Vega X380 Motorcycle Helmet Review

Vega X380 Helmet brings you a broad array of safety products that gives the 70’s feel with the images painted on the helmet to you. The helmets have been customized in a superior way and have soft interior relaxation padding which makes the rider’s racing experience a top notch. VEGA helmets are and the riders may absolutely find full satisfaction in a Fight racing sport using their safety helmets.

Vega X380 ​​Helmets Unisex-Adult Open Face Motorcycle Helmet

Vega Helmets Unisex-Adult Open Face Motorcycle Helmet

Vega does not keep back having its Vega X380 Helmet range which offers the helmets from images and solid colors, and also the wide variety of sizes available from X Small to XX-Large may make it popular. VEGA offers a five year manufacturer’s defect warranty that in the event the consumer is not happy with the quality or the longevity of this item, they are able to get a fast market from the business. Who at the basic safety products market offers?

It’s reasonable although warranty excludes several of any alteration the states such as tear and wear, improper use or abuse, or collision harm. The company has gone going to revolutionize the industry of products and create creative and innovative technologies to meet with the tastes and taste of the customer.

Structure and Style

Open Face Helmet

If you are a fan of open face helmets, you’ll definitely enjoy the system in regards with half dual shell protection, even as the outer shell is made up.

Light Weight

The Vega X380 Helmet are easy to handle, as they are light weight and weigh as much as 2.3 lbs. It generates the consumer’s experience fun and inhibition-less.

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Classic Retro Helmet

Since it’s a picture design of a woman having aesthetic vibes, the helmet reminds you one of those old 70’s movies. In the event that you’re a fan of those retro-classical situations the helmet can be a montage.

DOT Certified

The helmets are DOT certified and approved, as it matches and even surpasses expectations based to US DOT standard FMVSS 226.

3 Snap Flip Shields

Unlike other helmets that are conventional, Vega helmets come with three snap protects that are optional. They also have the choice of also three different varieties of visors which come along with the product and three snap guards. The face shields are among the finest from the industry as they give you not only the option of snap shields, but they also supply you protection from sun rays which blinds the motorist’s vision on the street.

The shield not just gives sun-screen protection to you however in addition, it is optically correct and comes with wind and fog resistance. The shade from the visor helps you pay attention to your own driving.

The Comfortable Lining

The relaxation liners on the inside of the helmet are all constructed from a cushioned, technical, soft and hypoallergenic fabric that is removable reusable and washable. So the helmet may be useful for prolonged periods of time.

Five-Year Manufacturer Warranty

The Vega X380 Helmet have a manufacturer’s warranty in case you are not satisfied with the product’s services. You may find yourself a exchange from the organization. Though the warranty has certain states, it is a good deal.

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Pros & Cons


  • it is a light weight and classical decorative designed helmet which is quite trendy.
  • The helmets come in various sizes ranging from XS to XXL as well as in a level green color that merely accentuates the graphics printed onto it.
  • The helmets are DOT certified that just increases the credibility of the item.
  • Three elective snap reverse visors to select from along with three snap reverse protects and three snap shorty protects can also be available with the item.
  • Comes with a plush, absorbent and immediately drying Wick-Dri technology which has an antifungal cloth inside lining in the helmet. The comfort linings are washable and removable and are super soft. They have been designed to be a customized fit within the casing settings.
  • The outer shell which is composed of an ABS thermoplastic alloy technology provides you extra wind-resistance your motorbike passes on swiftly at great rates and can be particularly durable and secure.
  • Has a five-year manufacturer’s defect warranty.


  • The visor may keep popping off the helmet if it is loose.
  • How big this helmet will vary. It might be too tight onto your cheek pads or loose. Opt for a size higher in case you’d like a fit that is excellent.

To Buy or Not to Get

Vega X380 Helmet are genuine products with buyer reviews and feedback that is favorable. It’s okay that a number of these services and products have some flaws but that doesn’t mean you need to overlook the product’s positive faces. Since they give you a manufacturer’s defect warranty Vega Helmets ensures that the safety and the durability of its helmets and it’s still possible to receive a replacement on your helmet when it isn’t upto your own expectations.

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But if you enjoy amassing race equipment, or whether you should be in need of it, this can be a wonderful money for value product which is available in a cheap rate. It won’t give you a drawback on your savings and is planning to stay your budget.

And, if you’re just buying subtle shift in your old helmet, then you can replace it with the Vega one! It’s a product, and therefore you do not have to be worried!

We do not think you would love to miss out on this item get your hands on it until it is out of stock!

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