Suomy Apex SAM Helmet Review: A Great Choice for Serious Cyclists

The Suomy brand is well known for bringing great technology and invention in the safety standards of these own helmet. They take care you will receive the style which is also quite comfortable, yet the safety is also perhaps not compromised. They look fantastic, and they also perform great. And it all comes in a price.

Suomy Apex Sam Helmet

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This Suomy Apex Helmet is one of helmets, itlooks very trendy and’s very affordable.

The helmet is lightweight, because it weighs over 3 lbs, therefore it’s perhaps not going to breed your throat.

The trendy images on the helmet create it stand out apart from the audience. Across all its own features, we will come in the Suomy Apex Helmet review.


  • The images on the helmet are all eye-catching.
  • It has a 5-year warranty and can be both D.O.T. and ECE 22.05 certified.
  • The helmet remains stable even during elevated rates.
  • The technology employed within this helmet paid off the buffeting of the head.
  • The casing is ultra light making it very comfortable to wear for longer rides.
  • The Suomy Apex Sam helmet uses technology which reduces the internal aerodynamic turbulence, which causes less noise.


  • it’s extremely light; it just weighs around 2.93 pounds.
  • The ventilation in this Suomy Apex Sam helmet is good.
  • The shell would be the very light due to the utilization of a fresh technique.
  • It’d DVRC technology that’s the Dynamically Variable Resistance Crush Zone which will give the ultimate security in the event of a wreck.
  • You can find 3D cheek pads installed in the helmet which are 15mm thick.
  • The face guard resists scratch and fog. It demonstrates to you definite vision by not bothering it with some other scratches on the precipitation on the lens’ screen.
  • The visor comes with a security lock system, therefore it won’t become loose easily in spite of a little bump on the road.
  • There’s really a breath deflector for preventing precipitation on the visor screen.
  • It’s a big cervical neck roll made from soft sponge for providing extra support and pure comfort.
  • The helmet is certified by DOT.
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Shell Design and Quality

The shell is made of a carbon composite fiber which has been reinforced by heating them 24, with resins and the mixture of Aramid. Due to the material employed in the manufacturing, it is extremely light in weight reduction.

This Suomy Apex Sam helmet casing comes with a polycarbonate spoiler at the helmet that channels the airflow around the rider’s end. It’ll decrease the turbulence and the mind buffeting.

You can get three shell sizes within this particular helmet, which might be the L, M, and XL sizes. At this time you will locate the ideal fit for the face.

The back of the helmet may be corrected with a closure.


The liner used within this helmet is made of a soft hypo allergenic material which will not allow the bacteria to accumulate. Thus, the helmet help you to stay healthy and will always smell fresh.

The fabric isn’t of cotton, but it works well with moisture. It wicks away the perspiration that’s caused due to temperatures.

The helmet comes with 15mm cheek pads.The cheek pads and also the head liner could be removed readily in case you want to clean them or replace them.


You may possibly find yourself a latch system to remove the visor in the helmets. But in the case of this Suomy Apex helmet, the visor does not need a fast release strategy. You need to use something such as a butter knife to restore the face protector.

The negative cover with this helmet makes this visor notably difficult’s removal and setup process.

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The visor could be increased or lowered with the system supplied from the helmet.

The visor is scratch resistant, and also your vision remains clear all of the time. Utilizes a lens shield.


The Suomy Apex Sam helmet meets the standards of this US Department of Transportation and is also certified by ECE 22.05, just like most of the Suomy helmets.

The design of the casing reduces the turbulence and keeps the lid in place even at high levels.

The negative covers provide additional security.


There are exhaust and also intake systems contained to provide comfort to you by letting the fresh air to circulate within the helmet while riding within a day.

It utilizes a high tech atmosphere purification program that gives ventilation that is enhanced throughout the EPS coating.

The style and design of the ventilation system is created with the concern that the lid stays in place even when the speed of the rider is very significant.

You’ll find air intake systems at the eyebrow area, which is controlled while wearing gloves as well as top of the helmet. The systems at the end of the helmet drive out the heat from inside the helmet.

Different Factors for Consideration

This Suomy Apex Helmet fits best for head shapes between oval and long.

As a result of negative covers’ presence in this helmet, the more visualization is impossible. The sight has been shrouded.

This Suomy Apex Helmet has an neck roll made of sponge for relaxation.

At the price of the helmet, it does the job, although it will not withstand the noise thoroughly.

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Even the visor change mechanics can be somewhat tricky.

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At ~ $300-400, this helmet provides a performance that warrants its price. The appearance of this helmet really are a point well worth considering.

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