Tactical Helmet Review Buying Guide


    Helmets would be the earliest form of personal protective gear, happen to be worn By the Sumerians from the 17th century BC. Exactly why folks use helmets? As you cannot expel or minimize risks without needing preventative steps.


    When You're in the Center of actual battle or in an Amiable Air-soft/paintball match you want to consider of your safety. A fantastic ​best tactical helmet can help spare you from the significant accident.

    ​This guide is all about tactical helmets from various renowned brands. As You're searching for a highquality tactical helmet, so you can purchase these helmets because your dependable safety equipment.

    ​Best Tactical Helmet Review

    When You're looking for the very top tactical helmets, then you will Locate Them in Quite plenty of shapes, different sizes, and assorted colours. Deciding on the greatest tactical helmet appears to be a daunting endeavor, you are certain to get confused as you're in the industry.

    Here, We're going to talk 10 best tactical helmet review and around their experts and cons. Considering all of the features, fashions, budget and durability, we've decided they truly have been the very finest tactical helmets available on the market.

    ​Our buying guide can allow you choose the ideal headset coverage readily. Hope you'll come across the inspection and purchasing guide helpful.

    1. ​​OneTigris MICH 2000 Style ACH Tactical Helmet with NVG

    ​OneTigris is just one of the Popular tactical equipment fabricating brand from the market. OneTigris is famed due to their quality works plus so they wish every one love their life from the outside of This time around they feature MICH 2000 helmet.

    ​It has several incredible capabilities. Its non-frosted look will impact You to appreciate the system at first sight. OneTigris MICH 2000 Style ACH Tactical Helmet also offers aside rail program for adding accessories including as flashlights, GoPro camera, COMs headset, battery and a lot more while you would like.

    There are just seven bits of inner nozzle paddingthat which creates more comfy wearing. Additionally, it has elastic straps and throat cushioning for the best fitting.

    ​If You're Planning to get a cosplay or even Air Soft or baseball match along with your Friends, choose this particular strain, it won't disappoint you. You might have four color choices to select the one.


    • ​ABS technologies plastics for durability
    • ​Self-adjustable interior cushioning for more relaxation
    • ​Side railing layout for including additional fittings
    • Smile
      Perfect to get paintball/air-soft matches
    • Smile
      Head circumference is 22″- 24″
    • Smile
      Great to get air-soft or Baseball matches
    • Smile
      It weighs roughly 665g


    • ​Helmet rail doesn't hold a head lamp perfectly
    • ​This helmet isn't suitable for real combat condition

    ​2. ​Lancer Tactical MEDIUM - LARGE Industrial ABS Plastic Constructed Maritime Helmet

    ​Lancer Tactical helmets are incredibly Made from industrial standard ABS Plastic. Its elastic suspension system lets you match the helmet. Lots of internal cushioning promotes extra security.

    It's night vision bracket to include GoPro camera and'd sufficient Velcro to Attach stains. Negative Helmet Rail System is ideal for adding a tactical flash light or alternative gears that are necessary.

    The merchandise Dimensions is 11.8 x 9.4 x 6.8 inches and weighs approximately 2.1 Pounds. The large or extra large size is approximately 22.5 to 23.5 inches and moderate or large size will be approximately 20.3 about 22.4 inches.

    ​Internal cushioning allows you room to increase or reduce the distance Depending on your face. This type of supreme quality tactical helmet with loads of features. This is a wonderful purchase for you personally.


    • ​Permanent Industrial Grade ABS Plastic construction
    • ​Embedded night-vision bracket
    • ​Side Helmet Rail System is ideal for additional accessories
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      Lots of rotational space
    • Smile
      Merchandise dimension is 11.8 x 9.4 x 6.8 inches
    • Smile
      It weighs approximately 2.1 pounds


    • ​The screws and bolts rust fast in the event that you never take appropriate care after salt water use.
    • ​You will want to obtain the ideal size to get perfect match.

    ​3. ​ATAIRSOFT PJ Type Tactical Multifunctional Fast Helmet

    ​This Multi Functional helmet Isn't Just for tactical actions, but you also May use it to cycling. In regards with some amazing capabilities. It features slipping goggles to guard your eyes, simply make sure you pull before match.

    It's additionally Built-in NVG bracket that Works with most GoPro NVG Style mounts. There's also enough lien to add stains or nameplates.

    ​Its inner diameter is 6.69 inches (17cm) and the inner span is 8.66 Inches (22cm) that isn't perfect for big minds but convenient for smaller heads. Additionally, it will come with one prepaid card card.

    ​This helmet weighs roughly just 1.45 pounds that's pretty light weight. Considering its low cost, over all it would have been a fantastic purchase for you personally. Your satisfaction is fully guaranteed!


    • ​made from heavyduty polymer
    • ​Side railings fit the assortment of accessories
    • ​Includes slipping abilities for eye protection
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      Adaptive headband for your ideal fit
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      Internal dimension is 6.69 (17cm) (W) x 8.66 (22cm) (L) inches)
    • Smile
      It weighs roughly 600g


    • ​Maybe not acceptable for big-head
    • ​NVG bracket isn't contained

    ​4. ​Modern Warrior Tactical M88 ABS Helmet with Adjustable Chin Strap

    ​Modern Warrior is just one of the most favorite tactical equipment manufacturers in the industry. Modern Warrior Tactical M88 ABS Helmet has fame one of its own customers. It's constructed from heavyduty ABS plastic.

    ​This helmet includes a flexible chin and head strap and also accessible in a single Size that matches every person. This helmet is well made and ideal for personalization.

    Modern Warrior Tactical M88 ABS Helmet Is Ideal for tactical Surroundings Such as for example air soft or game titles. It does not have any Velcro straps, however you can readily enhance customize. It weighs approximately two pounds that's somewhat light weight and available in just two colors.

    ​The Majority of the reviewer stated that It's very comfy, lightweight and Simple To correct. Be certain you suit the straps you will come to really truly feel lightweight and comfortable on the mind.


    • ​ABS plastic construction for sturdiness
    • ​Totally adjustable chin-strap
    • ​The helmet measures 1-1 (L) x10 (W) x 7.5 (H) inches
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      It weighs roughly just two pounds
    • Smile
      readily available in beautiful dark and OD green


    • ​It does not have any uncanny ability
    • ​Straps aren't of greatest quality

    ​5. ​Raptors Tactical RTV Helmet

    ​The Raptors Tactical RTV Helmet is a flexible, lightweight and durable helmet. Light weight means that you can feel less fatigue when taking out a helmet in your mind.

    It's light weight yet heavy responsibility because it manufactured from aluminum. It Really Is Sturdy and may retain large quantity of tension necessary for high-power air soft combat.

    Even the Raptors Tactical RTV Helmet Includes an Adequate railing, sufficient Velcro straps For stains and nameplates. Anyway, the holes ventilate perfectly and there's enough foam protections and relaxation pads indoors.

    ​Front bracket Permits You to connect a lightweight flashlight or GoPro Camera for videos of one's own biking. Even though this isn't just a softball helmet, this really can protect your mind from beams, stones etc..


    • ​Hard shell design for longer security
    • ​Flexible and removable inner cushioning
    • ​Merchandise dimension is 7.5 x 2 x 4.5 inches
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      light weight, it weighs just inch lb
    • Smile
      Polymer structure ensures durability


    • ​there are just a only a few sizes available, therefore ensure you are purchasing the proper size

    ​6. ​Soft Air M9 US Army Helmet

    ​For intense relaxation and also to safeguard Your Whole mind in almost any circumstance you can Make use of this helmet that is tactical. Producer used highquality ABS vinyl to get this to replica m9 US Army helmet.

    ​It's light weight and durable. Considering its attributes, this helmet may be Classified under PASGT type helmet. Soft Air m9 US Army Helmet is fantastic for the Cos-Play or air soft needs. In any case, it might be quite comfortable during hot weather.

    ​Fully flexible interior cushioning will Provide you a comfy feeling Minus the straps. It helps continue to keep your ears. You might even incorporate a mask onto it only must displace the chinstrap and then take the visor. Your goggles will probably fit well too.


    • ​Made from durable ABS vinyl
    • ​Highquality Replica U.S. Army M9 Helmet
    • ​Product dimension is 7.5 x 7.1 x 1.2 inches
    • Smile
      Flexible chin straps for supreme relaxation
    • Smile
      Adaptive with Face-mask


    • ​Straps are delicate
    • ​The face protector isn't included

    ​7. ​​Tactical Crusader Lightweight Tactical Helmet

    ​The Tactical Crusader includes this Light Weight Air Soft helmet That's a Excellent accessory for almost just about any player. It's constructed from supreme quality, durable polymer. It supplies you with the ultimate security for the own head.

    ​It's flexible and it has great aeration for play. Side railings For accessories. If you're likely to acquire yourself a helmet that's acceptable for the price tag, able to mount up a spin pro cameraor to get an air soft skirmish.

    ​The Majority of the reviewers said that their preferred feature of the helmet Is why it's extremely comfortable. In the event that you may correct it it may well soon be comfortable. You ought to obtain this helmet wont neglect you.


    • ​high end durable plastic structure
    • ​Adaptive, fully flexible, and includes great venting
    • ​Perfect for airsoft and paintball matches
    • Smile
      functions nicely having a typical sized headset
    • Smile
      Willing to mount various accessories


    • ​The interior foam can be somewhat thinner
    • ​Perhaps not cheap but because of its price tag, it's an adequate helmet

    ​8. ​Valken Airsoft ATH Helmet

    ​This tactical helmet is Made from durable aluminum as it Is Extremely lightweight yet rigged. The helmet provides you a number of benefits including the defense against shrapnel, bulge protection to your own automobile, flying and canning operations.

    ​The location across the ear is more elastic touse the hearing protector. The ATH Tactical Helmet provides users security throughout to safeguard your face against B b strikes at close selection.

    The helmet is designed to encourage mounted fittings GoPro Cameras, Flash lights, goggles etc.. This helmet can be appropriate for different accessories with very minimal if any adjustment. There's also enough adjuster to install morale spots.

    ​V TAC provides you with three distinct colors to pick from. This helmet is really a bit Popular apparel and widely utilised in air soft matches, efficient solutions and Hollywood too.


    • ​Hard plastic structure
    • ​Adaptive and honorable layout
    • ​Removable inner cushioning
    • Smile
      Flexible chin strap for the Ideal match
    • Smile
      Loop Velcro panels such as stains
    • Smile
      Available in appealing OD, Earth and also Dark


    • ​The chin strap is finicky
    • ​It's actually just really a tight fit for those who get a massive head

    ​9. ​Airsoft ABS MICH Tactical Helmet Black

    ​BBTac includes this replicate MICH helmet in dark that is Made from Highquality ABS vinyl. This really is among the least expensive yet lasting and superior MICH helmet on the marketplace. It's include some extraordinary features you will undoubtedly likely probably be impressed with this particular helmet.

    ​This MICH Tactical Helmet Isn't Heavy-weight and comes in 1 size which matches most. It's approximately just two lbs. Its elastic chinstrap is outstanding. If you may correct the chinstrap correctly, you are going to feel convenient.

    ​The Inner cushioning of this helmet includes adjustable straps at a webbing that matches On your mind . If you're organizing paintball or air soft match with friends and family, take this, then it is going to do the job perfectly.


    • ​made from supreme quality ABS vinyl
    • ​Adjustable chinstrap to get more relaxation
    • ​Perfect for atmosphere soft and paint ball players
    • Smile
      comes in black
    • Smile
      It weighs only 2 pounds


    • ​Padding isn't contained
    • ​since it's actually just a replica, it can not offer ballistic protection

    ​10. ​LOOGU Fast PJ Base Jump Military Helmet

    ​LOOGU FAST PJ BASEjump Military Helmet Is Ideal for exercise, stone Scaling, rescue and search performance, hiking or other outdoor sports. It's quite lightweight and durable. This fully flexible helmet is ideal for air soft games.

    ​This helmet fits nicely whose mind circumference is 22.4 about 23.5 inches. If you'd like you may attach hearing goggles and protection into the ARC railroad system. In any case, the facemask can also be very tender and relaxed.

    LOOGU FAST PJ BASEjump Military Helmet supplies all the Attributes of an Easy Helmet using a decrease cost. LOOGU guaranteed for 100% client care. This helmet is ideal for highintensity air soft combat.

    ​It's durable yet light weight, it weighs just 1.23 lbs. If You Believe that this Helmet isn't inside your expectations, so you'll be able to return it and obtain the complete refund.


    • ​Hard plastic construction for light weight and sturdiness
    • ​Head Circumference is 22.4 -- 23.5 inches
    • ​OCC-Dial Flexible Match Band
    • Smile
      Replaceable Leather Front
    • Smile
      Adaptive, It weighs roughly 1.23 pound
    • Smile
      Fully adjustable


    • ​the Difficult foam cushioning does not feel good.
    • ​Uncomfortable for smaller dimensions minds

    ​Buying Guide of Tactical Helmet

    ​Tactical Helmet Buying Guide is all you Will Need to Learn to Obtain the Perfect helmet For you. If you're intending to devote your second weekend along with your pals playing with an air soft match, to start with you want to consider your safety. This guide may allow you buy the most suitable one.



    PASGT (Represents Personal Armor System Ground Troops). PSGT is a battle Helmet has been initially utilised by the United States Military at 1983. From early 2000s, PASGT helmet has been replaced with all an MICH.. These forms of helmets are manufactured from semi permeable aramid fabric and phenolic resin machine.

    ​The outer shell is manufactured from nineteen Kevlar layers. These Kind of helmets Come in sizes extra small to extralarge. Based upon how big It weighs between 3.1 and 4.2 lbs. It really is customizable and available in a variety of colors and camouflage patterns.

    ​MICH / ACH

    The Entire type of MICH is Modular Integrated Communications Helmet. The Modular Integrated Communications Helmet (MICH) Originated by the United States Army Soldier Systems Center utilized by the U.S. army. MICH is still a step upward from the PASGT.

    Crafted from innovative Kevlar material. ACH stands for Advanced Combat Helmet. This really can be a measure upwards of MICH helmet. It weighs 3 pounds (1.36 kg) to 3.6 (1.63 kg) pounds) based on the helmet measurement.

    ​The MICH or ACH customizable attributes with nighttime vision eyewear as well as other Necessary equipment like riot-control visor.

    ​ATE (High-cut )

    Over the Cable or ATE (High-cut ) is created with Dyneema, a unique mix material. It's light weight yet durable. It offers exceptionally high ballistic protection to the mind.

    ​It's accessible medium to extra big dimension and weighs only from 2.52 lbs to 2.99 lbs. It has special loadbearing shell design and may transport a vast array of gears that are necessary.


    ​Your helmet must fit nicely. Primarily Assess the circumference of your Head then pick the best size that fits you . Don't purchase any embarrassing equipment. Flexible inner padding and chinstrap provide the relaxation of a tactical helmet.


    ​There are a great deal of qualities you are able to choose while investing in a tactical helmet. There's also face-mask, flashlight, G​oPro cameras, Velcro straps, shock absorption, goggles, color and much more.


    ​Based on price, the standard, features, type and brand etc.. will be different. Additionally, it Is definitely crucial to devote a little additional cash for an excellent product since it's going to last the very best quality. It's just as important to not over spend to a sub standard product.

    ​Final Words

    When You're in the marketplace to Select the Best tactical helmet to youpersonally, it Totally depends upon your own requisite and utilize. Deciding the proper product is harder. Because you will find lots of conventional and sub standard services and products from various brands in the market with lots of advantages and pitfalls.

    ​Here, we've recorded 10 best tactical helmet considering your own taste. We centered on quality, budget and style to produce this list. Hope our advocated Tactical helmets and buying-guide helped one to pick the ideal helmet to get Your head defense.

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