Nexx SX10 Hero Helmet Review: Cheap Helmet with Great Benefits and All-round Protection

Nothing can be more important than a helmet in regards to protecting yourself while you proceed cruising on your own motorbike or even zigzagging throughout the snarling city traffic. The Nexx SX 10 Hero Helmet may be the the one which ticks off all the check boxes in your own list.

Nexx SX10 Hero Helmet

Nexx SX10 Hero

Inside this Nexx SX10 Hero Helmet inspection, we’re going to analyze each and every facet with this helmet ​out of its own weight to its own design and the degree of security it includes. So settle back since it provides you a thorough analysis of the features of this Nexx sx10 Hero Helmet and read this review.

Exactly why Nexx SX10 Hero Helmet?

We understand you’re wondering why we are suggesting a tiny Portuguese company and never the larger names in helmets such as ShoeiAGV, and sometimes even Arai’s world. Because that Portuguese organization is producing the best and lightest helmets on the market which your hard earned money can buy that is.

Nexx SX10 appears in the affordable assortment of helmets, costing around $180. It is really cost effective once you take into account all of the features presented. The price at which the products of the company can be found in the market has you best value for your money.

Even the Nexx helmets are well-known for various reasons – the helmets are light and comfortable, and because of that, you could ride on for extended hours on your own monster without complaining of any a headache or suffocation. Another crucial truth is the helmets and with the safety standards meet with too!

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So once you have the Nexx sx10 Hero Helmet, you’re not compromising on anything- your safety! Read on to discover what the benefits are!


This helmet of intended for use – if you are racing to reach your office on time, or simply wish to cruise over the countryside, this particular helmet is more ideal for every occasion.

There’s not a thing that you could go wrong. It’s light weight and has a fantastic, comfortable fit ventilation system, and gives you a unobstructed and wide field of perspective. And all of this at the very competitive price!

Protection and Visibility

This helmet’s face is wide and transparent, providing you with visibility. There is no barrier in the shell within the field of view.

A sliver of how it’s going to develop in to your vision, only in the event you look as much to the negative as physically possible. It enables you to feel as if you’re not even wearing a helmet in any way, together with wind and perspective being obstructed.

This is something refreshing and new, because the majority of the open-face designed helmets have a badly designed face protector which ultimately ends up giving you a blast of air in the face area, thereby blocking your view and creating noise.

Where the features stop, that is not! It has a sun shade that’s simple in design, has a fantastic fit between your cap and the casing, and will be turned by using tabs. You could make use of a tab that protrudes from the vertical opening at the top of the helmet.

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Air Circulation and Ventilation

The Nexx sx10 Hero Helmet includes an helmet layout, and so, provides ventilation. The face guard well-blocks the atmosphere when used, nevertheless the low portion provides significantly more.

This helmet has the special quality of Nexx shell port grid system, that provides you venting. It’s designed with three ingestion vents and 2 intake vents that provide venting. They can readily be operated with one hand.

Noise, Weight, and Comfort

This helmet cuts noise levels. The face guard together with the curve design cuts through the air free of noise, and also the ear covers decrease noise. It is irrelevant if the vents are open or shut, using this particular helmet, you won’t need to be concerned about the noise.

This helmet is very lightweight when compared with similar helmets at its price range and design kind (A large size weighs 1160 g approx). It provides you a fantastic balance too! It’s going to be quite tricky to come across still another helmet that fits well within your price range and is this light weight.

The comfort quotient from the Nexx sx​ 10 Hero Helmet is too great. You get everything that you’re interested in – low sound, lightweight, and a helmet that is cozy. It also doesn’t wobble at high levels and stays stable in your mind.


The Nexx SX10 Hero Helmet fulfills the following criteria: DOT at America, ECE 22.05 at Europe and also NBR 7471:2001 at Brazil.

It really is one of the helmets which you can see in the cost range.

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Factors for Consideration

This helmet comes with a quick release chin-strap beneath a “y” type exploit. There is absolutely no padding.

Customers are elated with this helmet. They have been glad that after a time the market includes a helmet which provides the protection without obstructing the view and also without causing any stress or a hassle.

The cool, casual look of the helmet is just another USP. The chinstrap at the helmet would make it simpler to put it on, despite being open-faced. The users are impressed with the style with which it cuts the breeze from and restricts that the noise.

The users like the truth that it is a helmet that fits underneath the chair of these scooter. In actuality, they feel that the finish and fit is much the amount of money you pay with this helmet.


There is no doubt that the Nexx SX 10 Hero Helmet features a design that is unique and is some thing distinctive from most of the helmets available in the market. You will have a blast riding your motorbike for this particular helmet on.

The best part with this helmet is that it gives you huge, undisturbed perspective of one’s surroundings so that you have. It works very well as an open-face helmet, also you can swap a variety of covers. So buy this and prepare to enjoy an fresh biking experience!

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