X Lite X Carbon Replica Helmet Review

The Italian that is recognizable create X Lite X Carbon Replica Helmet is making available 802 RR helmet inside their effort to appeal to this audience that is creative. And something of their offerings is the X – handmade with maintenance, 802 RR Ultra Carbon Replica.

X Lite X Carbon Replica Helmet

X-Lite X-803 Stoner Replica Motorcycle Helmet Black

Carlos Checa retired in 2013 and with it Nolan Group decided to devote among these top of the line helmets in acknowledgement of his institution as 1993, reflecting on the picture of the helmet.

So throw those ECE rating expects outside the trunk this helmet too will come in with a DOT rating.

What Can You like?

The thing about the Checa graphic is that the shifting of a redder tone throughout coating or this tint from orange. Not only does this graphic of continents within its own own design, but also the titles of all the tracks that Carlos Checa managed to acquire in his 20 year career of World and GP SBK.

The years are marked down either side of this helmet in red with 2011 to acknowledge that the simple fact that the 2011 Superbike World Championship was acquired by him. At the rear of the helmet, above the spoiler is that the symbol that is Bull-7 that is trendy that Carlos had going for him, directly in the middle of the Mohawk carbon fiber weave.

The absolute top includes a circular hub in the design of a wheel that resembles a badge recognizing 20 years of motorbike racing along with fire, speed and excitement.

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Top Qualities to Watch out For


By having an intermediate oval shape, the helmet should fit everybody else with no problems. But people recommended investing in a size than your one to get a comfortable fit, in the event you choose to go for it and have previously commented concerning the size charts of X-Lite being somewhat wonky.

Weighing 3 lbs. 4 ounce. On a standard size (lower on lesser sizes), it should not give you any neck problems should all you’re going to do is rest it on the tank of one’s SBK, nevertheless the pickier one of you may consider this before planning for the snack.

The casing is the identical carbon fiber that you expect from the ​X-Lite X-803 Stoner Replica Motorcycle Helmet being the base with the various picture. There’s absolutely hidden Easter eggs at the helmet on account of it being decorated with the Checa graphic or no apparent upgrade. But you can, obviously, keep appearing.


The visor in the ​X-Lite X-803 Stoner Replica Motorcycle Helmet is an Ultra wide, double action one using a saline sealed profile or complete Tilt Border (FSB). A pin-lock lens is contained inside the box which might be attached with nominal effort, on the interior thanks to pre-installed pin-lock pins.

The fitting system includes a press release mechanism, that seems more difficult to remove but more straightforward to put in, like a snap – lock program.

No drop-down sun visors, because that is really a helmet at its heart, when you’d expect.


The Racing venting system, manufactured after extensive testing in wind tunnels and on the right track creates a airflow in the compartment that is enclosed. Therefore, though the helmet becomes hot in a hot atmosphere, that will be true for almost any helmet outside there, the warmth should keep the sweat off your mind with quick precision.

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Vented EPS makes this technique more efficient with 10-mm vent holes and its wide air channels. They’re still supporting Schuberth’s super gigantic 1-5 mm ones, however the vents on both sides of the roof spade, a significant chin vent and also a visor vent compensate for its size element that is belittled.

The vents may also be very efficient in maintaining a continuous flow.

Padding and Lining

An liner makes certain there aren’t any disease causing things after wicking your sweat adhered and an anti-static interior takes good care of any static power your hair may possibly wind up, travelling at triple digit speeds.

The carbon filaments remove all odor and smell in the helmet to help keep before getting soaked, which is when you’re able to remove the pads and comfort lining with ease for an effortless wash the insides fresh as possible.

The X802 RR may feel too cozy however, that is supposed to help keep the lid stable at the desired speeds.

Customer Reviews

The ​X-Lite X-803 Stoner Replica is very popular with the masses, barring a scarcity of an emergency discharge system for a premium helmet similar to this and also a few complaints regarding cheek pads. A few of them also had difficulties with the visor attachment.

Bottom Line

One could think that the Checa Replica could have addressed those problems since it’s special. But sadly it’s exactly the ​X-Lite X-803 Stoner Replica Motorcycle Helmet out of X Lite and Nolan, just with the Checa graphic for showbiz.

However, it is not necessarily a terrible thing. It is still a premium helmet also does what it’s supposed to complete with effort; so your decision should alter based on functionality, but rather that the user-friendliness of it.

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