VOSS 600 Dually Sports Helmet Reviews

VOSS 600 Dually Sports Helmet brings you a premium quality selection of solutions.

The helmet has an integral sun lens that will protect the riders by the direct rays of the sun along with a face protector. On account the sun-screen interior of the face protector, the trail will not become fuzzy and they can ride.

VOSS 600 Dually Sports Helmet

Voss 600 Dually Matte Black Reaction Dual Sport Helmet with Integrated Sun Lens and Removable Peak DOT - M - Matte Black Reaction

The helmets are stylish and chic, and also have the look of motor rally helmets. At exactly the exact same time, they exude confidence comfort and elegance. The helmets, when worn for a match, will set you vehemently from the overall crowd that doesn’t drive motorbikes, or from the audience gathered at the route for racing. The helmets are so luxurious that the racer’s vibe won’t be killed by them, and also at precisely the exact same time guarantee security to the cyclists. That is of the most value.

In addition, the product has already reverted using a multitude of customers, as it’s made the very best bestsellers’ list three years in arow. We do not know what is, if that doesn’t sound like customer care. Many, many happy customers have written feedback and reviews about the item which adds an extra significance to it.

Structure and Fashion

Two-tone Reaction Graphics

To adding style to your riding 15, the DUALLY helmets come. DUALLY has come up with the modern 2016 images – the 600 images that have evolved together with the changing trends and tastes of customers. Clients swear it has added their own driving experience and an extra flair.

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Integral Sun Lens

It comes with the sun lens which falls down using a very simple toggle latch. The helmet is more comfortable and easy to use for the clients.

Permanent and Safe Outer Shell

The helmet’s outer shell consists of something which’s called thermo-plastic injection-molded composite structure, with a brand new ABS/polycarbonate alloy shell that makes the helmets more lasting and safer. The shell also supports the neck of the rider, and gives it the strength to cut through the winds when moving at a high speed, and does not breed his spine again.

Wide Eye Port

There is A broad eye port located in front of the helmet to offer maximum accessibility to this driver measure the length while still riding and to produce good decisions. The helmet has a ventilation system that is very good. It is not noisy and will not make flappy sounds when the rider is going at a high speed, because it includes a eye port gasket which provides the rider a experience, specially if the visor is shut. This needs to keep his focus traveling and is useful when the rider is currently moving at elevated rates.

Optically Correct Face Shield

Compared to one other ones on the market do the face guard optimises more resistance and is correct.

Comfort Padding

The inner comfort liners and cheek padding are washable, removable and reusable. It’s made out of such a soft fabric that space and comfort once the inside of the helmet is full of sweat and dirt and may make the material easy to breathe.

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Arrives in All Sizes

The helmets are easily customizable and can be found in a assortment of sizes from XS to XXL. The helmets adheres nicely to the needs of those clients who are interested in finding a fit.

Pros & Cons


  • The helmets include two tone reaction graphics that are slick and present an additional flair to this helmet’s design.
  • The helmets are optically correct with an integrated sunlight display and fog resistance. It helps the rider make decisions .
  • Posseses an extra eyeport gasket which can make the helmet noisy and enables the rider focus on his ride. In addition, it features a large eye port for access from the sun where they can wear the abilities of his option.
  • Comes in all sizes to guarantee the clients the finest snug fit.
  • Comes with detachable, removable and washable inner lining to give it a brand new feel after long periods of time.
  • Made with a thermo plastic injection-molded composite structure utilizing high ABS/polycarbonate metal casing to guarantee safety, durability and comfort to the clients.
  • DOT accredited.


  • The brakes are not as a snug fit because they assert to be. The client should go to their riding experience for a size smaller or bigger.
  • The helmets would not have a specified place for analog communication as they’ve notified in the item.

To Buy or Not To Buy

The listing of specialists exceeds the list of pitfalls readily and the special features of these helmets are not worth having while you are searching for an exciting riding experience.

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The helmets are safe durable and extremely luxurious on their particular. They place you and we haven’t seen many helmets which come with a double face face- sunlight display lenses and shield. The organization had made an innovative and secure approach while driving. VOSS 600 Dually Sports Helmet ensures that you a joyful experience as with the reviews and feedback of lots of these valued customers to ensure the safety of their customers!

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