The Suomy SR Sport Diamond Helmet: A Review

May be your renowned helmet brand known for the styles of their helmets. They produce, custom-fit, light weight helmets that are handmade with using new technology and tendencies.

Suomy SR Sport Diamond Helmet

Suomy SR Sport Helmet (Diamond Blue, X-Large)Purchase It Now!

Suomy is the brand trusted by most racers, including the Italian racer Andrea Dovizioso.

This sports helmet uses new technology and inventions for maximum security in its safety standards.

The material named Tricarboco that may be the composite of Carbon Kevlar and resin has been used by the Suomy SR Sport Diamond helmet. The cloth Ticarboco is famous to be the lasting material. They are also quite light in weight which would make them very comfortable to wear.

This Suomy SR Sport Diamond Helmet review lets you know whether the $494.95 is justified to receive this product.


  • The outside appearances of the helmet are amazing.
  • The graphics used on the helmet frame look so brilliant.
  • It meets the security standards of DOT.
  • It’s very lightweight, so you won’t believe it burdening your neck along with your head. You may wear them comfortably.
  • It’ll fit well around your face and won’t wobble as you’re riding.
  • The price with the helmet is fully justified by the functioning of the helmet.
  • The casing with the helmet is the lightest in every of the race helmets available in the marketplace.


  • The weight of this helmet is 3.25 pounds; it’s very light in weight due to the material used to manufacture this helmet, which is known as Tricarboco.
  • The Suomy Doctor Sports Diamond helmet was approved by the Department of Transportation US, and it also fulfills the standards of ECE 22.05.
  • The helmet is less noisy while the polymers utilized in this absorb the noise, so, it does not get loud in the slightest.
  • The EPS foam layer used in this really has an advanced channeling system for ventilation.
  • The protector has a security lock system inside the shield doesn’t get detached in case of a consequence.
  • The shield is thermally formed that will be anti-fog and anti-scratch.
  • The helmet makes use of this Dynamic Variable Resistance Crush Zone (DVRC) technology that’s really helpful in the event of a collision, since the impact is going to be distributed evenly to the various parts for optimum resistance.
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Shell Design and Quality

The shell with the Suomy SR Sport Diamond helmet may be the lightest shell that is these days in rushing helmets available.

The casing is devised such a way that Aramidic resin shell and also the carbon Kevlar enhance the product’s safety.

This helmet is most appropriate for the people with long profiles.

It’s made in such a way that it is possible to put it on together with throat braces.

You can get this wonderful quality helmet to get a low price of $494.95

You can wear this helmet with full confidence on almost any race monitors across the whole world.


If we talk about this helmet’s safety perspective, then it’s the best in class safety standards.

The helmet meets the DOT and ECE 22.05 standards. Though it does not meet with the Snell standards, it is still okay on all race monitors.

A guard is from the helmet with a safety lock system which safeguards your face.

You will be given protection in case of a crash by this Suomy SR Sport Diamond helmet. The safety of this helmet won’t neglect you due to its own Dynamic Variable Resistance Crush Zone Technology.


The interior of the helmet uses Coolmax fabric having a design that could wick away any moisture like magical. The interior will soon stay breathable and sweat-free even.

The inside uses ergonomics to give you a comfortable fit.

The entire inner liner could be removed and is washable.


This helmet has a lens visor. The visor inside this helmet may be changed easily without needing any tools.

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There are not any side so there is certainly going to be no trouble in changing the visor. As now it takes less time and effort to them the supportive team will likely be benefitted with this specific feature.

The visor is impact resistant and scratch resistant. In addition, it has a durable system.


This Suomy SR Sport Diamond helmet is the thing you will set your head.

The helmet is designed to give you the shell that was aerated. The channels that were advanced are given in the helmet that overlooks the atmosphere flowing inside the helmet’s inner.

The dual density EPS foam coating channels well.

In case you would like more atmosphere there is just a removable chin curtain.

Factors for Consideration

The visibility once you wear this helmet is just outstanding. To the road, you may keep your eyes with a wide eye interface with no issue.

It’s a helmet that is quiet, as the sound is absorbed by the polymers from the helmet.

The burden of the shell is very commendable since it won’t strain your neck during rides.

Purchase It Now!


You receive yourself a Suomy helmet at the price of only $494.95, which is really a bargain bargain as the brand Suomy is known because of its excellence and the invention they put in each individual product.

You are currently going to turn a lot of heads on account of this pictures on these helmets.

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