The Best Dual Sports Motorcycle Helmet: Voss 601 D2 Review

The VOSS 601 D2 Dual Sports Motorcycle Helmet come with a hardcore aggressive casing design which enriches the preceding design. Several of the former design’s Characteristics stay the same in this one, like the VIVS Voss Internal Visor System along with Quick Release Ratchet System. VOSS has improved on the wind resistance and durability to enhance the rider’s experience into some maximum! You do not want to miss this rushing gear because it puts him apart from the racing crowd that is standard and adds an xfactor to the rider’s framework.

VOSS 601 D2 Dual Sports Motorcycle Helmet

Voss 601 D2 Dual Sport Helmet Gloss High Visibility and Black Inertia Graphic

The helmets are available in a wide assortment of sizes from XS to XXL plus it looks white black, more desirable in five colors – namely black black and blue.

The helmets comes with a venting system than the preceding edition. You can find added aerodynamics with airway openings for wind resistance and greater peak. It also will come using wicking which assists in getting rid of moisture with a fresh innovative DryTech liner technology.

Structure and Style

Lightweight and Secure

The helmet is more light weight and also safe, because it weighs just 3.5 pounds rendering it effortless to transport around or to be worn.

DOT Certified

The helmet is DOT certified which makes it workable and safe to be used by the customers.

Versatility of those Product

The helmets could be used in various sorts of instances. As an instance, it could be turned into an ATV, experience, and dirt bike kind of helmet. This increases the product’s versatility.

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Comfort Padding and Liners

The comfortable padding and inner liners are constructed with wicking with a fabric that’s hypoallergenic and breathable. The helmets come with a DryTech lining technology which assists combat moisture, easily drying the inner lining of the helmet. This enables use and maximum comfort .

The Outer Shell

The helmet comes with a new shell design which contributes to the beauty of the rider after riding.

VOSS VIVS System and Quick Ratchet Release System

The helmets come with a Ratchet release system which helps in the access of these helmets in conditions also helps the riders in getting into or out of their helmet easily. The VIVS Voss Internal Visor System helps in obtaining sun blinding the rider’s vision and also an additional resistance from UV rays and a snug fit, and fog immunity. Obtaining a visor system when racing in high rates and the humming of this static at the rider’s ears, cuts out the noises. It enables the rider focus on the road and also make decisions in racing and driving.

Pros & Cons


  • readily lightweight and accessible. Safe and durable because of the outer shell technology integrated from the helmets.
  • Twotone graphics which increase the luxuriousness of those racing gear and puts the rider apart from the normal racing crowd. New competitive design is of interest.
  • Dual Sports Helmet that includes an incorporated sun lens that’s optically correct and adds to the higher vision of the rider also helps him make better decisions while driving. When on road, the face shield protects the riders from harmful UV rays and protect from the direct sun rays and blinding the driver’s vision. The face guard includes extra fog resistance and wind resistance.
  • DOT certified gives credibility to this product.
  • A budget deal.
  • The helmets also come with extra manual vents, as well as a large exhaustive vent which enhances the venting system of the helmet to help the rider breathe and also have a excellent exchange of fresh air.
  • Comes with DryTech liners technology which helps in eliminating easy and moisture drying of the inside comfort liners and padding of the helmet. The wicking is sold with anti microbial properties that are additional that will help keep the rider safe in the skin infections.
  • Comes with the VIVS Voss Internal Visor System along with Quick Release Ratchet System.
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  • There are no cutouts from the cheek pads for your own bluetooth communication, so you have to correct it since the helmet doesn’t provide a particular location for this.
  • The venting system is not quite as fantastic as the merchandise specifies, as clients complain about the increased noise levels than they’d anticipated.

Buy or Not to Purchase

The helmets are a variety of safety services and products from VOSS, and the fact they’ve simply added features makes it a product you’ll be able to buy. The helmet is available in different sizes and colors to customer satisfaction and the center shell design that is new improves the appearance and the product’s classiness. The former customers vouch for the specific product with reviews and favorable feedback which come in when making up the mind for the purchase. The helmet is known to be versatile and can be expended in lots of unique ways-as a dirt bike helmet, an ATV helmet, etc..

The amount of experts surpass the amount of cons related with the variety of products and the item that VOSS gives their customer assistance dedication is only advocated by its customers. It will soon be a excellent addition for your racing gear assortment.

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