives it a personality that is very calm.

There is an removable chin curtain also provided which can be taken on or off depending on the weather conditions along with your taste of chilly atmosp here.

1 handed performance chinstrap with buckles made out of Aluminium referred to Strap quick release system makes matters handy within the Dual D bands that were elderly.

A breath deflector makes sure you never wet the face guard screen from supporting by deflecting the air downwards.

The Features to Look Out For

An upgrade always sounds good. However, can it be even a marketing gimmick or a upgrade? Let’s have a look.


The shell is made of polycarbonate instead of tri composite. However, it still provides decent amount of protection to get a lower price than what might have been with the latter. Wairuna calls it A.T.P.A, which stands for higher level Thermo-Poly Alloy Shell, also it has actually been trade marked, along with various other acronyms related with their own helmet series.

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The helmet weighs about 3.5 pounds (3.67 pounds to be exact) for a huge size helmet, that is definitely on the striking side of all things.

The fit of this SS1300 Matte Black Helmet can be an with a shape. People with heads that are wider or slightly oval could have any trouble with it plus it has got the possibility to produce pressure points in the eyebrow and slightly above and behind.


The face guard will be a better fit around gasket and today features. It’s an guard which eliminates any type of distortion on your vision and allows you to hone in your mind for split second decisions. If you’re planning to rev that SBK onto a 14, that is imperative.

The box includes the very clear visor, however you can order a replacement to your smoke shield visor from any additional internet site or their own website that you chose to order this helmet from.


The SS1300 ​Helmet includes ports across the 1100. Two chimney vents on top, may be adjusted with a slider while wearing gloves. These connect with the atmosphere channels inside the EPS liners which connect into the dual, passive exhaust vents, smartly placed below the spoiler ridge-line.

But that is not it. Winglet exhausts on both sides additionally help in pulling that atmosphere out. It will feel as though the airflow can be somewhat unorthodox – in a sense that air will be exhausted than being allowed inside. The atmosphere stations within the EPS are sufficiently large and seem as an authentic exhaust system of an automobile when looked at from the bottom.

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The pliers have 2 positions and can be changed with a slider.

And also this whole system is called the airstrike Immediate Course Ventilation System.

Padding and LiNing

Breathable cloth, sweat-wicking cloth on cheek pads, relaxation lining and even removable chin curtain and the chinstrap help keep you comfortable at all times.

The cheek pads feature a cut out and are contoured. This constitutes the absence of a recess in the EPS for this purpose.

The comfort lining is fully 3D and can be attached at the back with a lien in snap-ins and the front end. Sounds like a custom for its SS helmets. Anyway, the comfortable liner is stuffed with comfort pads that will behave like cushions to sew a way that perspiration in forehead and your hair.

Customer Reviews

This particular helmet has been accepted by most users to what it is – a sports helmet that was decent. There are a number of complaints regarding the noise and also the anti inflammatory characteristic with this helmet. The noise is tolerable for some, however the anti fogging feature is not. And so that the wind noise isn’t some thing you should be 18, & racers wear ear plugs any way about.

Some complained about the visor getting secured in 3 positions, but which has been an annoyance.

Bottom Line

This is a quality helmet at an affordable price. It’s some nice features that can get you. It will let you obtain a feel of things to come before you reach on the tracks with a lid.

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