The Torc T12B Blade: A Cut Above the Rest

The TORC T12B ‘Blade’ helmet can be actually a fine addition to this lineup from TORC, with all design and aesthetics ‘marginally’ borrowed from Wesley Snipes’ hairstyle by the trilogy – Blade, yup! You’ll see that the moment you put your eyes on the chimney vents and the exhaust. You don’t have the fangs, however, because there is nothing as vampires.

TORC T12B Blade Helmet

That is a value helmet for beginners, and can be jam packed to begin with your riding journey on.

What Can You Love?

TORC has brought care in making the controllers accessible with this particular helmet, so they are easy to use even with the gloves on. This is a bonus point contemplating the cost.

The aerodynamic design of this TORC T12B Blade Helmet reduces buffeting at high levels and also the spoiler that is stylish keeps the helmet safe, reducing the lift.

What’s more, this helmet contains a Blinc bluetooth communication unit operating on Bluetooth version 2.0. So set it with another TORC using Blinc and you have your band bantering all the way for as long as its battery remains.

The machine takes to get charged and is decent, and can be detailed with a speaker set and a microphone. It has a Lithium ion battery which gives you 8 hours of continuous talk time and approximately 150 hours of standby. It is beneficial to follow stream music from the smartphone, radio or even player, XM radio and GPS calls for. Incoming calls will interrupt your entertainment, but that is the price that you pay before there comes a communication unit that is better along.

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The unit also has automatic volume adjustment, a DSP (Digital Signal Processor) filter used for cancelling background noise when you are on call.

The Blinc is accessible, and controls are easy to operate even with your gloves on.

The Qualities to Look Out For

A feature-rich helmet that gives a taste of things to the beginners in the future. How does this fare in basics? Here’s how.


TORC has been used an ABS (acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene) shell, manufactured by injection molding process of the TORC T12B Blade Helmet. It’s maybe not quite as high end as a tri composite, but it’s sufficient as a skeleton.

Its shape is curved rather than intermediate oval, therefore if you own ‘ground’ heads, you’re going to be just fine with this on. Weighing in at 1680 g, it could be said to be ordinary. Maybe not too light and not too heavy, but it will be dependent on the length of time your neck can withstand the weight with this lid.


The facial guard onto this particular helmet will be scratch-free, which fits on the eye port gasket firmly with easy, reducing any chance of rain, dirt or gook and sealing in you which has got the possibility of leaking through at high rates. Perhaps not as impressive as a PinLock, although it has anti fungal abilities. A breath guard helps from the anti fogging function and deflects the moist and warm atmosphere.

A quick discharge face guard system makes replacing it a cinch. It’s entirely tool less, no fiddling around. It is a ‘push’ and then ‘pop up’. TORC has given some detents on the defense mount to keep it in some places.

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The sun visor is spring side. It pops up once you pull the hinge and it also locks the visor in. The visor is more abrasive, that will be fantastic for sunny days.


Enormous two chimney ports and also a chin vent.

‘Dynamic Flow Ventilation System’ has a stylish exhaust under the spoiler that sucks from the stale air from the helmet from the virtue of the Venturi effect.

Grooves for directing the air, in the EPS.

The included chin curtain is useful in the event that you have to guard your self from winds in climates.

Padding and Lining

The fabric is softer like suede, but maybe not like wicks and fiber up perspiration really. The cheek pads and the comfort lining can be washed with water roughly 20-30 seconds and dried naturally to eliminate that plump up sweat.

Cheek pads will be removed and are attached using snap fit mount points. In reality the system is so loose when you least expect it , that they may snap .

The comfortable lining has rear and brow snap mounts which enable one to simply take out it .

Customer Reviews

Some of them are perhaps not impressed with all the speaker units, saying that they seemed more like high quality cans. The others experienced various other items that came off too usually while removing the helmet along with sterile fittings of their cheek pads.

The complaint was for its wind noise, but only a minority of clients felt it that loud to whine.

Bottom line

The TORC T12B Blade Helmet is a great option for a newcomer helmet and can be priced competitively. There are a number of nitpickings that may annoy you for a little, but then you should really be fine using them considering the price that you are currently getting this piece at. In the end, YGWYPF. ‘You Get What You Pay For’’.

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