Vibe Sea Ghost 130 Kayak Reviews

To kick off this review, let us peek at a few of the very best performing fishing kayaks out of Sea Ghost. The sea phantom has a durable, lightweight body with loads of room for storage along with most of your gear. It offers some nice features that provide you added control of one’s kayak, and help conserve your time for extended fishing trips.

Vibe Sea Ghost 130 Kayak

Vibe Kayaks Sea Ghost 130 13 Foot Angler Sit On Top Fishing Kayak with Adjustable Hero Comfort Seat and Transducer Port and Rod Holders and Storage and Rudder System Included

Vibe Hero Seat

As you are fishing the Vibe Hero chair stipulates the largest possible amount of relaxation. It gives you a lot of support, cushioning, and distance so you’re never uneasy, even. What you may also enjoy about it kayak is that it gives you the power. This kayak is perfectly balanced to give you lots of support when you cast into the drinking water that you’re able to stand up.

Don’t sweat it, if you are concerned about this kayak’s burden capacity. This model can hold fisherman plus their gear upto a maximum weight of 550 lbs. You’ve got loads of strength and endurance in the body of this kayak, and a lot of excess burden so that it is possible to store gear and supplies for another fishing trip.

Toe Controlled Rudder System

Still another feature people really enjoyed about it specific kayak is that it has an additional control feature, which is unique to the particular model. The Vibe Sea Ghost 130 Kayak includes a strong controlled rudder system that gives more control over your kayak to youwhen you’re in fishing conditions.

The toe controller rudder system gives you charge of your kayak once you’re on waters that are choppy or rough. This includes it handy when you are going up against bad weather or a whole lot of wind whenever you’re out on the water. The rudder controls will give more control, and will help you conserve energy while you’re paddling on choppy waters.

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Fish Finder Port

Another facet of this kayak you’ll enjoy is that it provides you with a lot of space for the own gear fishing, fishing tools and some other technology that you’ve onboard. This kayak includes a port that allows you to easily mount your fish-finder, and that means you may not have to be concerned with dropping it and holding it.

Having a fishfinder when you are fishing in your own kayak is truly convenient for navigation purposes, also finding. Having a port that makes your fishfinder visible and at your fingertips is another reason people enjoy this kayak.

Center Console

Remember what we were saying about every one of the additional storage space? The middle games with this kayak gives you, even more, room to store extra equipment and gear. When you want to pack food and water for the fishing excursion it is also ideal for those long days on the water.

Gear Racks

This kayak also comes with four incorporated gear racks that you could use to store equipment and gear. If you would like to bring extra rods, reels, line, and also another sort of fishing gear which you feel you can want, this kayak has plenty of room for you as well as all of one’s equipment.

Things We Liked

Things We Liked

  • first thing that people enjoyed about this fishing kayak is the number of space it provides for your fisherman. The Vibe Hero chair provides tons of relaxation and distance for those long days on the water
  • The extra-wide strand on this kayak provides you multiple times more firmness than other fishing kayaks, that makes this kayak perfect for fishing in the river, a lake, as well as outside in the surf
  • This kayak includes additional pole holders so you’ve got lots of distance for each one your rods as you are fishing
  • It has a massive rear tank well suited for a lot of additional storage when you are out fishing
  • You will love the foot controlled rudder system that gives you ample hands over your kayak, even if you are wrestling with the greatest grab or rough seas
  • You have front and rear hatches that are within arms reach so you have quick and effortless access to all your equipment.
  • This kayak additionally comes with handle tray holders which are conveniently located to ensure you are able to swap out or join your tackle to a line with ease
  • This kayak additionally features a center console that provides you with , even more, storage alternatives for gear whenever you’re on the water. Additionally, it provides you lots of space to pack snacks, food, and water while you are out on extended fishing trips
  • The rudder on this kayak is wonderful for assisting you to conserve energy on those days when the conditions on the water really are demanding, choppy, and windy.
  • This is constructed from durable and lightweight rotomolded, single bit, polyethylene which makes it simple to stow, maneuver, and can get on or away from their water.
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Things We Didn’t Like

  • This kayak can be a little pricey for what you’re becoming, but it offers lots of quality.


Question: Are you really able to stand up and throw when you’re in this kayak?

Answer: Yup, you can stand up when you throw from the Sea Ghost 130.

Question: What may be the size with the kayak?

Answer: The length of the kayak will be 1-3 feet and the diameter is 3 3 inches wide.

Question: what’s the highest weight capacity with the kayak?

Answer: This kayak may efficiently hold a passenger and gear with a cumulative weight of as much as 550 pounds.

Final Verdict

This can be. The rotomolded polyethylene construction that is lightweight and durable makes this kayak perfect in just about any sort of weather and water. This kayak’s materials make it easy to transport, and more easy to get on / away from their water.

you’re never uncomfortable for many fishing times, even on the water the Vibe Hero chair on this particular fishing kayak gives you plenty of space and is very comfortable. The controlled rudder system is just another great feature with this kayak and provides you ample control so that you can save energy when kayaking and fishing in the demanding water, high winds, and choppy situations.

We really appreciate that this particular kayak has a convenient port that you could quickly and safely mount your fish-finder on so which you may ensure that you never miss a fantastic prospect. This version is perfect for fishing excursions and days because it has plenty of room that you can use to store rods to keep you prepared.

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